How to Keep Crows Away From The Garden? 11 Tips

How to keep crows away from the garden? 11 Effective Ways.

It is tough to get rid of crows considering these birds are super intelligent and clever.

They are extremely alert and can learn from their mistakes which sometimes become a headache for humans. Though we didn’t say that it is impossible to get rid of crows or did we?

If you, too, are done with crows in your garden and backyard, you are at the right place. We have all the tips and tricks that will help you deter these black hungry, and noisy birds from your garden. Wondering how?

Then keep reading the guide until the very end. We assure you will be going back with several clever ideas. 

11 Common methods for scaring crows Away

Getting rid of crows isn’t impossible but definitely challenging. All you need to do is behave smarter than these black birdies. And for the same, we have some no-fail methods here. Have a look:

Use sound to scarecrows

Crows fear rattling and clanging sounds. They also fly far away with firecracker noise/ sound.

Thus, the best you can do is, play a similar sound on YouTube, connect a speaker, and scarecrows away. 

Build a scarecrow

Do not roll your eyes on this age-old tip because it is still among one of the best.

You can either build one yourself or buy one from your local garden center. If that too is a bit difficult task, surf online for several amazing scarecrow options

Hang/ Plant a plastic owl 

We all know Owls and Crows and natural enemies, and there isn’t a better occasion to utilize this fact. Consider hanging or planting a plastic owl in your garden and backyard.

Considering the size of the space, use two or more plastic owls. As crows are extremely intelligent, an owl statue with a moving head would do the job better.

Do not rest assured after planting them but keep changing their position every day. This is important to make crows believe them as real owls. 

Hang something shiny in your garden

Like any other bird, crows too hate anything that shines or reflects. It is simply because such elements block their sight, making it difficult to land or fly.

Hence, line your garden/ backyard with shiny/ reflective owl repellents. You can find several options for them both online and offline. 

Hang Aluminium plates/ foil or old CDs in your garden

If you aren’t in the mood of bringing owl repellents, you can use your old aluminum plates/ foil or CDs.

You will easily find them in your pantry. Though make sure to hang them close enough to work effectively. 

Clean all the grounds around your house

A clean garden is less appealing to crows; hence always maintain the grounds around your house.

Regularly clean them from bits of food, dry leaves, and similar possibilities. If there is nothing left to eat, drink or pick, crows will less likely visit your garden. 

Cover all the compost in your garden

Birds are omnivorous, and they rely highly upon pests and insects. Considering compost is a breeding ground for several bacteria, insects, pests, etc., it attracts crowds.

Thus, avoid inviting crows on an upon compost. Instead, either keep it secure in packets inside your garage. Or, if you have open compost in your garden, hide it with some plastic safety cover. 

Create an unfavourable space for them

If crows often invade your home space, chances are you have a trash can outside. These blackbirds love rummaging through dustbins, especially if it is accessible.

Thus, either remove the trash/ dust bin from your home exterior or consider using the one with closed lids. Also, never overfill the bin, making it easier for crows to dig into them.

Use only those bird feeders that exclude large birds

One of the most common draw for crows are the bird feeders in your garden. Because removing feeders will deter small birds, too, consider exchanging them for specific ones.

Several bird feeders are available that do not allow crows and other big birds to feed. You can find them both online and offline.

Reduce the outdoor lighting

During night hours, crows gather in areas that are well lit. Thus, to eliminate this possibility, reduce your outdoor lights during the night. 

Deter crows before dusk

If crows are in your garden during evening hours, chances are they might stay for the whole night.

It is because crows look for a safe place to spend the night before it gets dark. Thus, if you notice crows in your garden or backyard, deter them by the late afternoon.

What smell repels crow?

A lot of smells we humans may love are what crows hate. For example, Essential Oils, Garlic, and Cayenne Pepper aren’t among crows’ favorites. Thus, using them is one subtle alternative for repelling crows.

You can make a DIY repellent from these products and spray it on common areas. Though it alone won’t do the justice, make sure you use it along with other crow deterring tricks. 

What’s the difference between a raven and a crow?

Ravens and crows, though, may look the same but are different kinds of birds.

Ravens are usually bigger than a crow and have wedge-shaped tails. Whereas crows have fan-shaped tails.

Crow’s call is often harsh and strong, whereas Raven’s call is throatier, croak, and slightly deeper.

Is it Ok to poison crows?

No, it is never ok to poison crows because you are finding them inconvenient. Even though crows can be hunted under a federal license or permit, the deed is highly inhuman.

Birds like crows are also protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Also, you must not prioritize killing because there are several other ways of deterring crows.

What do crows eat? Crow’s Favourite food?

Crows will eat anything from seeds, fruits, food waste, earthworms, pests, etc. They simply feed on anything that is eatable and available on the ground.

They will even go through your waste bin and find something to eat from the garbage. At times crows also feed on small/newborn animals. 

Are crows really smart and intelligent?

It comes as no surprise that crows are extremely intelligent. Here is an insight into the fact.

  1. Despite their smaller size, their body to brain ratio is only slightly lower in comparison to dolphins and humans.
  2. Crows are playful and mischievous that they can remember your face, mimic your sound and even tools to solve complex problems.
  3. As per scientific studies, the IQ of a crow is similar to that of a seven-year-old human child. 
  4. If multiple crows are watching you and cawing simultaneously, chances are they are discussing you. 
  5. Crows hide their food and think about their fellow mates and future. 
  6. In this human-dominant world, crows can easily adjust to a new environment. They learn a lot from human behaviour. 
  7. And lastly, it may surprise you, but crows can outsmart your pet dogs and cats as well. 

Why is it important to keep crows off the garden? Are crows bad for the garden?

Yes, crows in your garden can destroy flowers, fruits, and crops.

Besides that, they will eat grains, seeds, nuts, spiders, snails, which other ways are beneficial for planting.

They can even feed on your ponds and on your newborn cats, puppies, rabbits, and more.

Wrapping up… 

Because you went all the way towards the end with us, we believe you gathered a lot of information today.

By now, you have got plenty of ideas for keeping crows away from your garden without harming them.

And when these unwelcomed guests keep away, you will have your pretty green garden all for yourself. Happy Gardening.