What Will Keep Sparrows Away?+ Sparrow Deterrent In 2022

what will keep sparrows away

There are individuals who love inviting sparrows into their home space, and there are people who absolutely hate this. Everyone can definitely have their choice, but when it is Springs, you will have Sparrows around, invited or uninvitedly both.

Even if they are the last creatures, you would have wanted to watch, they will still show up. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stop them from invading your property.

Deterring sparrows is a challenging task, but it isn’t impossible. There are devices, tips from experts, and fail-proof methods from non-bird Enthusiasts that can help you with the task in a number of ways. So why wait? Without any further ado, let’s get started.

The 5 Best Sparrow Deterrents of 2022

Keep a Bird Feeder far away on the boundaries of your garden/ backyard

Wondered why do birds visit you? Do they have some special liking for you? Oh, No. Birds in your property are especially in search of food.

They are invading your garden or coming inside your kitchen window because they sense something is there to eat.

However, if you provide them with their fair share of meals a little far from your doors, they won’t show up near you that easily.

All you need to do is place a bird feeder somewhere on your garden/ backyard boundaries. Make sure you keep it full every time for birds to come and enjoy their meal.

This way, they won’t have to suffer and invade your personal space in search of food. Nearby, you can also plant a bird fountain for added convenience.

TIP: For keeping specifically sparrows away, several homeowners also use sparrow-proof, bird feeders. There aren’t any dedicated devices for the purpose in the market, but a few of them are designed in such a way that they cannot access them.

For example, sock feeders are the ones that sparrows find difficult to feed on. However, other small birds can use it conveniently.

Also, house sparrow prefer feeding on ground feeders or the ones with larger platforms. Removing such feeders can discourage their presence and invade your property.

Line your patio and porch with sparrow deterring scare rods

Any bird, including sparrow, crow, etc., finds it difficult to fly near reflective rods. It is because shiny and reflective objects blind and confuse the bird’s vision for a particular time. 

A few of such attractive and no-fail options are scare rods and reflective mirrors. Such devices are ideal for hanging on trees, patio, porch, entry doorway, boats, or even garden space. All they require is a hanging loop and direct sunlight for both fixture and reflection.

Rest assured, they will look extremely appealing on your porch or any other space. Apart from deterring sparrows, they will add an extra aesthetic element to the space.

Note: Apart from scare rods and reflective mirrors, you can also hang shinning scare tape.

Place a Decoy Deterrent where sparrows are often seen

The market is full of devices, and owl/ hawk decoys are the best sparrow deterrents amongst them. You cannot use reflective deterrents, especially for your home areas that don’t receive sunlight.

However, owl or hawk decoys work in such regions and their best potential. These devices work on almost all destructive birds, especially sparrows.

The only trick for using them- “Keep changing their place and direction for imitating them as real”.

Use Bird spikes

If you are done with sparrow using your chimney as their hideout or your window grill for perching, use bird spikes.

They basically are the anti-roosting spikes with long pointy rods (multiple) on them. These needle-like rods make it difficult for birds to land in that particular space.

Bird spikes are best used above light fixtures, window grills, balcony grills, roof sides, etc. You can go for both plastic or stainless-steel spikes.

They are designed to take UV rays and weather considerations and still outperform for years. 

Hang Scary Balloons or Kites in your garden

A lot of non-Bird enthusiasts swear by Scary Balloons or Kites when it comes to deterring sparrows. Bird balloons are basically huge yellow balloons with scary eyes.

While you hang them, they will float high in the air, making no sparrow or other bird dares to perch down in your property. Similar is with hawk kites that scare sparrows away with an image of predators.

How do I not attract sparrows?

For repelling/ deterring sparrows, the best way is not to attract them in the first place. But how?

If you are not interested in having sparrows as your garden guest, make the area less appealing for them. Here are all details about the same, have a look:

  • House sparrows thrive in areas with a human population simply on things humans provide. It could be food, water, shade or a nest. Thus, the first step is to monitor and eliminate all the nesting materials/ sites from your garden and backyard. Keep the space clean from dry leaves, dry stems, broom particles etc.
  • Secondly, if you spot a nest in the making (halfway), remove or relocate it. Though remember, you cannot remove or destroy the nests that are already made and have sparrows/ eggs.
  • Sparrows love nesting and perching on cavities and crevices of your house. Hence, either fix them or line them with bird deterrents.
  • Cover your garden with bird nests, chicken wire or fishing wire. This will keep sparrows from visiting there to feed.
  • Remove all the water fountains from your garden.
  • Consider leaving your cat or dog out in the garden/ patio. Your fur buddy will definitely chase sparrows out of the property.

How do you get rid of sparrows but not the other birds?

Keeping sparrows away is challenging though easy. But when your idea is to deter sparrows but not the other birds, things might get a little tricky.

However, there are a few tried and tested methods that deter only Sparrows. Have a look at them:

  • Other birds love a wide variety of food, but sparrows don’t. For example, mealworms, nectar, suet, striped sunflower seeds, peanuts in shells are some food items that sparrows won’t eat. If you like plating bird feeder, fill it with anti-sparrow food only.
  • Use only those bird feeders that are small and discourage sparrows.
  • Sparrows live bathing, thus removing your bird fountains from the garden.
  • Play (only) sparrow deterring in YouTube and connect it with a speaker. Place the speaker close to the area where sparrows often invade.
  • Though nothing helps, at last, all you can do is trap sparrows and free them into the wild space. However, it can prove a tough and never-ending task.

What smell do sparrows hate?

In general, House sparrows and other birds hate the smell of Garlic, Cayenne Pepper, Vinegar, Chilly Pepper, and Peppermint.

Using one of multiple of these products together, you can successfully deter sparrows away.

How do I get rid of sparrows in my shed?

How do I keep sparrows out of my garage? More than your garden and patio, sparrows would prefer nesting inside your garage or other areas with a shed. Especially if you haven’t seen these common house birds in a few days, chances are they have already built their nest somewhere in your garage space.

The best way to keep sparrows out of the garage is by closing all the bird’s access. Check your property for small holes, cracks, crevices and fill them all. 

If you can’t get them fixed the professional way, use cardboard, wooden log, or bird wire for the same. Beyond that, you can also use bird deterrents like owl decoy or bird spikes for the purpose.

Wrapping up…

Even though sparrows are the most loved birds, they can also cause high destruction.

Thus, before scratching your head and breaking your hair, utilize tips and devices for deterring sparrows.

We hope that all the information mentioned in the article above will prove helpful and relevant for you.