How To Install Bird Spikes? 5 Humane Ways

how to install bird spikes+Do bird spikes really work

If you have queries like “Do Birds Spike helps deter birds,” then it is evident that you are done with bird interference in your property. Bird Spikes or Anti-roosting spikes are basically vertical strips with pointy needles/ structure on them. Their design doesn’t harm birds but helps in preventing them from landing on the surface.

Bird spikes are either made up of stainless steel or polycarbonate in a variety of lengths, rows, styles, and sizes.

They are perhaps one of the most economical, practical, and commonly used methods in both personal and commercial properties.

But do bird spikes really work? Are the bird spikes effective?

Using spikes is one effective strategy and solution for deterring birds from your property. It won’t hurt the bird’s paw but will keep them from landing on the surface and invading your home.

Once installed, they can assist you in repelling birds for about 5 to 10 years. Their durability mainly depends upon the materials used in the construction.

Bird spikes aren’t just bird deterrents but they are also safe from UV rays, rain, and other outdoor conditions. That is why, when most of the bird deterrents fail to serve, these devices work regardless of the condition. Despite the weather, day or night (unless it is snowing), bird spikes serve the purpose.

Where do you put bird spikes?

You can use bird spikes virtually on any surface on your home exteriors. It may be your building ledge, beam, pipe, window grill, rooftop, eaves, fencing, or more.

For attaching/ fixing bird spikes, all your need is a flat surface. Considering these devices are flat, you might find it difficult to attach them on a curved path. Though even here, if you have two end surfaces for holding the spike strip, the process is easy.

You can install bird spikes in a majority of medium-pressure areas around your house. They settle on almost all surfaces; all you need is a base to fix them. Here are a few places where you can install/ attach bird spikes:

  • Parapet Walls
  • Eaves
  • Ledges 
  • Window Sills
  • Signs
  • Rooflines
  • I-beams
  • Overhangs
  • Pipes
  • Chimneys
  • Fences
  • Garden Boundaries
  • Backyard Wall
  • Gate
  • Balcony/ patio grill
  • Over the light fixtures

How do I stop birds from pooping on my fence?

Birds sitting on your fence isn’t a problem until they start poop-ing and chirping to create a nuisance. They are very messy and will leave your fence covered in poop. It won’t just look ugly but will also behave as a breeding ground for bacterial infections. Thus, deter them if you happen to notice birds perching on your fences or any other personal space.

Thankfully, there are multiple solutions for deterring birds. You just need to take timely action, from device-based methods to chemicals and home remedies.

Here are a few quick tips and tricks for stopping birds from pooping on the fence:

  1. Firstly, remove all food, water and nesting sources from around your fences. If birds are often landing there, chances are they have found something attractive. Thus, monitor and further work accordingly.
  2. Secondly, either reflective line tape or mirror deterrent on your fences. Reflective devices basically make it difficult for the birds to fly close to the surface. Specifically, when sun rays fall on these devices, they block birds’ vision (even humans’), making them fly in a different direction.
  3. Thirdly, hand an owl/ hawk decoy on your fences. Make sure you change its location and direction frequently to make it appear authentic.
  4. Or, coat the top of your fences with bird repelling gel. Make sure you repeat the process once every week or whenever you feel the gel is dried or washed away.
  5. Or, either gather some owl urine/ synthetic owl urine and sprinkle it over your fences. Predator urine is something that works wonderfully for keeping birds away from the fences.
  6. Or, at last, install netting all over your fences.

How do you put bird spikes on a fence?

Installing bird spikes on a fence isn’t tricky, but you have to behave thoughtfully. Here is the step-by-step process for installing bird spikes:

  1. Firstly, clean the fences. Make sure it is free from bird dropping, dirt, and dust. You can use a dry cloth or brush for the same. Or, if required, use a pressure pipe for deep cleaning.
  2. Now choose the mounting/ installing method,

Either apply an effective adhesive/ glue on the fence and try sticking the bird spikes onto it. Make sure the glue is UV resistance and water-proof.

Or, use screw, tiny wires, or fixing hooks for attaching the spikes firmly with the fence.

  • Make sure you place each strip one after the other without leaving any gap. As if the gap between two spik strips is more, birds will find a safe place to perch. The idea is to leave the smallest gap possible, as birds have tiny feet and can fix them anywhere.

How do you attach bird spikes to a tile roof?

Can you put bird spikes on the roof? Before you install bird spikes, make sure they are suitable for the situation. For attaching birds pikes to a tile roof, follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Firstly, clean the roof from all the dirt and dust possible. If dry cleaning isn’t enough, use high-pressure water spray for the purpose.
  2. Now, use UV safe and water-resistant adhesive/ glue and spread it evenly on the back of spikes (under the vertical strip).
  3. Further, closely position the spike on your roof’s edge and press it firmly.
  4. Complete the process with all the remaining spikes until your entire roof is covered.

How do you attach bird spikes to concrete?

Most Bird spikes come with pre-drilled holes in the base. These holes make fixing spikes on concrete or wooden surfaces easier through nails. Thus, if you are planning to plant bird spikes on concrete, consider investing in the one with holes.

NOTE: Do not try drilling holes on stainless-steel spikes. If you try doing so, the base may split into two during the installation.

How do you put bird spikes on a shingle roof? How to install bird spikes on asphalt shingles?

Shingle Roof is a lightweight and inexpensive layering for the roof. It is basically flat, rectangular pieces of asphalt or other roofing materials. Shingles are applied upwards or in the overlap methods on the roof.

The material is a little unique, so working over it can sometimes prove tricky. Especially when you are planning to install bird spikes on a shingle roof, you may get a hard time. If yes, then follow this step-by-step guide and make the process easier:

  1. Firstly, use a brush (paintbrush or carpet cleaning brush) and clean the shingle roof. The process may take a little while but do not skip it.
  2. If your bird spikes have holes on their base, use roofing nails and install the required over the shingle.
  3. Or, if the spikes don’t have holes on their base, then they either use cement or roofing sealant. Your regular adhesive won’t work on the shingle. Though even if it does, the result won’t be long-lasting and effective.

How do I stop birds from landing on my Aerial and TV Antenna?

Can you put bird spikes on a TV aerial? Birds on TV aerials can prove highly upsetting at times. There isn’t an issue unless one bird land on your aerial, sit for a minute, and then fly away.

However, things can get annoying when several birds perch on aerial, ruin it with their poop, and dislocate its setting.

This is one of the reasons several individuals terminate an aerial installation. However, termination isn’t necessary. Especially when we have several bird controlling methods, why not choose them.

 The best way to stop birds from landing on TV aerial is through Bird spikes. They are arguably the most sort-out and effective method. 

All you need to do is, bring down your TV aerial, clean it with a cloth and install bird spikes on its top region. You can either use cable ties or insulation tapes for the same. 

Or, go with using bird repellents like,

  • Reflective tape, CDs, Mirror deterrents.
  • Owl/ Hawk decoy.
  • Bird netting.
  • Ultrasonic sound-based bird repellent. 

How to install bird spikes on stucco?

Stucco is a construction material commonly used on the exterior walls of a house. It is basically a decorative coating made up of cement, sand, lime, and water. Because it is slightly tougher than your regular wall, individuals find it tricky to install bird spikes on them. However, this step-by-step guide will help you in the same. Have a look:

  • Firstly, use a pressure water jet and clean the stucco area.
  • Now take bird spikes, preferably the one with holes on them.
  • Take a drilling gun, and will the help of self-taping crews, try fixing the bird spike on the stucco surface. For ensuring ease of operation and rightful fixing, you may need someone to assist you in the job.

How do you install bird spikes on solar panels?

You can either use adhesive/ glue or secure ties to install bird spikes on the solar panel. Because you need to install the spikes on the edges of the panel, both will do the job nicely. You can pair bird spikes with bird mesh or reflective tapes for added protection.

How do I keep pigeons off my trampoline?

Through chirps and tweets are pleasant melodies, the mess birds leave behind is undoubtedly unpleasant. If you have a trampoline in your backyard or garden, you may know the nuisance of birds around it. Birds love hanging upon it, and the situation becomes annoying when they use it as their loo. 

Bird poop is dirty stuff, and no one wants their trampoline to get ruined with it. If you are the one amongst those individuals, follow these methods for keeping your trampoline safe. 

  • Tie fishing line all across (above section) the trampoline. This will keep birds from landing upon it. 
  • Install the plastic bird spikes on your trampoline.
  • Fix some reflective tapes on the above end of your trampoline. If possible, hang a few loosely on the sides as well. 
  • Place a fake owl near your trampoline, and make sure you often change its location/ direction. 

Do spikes hurt pigeons?

Bird Spikes are highly humane one of the best long-term methods of bird proofing buildings. The pointy spikes may look dangerous though their chances of hurting a bird are virtually Nil.

The pointy spikes on the vertical stripes are somewhat flexible. Thus, it won’t hurt itself when a bird tries to land upon the spikes. Also, because birds are pretty smart to avoid danger, they won’t even try to land again at the same place.

How long do bird spikes last?

Though bird spikes come with a life span of 5 to 10 years, their productivity also depends upon the adhesive or fixings used.

The plastic-based bird spikes come in different colours are cheaper, though they have a shorter life span.

Whereas the stainless-steel bird spikes mainly come in steel colour though they may last 10 to 20 years.

Wrapping up…

Bird spikes are one of the most influential and productive bird deterring devices. For all the places you can fix them at, they deliver commendable results.

Though, if birds in your area are super smart (crows), consider paring bird spikes with other devices for better results.

However, when nothing works in your area, we recommend you to contact the bird controlling department. They will send professionals to your place for a more advanced and fruitful solution.