Best Solar Panel Bird Deterrent Kit In 2022

Best solar panel bird deterrent kit

Solar Panel Bird Deterrent Kit plays a crucial role as Installing rooftop solar panels may appear relatively straightforward, but their maintenance requires close attention. Especially keeping the solar panels clean from dirt, leaves, tree shadows, birds, and their dropping is essential.

These things might appear minor at the start, but they can impact the performance and output of the solar panels.

Rooftop Solar panels create an ideal environment for birds to nest and rest. Because these panels are high on the roof, monitoring them for birds every day is close to impossible.

However, to fight the issue, several solar panel bird deterrent kits are available in the market. We will introduce you to some of the best options you can get your hand online through this article.

How To Install Bird Barrier’s Solar Panel Exclusion Kit.

Can birds damage solar panels?

With the solar panels, you invest thousands of dollars into; birds can cause damage to them. Especially the unprotected solar panels possess high danger from bird droppings and nesting.

Over time, this development will form a layer over the photo-voltaic module making its operations and benefits close to zero. That is why it is essential to protect your solar panel from birds, animals, natural dirt gathering, etc.

The Best solar panel bird deterrent kit in 2022

  1. DE-BIRD Bird Scare Rods (Bird Repellent)

Shiny objects like mirrors can blind and confuse birds for a while. Thus, consider hanging these bird scare rods around your solar panel settlement for deterring birds.

This product is a spiraling set that shines its best under bright sunlight. Every hanging has a separate loop/ hook that provides for easy placement.

They do deter birds, though they are harmless, wildlife-friendly, and completely non-toxic. And the best part is you can change their placement easily depending upon the seasons and direction of the sun(light).

  • De-Bird: Repellent Disks

These 8 sets of strong reflective discs are another bird deterrent product. These discs are easy to use, and you can use them anywhere with hooks.

They work similarly like scare rods, ultimately keeping all kinds of birds away from your solar panel. All you need to do is, install these discs around your solar panel.

  • HOMESCAPE CREATIONS Owl Decoy Scare Bird Repellent

Using scarecrows to deter birds from your solar panel is an excellent idea. And when you these ornamental reflective scarecrows, there is nothing better.

Use these around your solar panel, and rest assured of any kind of birds attack. Each scarecrow reflective have anklet bells on them that produce sound with air.

The product also comes with four mirror spiral rods that add to better results.

  • RoTak 8in X 100ft Solar Panel Bird Deterrent Kit

Bird droppings are acidic, which can possibly damage the solar panel top coating material.

However, upon using the RoTak bird deterrent kit, you can get over all the possible setbacks. Plant this net all-around your solar panel setting and fasten it with clips.

The steel net/ mesh is galvanized steel to ensure ultimate weather resistance. The best part is one can even remove it as and when required.

NOTE: It is one of the finest products if you are experiencing birds nesting under your solar panel setting.

  • YOFIT Solar Bird Scarecrow Fake (Bird Deterrent)

This solar-powered scarecrow is the ultimate solution for deterring birds from your solar panels. You can either hang it on a tree, fix it on the stakes by screw or plant it on anything with the help of sand.

Just make sure the owl/ crow is in a visible location for birds to notice. Also, ensure to rotate the owl’s direction for preventing birds from getting used to it.

  • De-Bird Scare Tape

The De-Bird Scare Tape is a scare tape and one of the most productive bird deterrent options. It is durable holographic, water-resistant, extra thick, and a long-lasting product.

All you need to do is, cut strips of flash tap, stick them at required places, and you are good to go. Consider sticking them to the sides of the solar panel and other surfaces close by.

Make sure the reflective part is facing upwards so that it can perform the required. You can also hang the strips from tree branches, balconies, and other sun-receiving spaces.

  • REMIAWY Bird Spikes for Deterring Birds

The REMIAWY Birds Spikers aren’t just visual but also physical objects that keep birds away.

Every spike strip has pre-drilled holes on its base that make up for fast and easy installation.

You can fix them with nails, screw them or use zip ties and bind easily with the corners of your solar panel. Compared to other bird deterrents, these spikes need very little to no maintenance.

Not just birds but these pointy spikes will also keep squirrels, monkeys, and other common birds/ animals from getting into your solar panels.

  • Cleanrth TSBR620 Super Advanced Sonic/Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

If nothing from the above options works for you, then at last go for this ultrasonic device.

This super advanced bird repeller produces ultrasonic high-intensity bird repelling sounds that will travel up to an area of 12000 sq. ft.

It works like a garage door sensor and can be triggered with birds entering within the range.

You can easily mount it in-wall, trees, fences, gazebo, eave, pole, and other bases. The device is water-resistant and can handle spray or downpours.

What is the best bird deterrent?

There are several examples and products explained above that behave as bird deterrents.

Birds absolutely hate shiny objects (mirrors), ultrasonic predator sounds, or deterrents of their predator’s looks (owl). Thus, always choose the one that focuses upon one or multiple aspects from these.

The best bird deterrents are from the options above, 

DE-BIRD Bird Scare Rods (Bird Repellent) & Cleanrth TSBR620 Super Advanced Sonic/Ultrasonic Bird Repeller.

How do you birdproof a solar panel?

For bird proofing, your solar panel either uses spikers or bird scare tape. Along with using bird deterring objects, also make sure that you clean/ remove all the nests from and around the area.

Further, keep the area around the solar panel and your home clean for discouraging bird activity. For example, remove all the nest building material, bird seeds, and things that attract birds the most.

Or, if you have cats/ dogs or other similar pets at home, leave them around the solar panel. Doing this will keep birds away from the panel.

How much are bird-proofing solar panels?

The cost of bird proofing solar panels depends upon several different factors. For example,

  • The size and number of solar panels affect the cost of bird proofing them.
  • The placing of solar panels affects the cost of bird proofing. You can DIY the proofing if you have panels attached to your patio or garden. However, if the panels are on your rooftop or at a certain height, you may need to call professionals. These professionals will charge a certain amount of fee as well.
  • The cost of bird proofing the solar panels also depends upon the proofing kit you use. Like:

Mirror-based kits and scare rods cost anywhere from $7 to $20.

For getting your hands on aluminum mesh for solar panels, be ready to spend anywhere around $100.

Because fixing this mesh isn’t a play job for everyone, you might always require professional help.

Bird Repelling scarecrows are available for anywhere near $20 to $40.

The electronic/ ultrasonic bird repelling devices easily cost from $160 to $350.

Does bird poop ruin solar panels?

Birds dropping/ popping can be a real problem for your solar panels. The subject isn’t fascinating to discuss but is not even very minor to avoid.

Birds love sitting or shitting on solar panels quite literally. If birds are common in your region, you can often get the former statement’s example.

Though a lot of individuals underestimate bird poop on solar panels, it can become a very big problem.

Here is a list of damages that bird pooping can do on solar panels:

  • The accumulation of bird droppings on a solar panel can block it from receiving sunlight. This will reduce the overall efficiency of solar panels.
  • Bird dropping on the solar panel will further attract more birds.
  • Bird dropping in the solar panel will attract cats and rabbits towards the panel.
  • If there are birds nesting under your solar panel, the chances of poop accumulating there become high. This can hinder airflow under the panel causing it to overheat, resulting in more damage.
  • Bird dropping, especially pigeon dropping, is also harmful to the roof. Droppings of pigeons are acidic in nature and can eat the roof’s material, ultimately leading to leakage.
  • Bird dropping also carries a number of diseases and having it around can cause health harm to both animals and humans.

How do I get rid of pigeons on my solar panels?

One of the main reasons why pigeons are so attracted to your solar panels is because of shade and protection.

However, if you will cover all the space under your panel with bird repelling mesh, pigeons will no longer build a home there.

Do fake hawks keep birds away?

Fake Hawks are definitely effective as when birds see them around; they prefer leaving the area.

However, for making sure birds don’t get used to the fake hawks, consider changing their position every now and then.

How do you keep birds from dropping on solar panels?

For keeping the birds from dropping on solar panels, consider using bird repellent spray/ gel on the sides of the panels. The strong smell of the repellent will keep birds even from flying over the panel.

If not the commercial product, you can also make a concoction of chili peppers and water. Take crushed dried red chilies and mix them with vinegar.

Now spray this solvent on the edges of the solar panel (avoid the sun receiving plate, though).

Wrapping up…

This was all for deterring birds from your solar panels. Along with the remedy, smart moves too will help you in getting over the issue.

Keep an eye on which product works for you, and if one does not, replace it with another reliable. Using empty fire shots that emit loud sounds too works well for the job.