How To Use Bird Scarers? 7 Ways Explained

How to use bird scarers Do They really work

What is the best bird scarer? Do bird scarers actually work? Are bird scarers illegal? Is there a device that scares birds away? Well, we all have such questions in our minds. Birds can become a problem for homeowners and farm owners. From ruining the property with their poop to the annoyance of their chatter and damage to the crops, birds can sometimes become a headache.

Though no matter how big or deep the problem is, there is always a solution available. You can always use a Bird Scarer to deter birds away from your property.

What is a Bird Scarer?

A Bird Scarer is basically a device that comes in handy for scaring birds. From homes to farmlands and commercial properties, these devices are helpful in a number of places.

Not only this but Bird Scarers are also used in airfields for preventing birds from running into the Runway.

What are the different types of Bird Scarers? How to use Bird Scarers?

There are countless kinds of Bird Scarers available in the market. The list goes a long way with the original and oldest human-like scarecrow figure.

Here is all about types of Bird Scarers and how you can use them. Have a look:


Scarecrow is basically a decoy dressed up in old clothes. They are standard across the world amongst farmers, and you may have noticed at least one of them on any farm. Scarecrows deter sparrows and crows from disturbing crops and feeding on them.

Though with them being common, their effectiveness today has to lessen. A lot of birds are not already familiar with a scarecrow, and you might notice them resting on its head (irony). However, its use and effectiveness at several places are still on.

Method for preparing a scarecrow for your garden:

Things you may need

  • Wooden sticks (for making the frame)
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Dried Grass
  • Fiber from your old Pillow
  • Scissors
  • Old clothes (A Shirt and Pant preferably)
  • Boots
  • Old pillowcase or a white cloth
  • Waterproof market/ paint

The Process of making a scarecrow:

  • Firstly, take wooden sticks and fix them in (+) shape will help of hammer and nails. Consider keeping the horizontal plant slightly above. It will behave as shoulders for a scarecrow.
  • Now take the old shirt and dress your scarecrow. Use horizontal sticks as his arms. Button up the entire shirt while tying all ends with a wire. It is essential to ensure a better-looking fit.
  • Now, fill the shirt using old fiber from your pillowcase or with Straw, hay, or dried leaves. Fill it enough to make it look like a real man.
  • Further, take the old pants and stuff it as well. You will have to attach the pant to the bottom.
  • Now take a white cloth and wrap it around the head of the scarecrow. You will need to fill it to make a round shape exhibiting head. For adding more details, use a waterproof marker or paint and draw a face.
  • Further, using the remaining objects like hats and boots gives it the finishing touch.
  • Your scarecrow is ready for planting.

Decoy Predators

Besides, the classic human-like scarecrow is the predator decoy. These are plastic owl/ hawk decoys that look like actual owls. Upon seeing them, birds fly far away with fear.

Though because birds might soon get used to such decoys, you should know how to use them correctly.

If you plan to add decoy predators around your house, always go with those with moving heads and shining eyes. Such decoys imitate lifelike owls, especially making the birds believe so.

Also, use 2 to 3 decoys and change their location frequently. This is extremely important, or birds will soon realize it as a toy.

Shiny and Reflective Rods, Discs, Tape Etc.

Shiny and reflective objects block birds’ view creating disorientation. Also, when sunlight strikes on mirrors and similar objects, its unique vision usually scares birds.

Hence consider using similar objects around your house to deter birds. You can line your patio with reflective scare rods.

This won’t just do the job but will also look appealing, adding to the aesthetic. Or hang mirrors/ old CDs on all the trees in your backyard and garden.

Scaring Balloons

Scare Balloons usually come in handy for scaring birds away from boats and yachts. How do they work?

These Balloons are round in shape with circular, holographic eyes, similar to owls and hawks. And when you

hang them loose into the air, they float around (due to airflow), confusing the birds. Thinking of them as live objects, birds tend to fly far away from the property.

Bird Hawk Flying Kites

 Similarly, like scaring balloons, the hawk flying kites too scare birds away with the same power (if not better). Individuals commonly use them on boats, but they work great on house property.

These kites are owl/ hawk shaped, and upon flying in the air, they imitate as real. And considering both these as predators, small birds fly far away from them.

Motion Sensor Jet Sprays

When the highly humane objects mentioned above fail to work, the ones that come into action are jet sprays. These devices aren’t inhuman but would give birds preaching on your property some trouble.

Upon planting these jet sprays in your garden or yard, they will activate soon enough by sensing birds. With the water spray, birds won’t sit for long in your garden and will fly away.

Not just birds but squirrels, monkeys, and other damage-causing animals keep away from the property after that.

Besides that, the motion-sensing jet sprays are also great for keeping your garden irrigated every day. You can buy them both online or offline, considering the size of your garden.

Ultrasonic bird repelling devices

Technology hasn’t left even the bird-scarers behind, and the Ultrasonic bird repelling devices are the perfect example. These devices basically use ultrasonic sound waves to deter birds away.

This sound might not reach your human ears but will irritate (humanly) birds, squirrels, rabbits, deer, etc. The best part is they come with ease of usage, and you don’t have to monitor them frequently.

Simply plant an ultrasonic bird repellent in your garden, and rest assured. Go for the solar-powered one for more carefree usage. You can even plant them on your rooftop for better coverage.

Bird repelling spikes

Bird repelling spikes prevents birds from landing upon your property. You can plant these spikes on your window grills, rooftop, garden, fences, etc. They are basically a long stainless-steel log with sharp spikes (positioned upwards) on them.

These spikes do not harm the birds but keep them from perching into your space. However, unless you plant them all over the place, they won’t prove very helpful. As on the left-out space, birds will quickly come and sit. Hence, consider using them along with another bird repellent device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wrapping up…

If you are done with birds nesting on your property, it is time for you to buy a bird scarer. These devices work, and there are several options available for them. You can either get them in your local pet or farmer store or buy them online.