English Budgie Vs Parakeet (2022 Comparison Guide)

English Budgie Vs Parakeet

English Budgie Vs Parakeet: The truth is that the two species are, in fact, identical. You may have seen those who claim that budgies and parakeets aren’t the same, but when we examine their taxonomy, they’re identical. In the US, they are referred to as Parakeets and are known as budgies in the majority around the globe.

It is not clear what caused this bird to have two names in different countries, but budgies are believed to be a miniature version of the name known as Budgerigars. There are many theories regarding the origins of these birds’ names, but one theory is certain that the name is derived from the Australian term for slang, “budgetary.

In this article, I will examine the differences between English parakeets and budgies. English parakeets can be slightly different from American parakeets. Let’s discuss the major differences between English parakeets and American parakeets.

English Budgie Vs Parakeet

English Budgie Vs Parakeet
English Budgie Vs Parakeet


English Budgies have large cheek patches and throat spots compared with American parakeets. The patches of budgies on their cheeks tend to be bigger than the parakeets living in America, and similar is the case for throat spots too.

While both Birds have the same color and marking, English budgies are much bigger than the parakeets found in America.


In terms of friendship, both species are excellent, depending on the method you use to train and control the animals. English Budgies have been proven to be quite more gentle than parakeets.

It is said that an English Budgie has a relaxed character, making them a lovely pet Bird. This characteristic is missing from parakeets living in America. Parakeets are also known to be calm but sometimes territorial. They may also be annoyed when their pal is observant of other things or is.

When it comes to controlling, English budgies are very easy to train, even for amateurs and children, because they are docile in their natural environment. Parakeets, however, can be easily controlled but will likely bite your fingers too. Be assured that the bite is also very soft to feel.


Based on the species, English budgies can last between 7 and 8 years, while parakeets are around 14 to 30 years. The sole reason for English Budgies living a shorter life span is that they are inbred.

Breeding any species that have close kinship with one another could cause major issues, one of which can result in a shorter lifespan.

Popularity as Pets

Whatever the source is, they are both loved companion birds worldwide. They are among the most loved pets of people who love birds. Both have been famous for centuries and are native to Australia.

They are a favorite on their native Australian drought-prone grasslands. Australian conditions make both species very tough birds. Both are extremely loved because they are gentle and easy to manage, active, playful, and hilarious.

They are both species most often in a large group, either looking for water or hunting, searching for food. They are often searching for their meals in large groups.

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What To Get?

If you are looking for an animal that can be controlled, an English bird is the best choice due to its gentle nature. If you’re seeking birds with a dynamic personality, then consider those American parakeets. But, it’s important to understand the initial cost and the ongoing expenses required to keep each bird. Let’s discuss it.

Which One is More Expensive?

In the United States, American parakeets will cost anywhere from $15, based on species. However, English budgies are available with prices ranging from $50-$100. The costs for adopting both species are higher, especially in the case of a show high-quality Bird.

In addition to the costs of acquiring a parakeet, other expenses per month go with the care of them. Expect to spend between $10 and $25 per month on their food and equipment. It is also possible to spend a few dollars on their toys, cages, and treats.

When you are purchasing your bird, you must also consider the expense of visits to the vet and cage cleaning equipment, and other essentials to keep your pet bird healthy and happy.

Which One Is a Better Talker?

Parakeets and English Budgies are among the most intelligent small birds you can spot out of hundreds, or perhaps from thousands. Both species can imitate hundreds of phrases and words.

But, budgies are much more likely to speak as opposed to parakeets. Also, it varies from bird to bird. Certain species of keets can be extremely lively, while others aren’t. Parakeets that live in America can be taught to whistle better.


I attempted to provide all the answers to your queries about English Budgies vs Parakeets. Both make excellent pets. But there are some distinctions that you need to consider when deciding which to choose. Do you know budgies are also known as parakeets in America? Learn

Many birds will suit your requirements, and select wisely which bird is the best choice for you and your family. In the end, the decision is ultimately yours.