How to Stop Birds from Nesting in The Gutter?(2022 Guide)

Installing gutters on the rooftop is a standard home maintenance task. Their primary purpose is to funnel rainwater off the roof, keeping your house safe from any water and moisture damage.

Roof gutters, though, are the utmost beneficiaries but only when you keep them clean and unclogged. Not only from the regular dirt and debris but also from birds nesting into them.

One of the most common reasons for roof gutters blocking is birds building nests in them. It, though, is a delight to have chirping birds around but definitely not this way.

That is why it is necessary to stop birds nesting in the gutter. Here is how you can do the same.

How to Stop Birds from Nesting in the Gutter

10 Ways to Keep Birds Out of Your Gutters

Birds can be a real problem for gutters. They not only are the reason for clogging, but upon bending inside, birds might also cause self-harm. Also, because birds produce acidic dropping, it can lead to leaks and damage in the roofing and guttering material.

Keep the Gutter Clean

Do you know that it is illegal to destroy active birds’ nests in several regions? Yes, hence check if your state or city has superseding laws and if they don’t, then clean your gutter, even if it has half nest built already. You can use a broom or a power spray for the job.

Though if that isn’t possible, call a wildlife remover and ask them to evacuate the nest to some other area. Also, always keep the gutter clean from all kinds of dirt, debris, leaves, and any possible blockage.

Use Gutter Covers

Gutter covers are the permanent solution for blockage from debris and bird nesting both.

Go with the Aluminium gutter covers or find other options either with your local roofing contractor or online.

Though with covers, you won’t need to muck out the gutter very frequently, still an eye on keeping it tidy is necessary.

Use Hardware Clothes/ Covers

If you want to keep the remedy a little inexpensive, you can also go for hardware cloths then the Gutter Covers.

Hardware cloth is basically steel mesh that one can fit evenly over gutters.

They aren’t full proof and attractive but definitely an affordable and functional alternative.

Built the slope slightly steeper

If the slope isn’t very steep, it will serve as an instant and safe roof for birds to nest. That is why consider building the slope steeper in the first place.

Though if that isn’t possible, either reconstruct the part or install a board to add that steepness.

Use Bird Repellent

Bird Repellent is a low-profile but effective solution to keep birds from nesting in the gutter.

Bird Repellent is basically a spray or a gel with a certain smell that birds don’t prefer having around.

Upon applying such repellents on birds will automatically stay away from the gutter. However, the only downside is that you need to keep reapplying the repellent.

Also, while you shop for one, consider going with the biodegradable and non-toxic bird repellent, being considerate to both environments and birds.

If not the liquid or gel-based product, you can also choose from bird repelling devices.

Use Reflective mirrors

Other than the dedicated bird repelling devices, things like reflective mirrors too can help for the purpose.

You need to place a reflective mirror (big enough) in the middle of the slopes.

The reflection from mirrors will make birds blind (only for the moment), thus keeping them away from building a nest on the gutter.

It will at least work during the day hours, and this is when birds are most active for nesting.

Use sound technology

Technology has introduced ultrasonic bird repellent that produces sound for keeping birds away.

Though this sound isn’t much audible to human ears, the sensitive ears of birds figure it out pretty well.

It is basically either a predator voice or high-frequency sound. Only make sure that you choose the waterproof sound repellent.

Use Rubber Snakes

The relationship between birds and snakes is just for food. In the food chain, the snake will eat birds or even vice versa.

However, not all big but small birds are definitely scared of snakes. Thus, snakes near the gutter will keep the birds away simply because of fear.

Use Bird spikes

Bird Spikes are another form of bird repellent that doesn’t allow birds to sit over a certain region. It is basically a thin plastic steel panel with multiple spikes facing upwards.

The pointy surface makes it difficult for the birds to sit, let alone build their nest. Hence, install Bird spikers over the gutter and keep it safe from nesting.

You can find a lot of options online that aren’t just economical but also easy to fit.

Build a safer nesting area close by

If birds often nest in the gutter of your roof, it is because they were unable to find a safer nesting area.

Thus, all you need to do is, either install a nesting house, let the birds nest in your garden, or leave them to use the trees in your backyard.

How to get rid of birds’ nests in the gutter?

All the bird nests are protected by law, and individuals aren’t allowed to remove them. However, if the nest is in some problematic region of your home or surrounding, it becomes important to remove it. But how?

For getting rid of a bird’s nest, simply pull it out from the gutter and place it in a safer place. You should, however, never remove the birds’ nest when it has birds or their eggs.

Wait for the little furriers to become inactive or wait for the end of nesting season and then remove the nest.

Though if the birds’ nest is causing a blockage in your gutter, then call the wildlife removers and ask for help. Those individuals will evacuate the birds’ nest to a safer place.

How to Prevent birds from making nests in unwanted places?

How do keep birds from making nests in unwanted places?

Keeping birds from nesting is quite a difficult task. Before you would even know the progress, they already would have to build up their nest.

Though who doesn’t love these feathered friends, you cannot also deny that they at times can prove such a nuisance.

But what do you do if birds keep making nests in unwanted corners of your house? Look at the tips below; we hope they might come of some help:

  • Always keep an eye on a light fixture and another possible nesting area around your house.
  • Install bird nesting house and false nest in trees and another suitable area around your house. When birds already have a place to nest, why would they seek corners in and around your house?
  • Install bird spikes or bird repellent around possible nesting areas.
  • Pet a cat. Cats are one of the biggest bird predators, and they keep them away from their place. If you have a cat or two at home, the chances are low that birds will ever nest around.
  • If birds flock and nest most around your house, it is because you are feeding them. Thus, to get over the issue, stop feeding birds. Or keep their food far away on the boundaries of your garden or backyard. Doing this will possibly make them feel like coming close to your house.
  • Keep your outdoors cleaned from material that birds need for nesting.
  • Hang on reflective mirrors on your porch and entryway.
  • Birds are notably scared of sounds produced by wind chimes. Thus, if you aren’t similar to them, hang wind chimes around your house. Also, on a breezy day, you will love their music.
  • If you own a garden, install a motion-active shower. This will not only keep the grass moist but will also get activated upon sensing birds.
  • Block all the openings on your house exterior or plant a net all around the property.
How do you install bird spikes on gutters?

How do you install bird spikes on gutters?

Can you put bird spikes in gutters? Yes, you can install bird spikes in the gutter, and the process is quite easy. All you need to do is, assemble the spikes and glue them over the gutter.

Make sure you use waterproof glue, considering rain is always a concern. Or you can also go with screwing or zip-tying the spikes. Using double-sided tape, too, is a good idea.

NOTE: Using sharp-tipped bird spikes is illegal in various regions. Thus, make sure you check the rules for your city/ area before processing the spike fixing process.

Birds Nesting in the Gutter


The most common nesting time is from the Spring through the early Fall season. It is when birds are highly active, so do you need to be.

Though stopping birds from nesting isn’t a hard task for some, it can become a real pain.

In case nothing from the above article helps you, we recommend calling a professional. Professional wildlife control companies come in for great helps for situations like these.