11 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Birds On The Porch.

How to keep Birds away from the Porch

There are Some Humane Ways to Get Rid of Birds On The Porch, In this article, we will be discussing the best among them, From looking and listening to birds from a distance to them creating a mess in your property, things are different. Domestic birds, including sparrows, pigeons, peafowl, turkeys, are lovely creatures.

Considering they are a part of our natural ecosystem, you cannot have your life completely free from them. Though welcoming them to your property is the last thing you would want and here are ways to overcome that.

If birds are flocking on your porch, there are several ways you can say goodbye to them. Today, the market is full of such products that deter birds far away from your property.

No, we aren’t talking about the scare/ noise guns. Instead, companies have come up with multiple humane that ensure your peace and birds’ safety, both simultaneously.

So, why wait? Without any further ado, let’s start learning about them.

How to keep birds away from your Porch? -11 Methods

Hang Aluminium Foil or Aluminium film-coated pie plates on your porch

Line your porch and your doorway with either aluminum foil sheets or Aluminium film-coated pie plates. As both are considered reflective objects, they distort the bird’s eye, making a visual barrier for them.

Following that, birds will fly away from your porch. Besides them you can also hang old CDs, DVs and multiple small mirrors to reflect sunlight.

Mirror deterrents, too, are one acceptable option to go with.

NOTE: This method won’t work for you if your porch doesn’t receive direct sunlight. The idea behind using shiny objects is to reflect light making the bird’s vision blind for a while. Hence if the primary purpose won’t be fulfilled, you won’t even get any preferable results.

Hang a set or few wind chimes on your Porch

Regardless of how much you enjoy it, the voice of wind chimes feels like unusual or unexpected noises to birds. Hence, hang one, two, or multiple wind chimes on your porch (considering the porch’s size) and stay free from birds.

NOTE: Wind Chimes deter birds, but it is only a temporary solution. It won’t take very long for birds to get used to wind chime noise and be comfortable around it.

Place Owl/ Hawk Decoy in your Porch

Birds don’t visit any place that already has their predators. And considering owls and hawks are prime predators of birds, you can always benefit from this fact.

Find Owl/ Hawk Decoy with a moving head and shiny eyes. You can get them quickly, both online and offline. Considering the size of your porch, plant one, two, or more of these decoys. Keep their heads facing outside and inside to make the setting feel visually real.

Also, every day, do change the decoy’s place, so they visualize flying to a new spot. With that, within a day; you will see significant improvements. Not only your porch but birds will even prefer staying feet away from your connecting garden and roof.

Add Bird deterring spikes to all the light fixtures on your porch.

Light fixtures are birds’ favorite spots for resting. They give the birds a place to nest and enough warmth, especially when it is a bit cold outside.

Also, because light fixtures emit specific heat, birds feel it as a perfect spot for hatching their eggs. This is one of the prime reasons why birds love visiting your porch and patio every now and then.

Now, while many individuals remove their light fixtures, we recommend you line them with bird spikes. Also known as anti-roosting spikes, these devices consist of long, sharp needle-like spikes that make it difficult for the birds to sit/ stand.

Spikes aren’t inhumane, but they create a visual and physical barrier, making birds no longer access to land on light fixtures or any other place lined with spikes. The best part about deterring spikes is they won’t even look ugly and last long.

Allow your cat and dog to take over the porch.

If you have a covered and safe property, let your dog or cat rest on the porch. These domestic animals are significant threats to birds, squirrels, rabbits, and other common animals.

Even if they don’t fear for the first minute, your cat and dog decoy will make sure to chase them out of the property.

NOTE: If your pets are couch potatoes and barely have any aggressive side, this method might not work. Even with aggressive pets, there will come a time when they will get used to the presence of birds. Hence then, you might need to plant a bird scaring device.

Install a sound deterrent on your porch

Sound deterrents are by far the best bird deterrent device you can plant in your home. These devices emit a high-frequency ultrasonic sound that birds find annoying.

Hence plant one sound deterrent device on the edge of your porch. A single gadget would be enough, though make sure you look for how much surface area it covers.

NOTE: If you have cats, dogs, or rabbits at home, a sound deterrent might also irritate them. Especially if they roam in and around the porch, hence either dropping the idea of investing in this gadget or keeping your pet inside or in your backyard. Because these devices are button operated, you can turn them off while bringing your pet outside.

Spray a Citrusy or Chilly Repellent on your porch

Birds do not like citrusy and chilly fragrances. They even particularly hate the smell of garlic, tea tree oil, and other strong scents.

You can either prepare a fragrance-based bird repellent at home or shop for them online/ offline. For making them at home, you can use products like vinegar, essential oil, chilly oil, etc.

Make sure you spray the solvent all over your porch, especially on areas where birds love to sit. Consider repeating the process daily to keep its effect alive throughout.

How to keep Birds away from the Porch
How to keep birds away from the Porch

Sprinkle some baking soda on your porch.

If the physical built of your porch can take it, then sprinkle baking soda on your porch.

Birds don’t enjoy the feel of baking soda under their feet, and it would deter them from resting on your porch.

Keep your porch and its connecting areas clean.

Birds are attracted to places where they can easily find food, water, and nesting material.

That is why they are pretty common in porches and patios linked with gardens/yards.

However, if you keep your place clean and make it unattractive for birds, no annoyance will occur.

Keep bird feeder, and birds’ nest far from your porch

If you love feeding birds but do not like them on your porch and patio, behave thoughtfully. Place bird feeder and nest far away in your backyard and garden. This will keep the feathery littles away from your porch space.

Lastly, call a professional

If birds have already nested in your porch, then do not destroy it. Breaking and destroying bird nests is a legal offense in most parts of the United States.

However, for removing nests safely, you can connect with wildlife professionals. These individuals will visit your home remove and safely relocate the nest to a wild location.

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Wrapping up…

This was all for deterring birds from your porch. Use a combination of the above methods and keep birds from nesting on your porch. Because none of the methods is long-lived, make sure you keep switching the combinations for a long-term effect.

Birds are a vital part of our ecosystem, and thus we strongly discourage harming or killing them. We even disapprove of destroying their nest or damaging their eggs.

Birds are Federally protected, and killing them or destroying their nest can cause you a fine of up to $10,000.