Pacific Parrotlet Personality 2022 Guide

pacific parrotlet Personality

The Pacific parrotlets look like green parrot that hails from South America. Wild Pacific parrotlets are native to North-Western Peru and western Ecuador. Talking about their size, they typically weigh around 30 grams and are 11-14 centimeters long. This species is playful companions and affectionate with its owners. Thus, the Pacific parrotlet required daily handling to acclimate and socialize.

Pacific Parrotlet Characteristics

Here, we are coming to a deep analysis of Pacific parrotlet characteristics and appearance.

What Does A Pacific Parrotlet Look Like?

Pacific Parrotlet Appearance: Pacific parrotlets look like green parrots with the dusty grey cast on their body. With a pinkish beak, they feature pinkish-grey color legs and feet. Also, with a green mask, Pacific parrotlets are sexually dimorphic. Male parrotlets of this species have shades of blue on their wings. Little expensive compared to parakeets, Pacific parrotlets look like green parakeets.

How Big Does A Pacific Parrotlet Get?

Pacific Parrotlet Size: A Pacific parrotlet usually weighs around 30 grams or more. Pacific parrotlets come in 11-14 cm-sized long bodies. Being sexually dimorphic, they are only a couple of inches smaller than parakeets. Interestingly, Pacific parrotlets also have the shortest individual wingspan of 9.5 inches.

How Long Do Pacific Parrotlets Live?

Pacific Parrotlet Lifespan: Pacific parrotlets can live up to 20 years. However, their average lifespan is around 8 to 9.5 years in the wild. Their life longevity is severely affected by the scarcity of food & water, varying weather conditions, and serial predation. Pacific parrotlet also passes away suddenly from a disease or organ failure caused by bacteria, parasites, or fungus. In captivity, their life span is usually higher.

How Much Do Pacific Parrotlets Cost?

Pacific Parrotlet Price: Pacific parrotlets are priced between $250 to $350 at local pet stores. Some rare species or color mutation of Pacific parrotlets can go up to $1200. Other expenses related to parrotlet care can exceed $300 annually. Plus, The one-time cost of owning pacific parrotlet is around $300 to $500, including the bird price itself. To raise well-mannered parrotlet, you will need toys, food, cages, and accessories. Plus, we should never rule out the needed occasional visit to the veterinarian.

Pacific Parrotlet Personality  //

Before adopting any bird, it is essential to know the species’ temperament and behavior as it directly or indirectly impacts your & your family members’ lifestyle. Let’s take a quick look at some frequently asked questions on Pacific parrotlets.

Are Pacific Parrotlets Cuddly? 

Pacific parrotlets are not very cuddly. They are less affectionate than cockatiels. However, specific parrotlet that is hand tamed or handfed is far more likely to cuddle. Males and females can be playful and loving companions if raised hand fed and tamed.

Do Pacific Parrotlets Talk?

Yes. Although relatively quiet, Pacific parrotlets can learn to mimic a few words and phrases. It requires time and patience to train pacific parrotlet to talk.

Are Pacific Parrotlets Loud?

No. Parrotlets are the quietest bird, stupid suitable for apartment living. They produce an average of 65 decimal of noise. Adding to this, they require constant mental stimulation and companionship. Parrotlet can be aggressive and chirp if left for too long without handling.

Are Pacific Parrotlets Messy?

Like most smaller pet Birds, Pacific parrotlets are also known to be quite messy. A birder keeping these specific parrotlets will have to watch their cage cleanliness. If parrotlet is out of its cage to play, you will encounter poop wherever they are. Bored Pacific parrotlets can also become very destructive. Bored or aggressive parrotlets are often seen chewing up things around your home, mutilating behavior, and nipping people.

Are Pacific Parrotlets Good Pets?

Pacific Parrotlet As Pets: Being quiet birds, Pacific parrotlets make great pet Birds for apartment living. These parrotlets are also suitable for people wanting a bird that can talk. With an average 15-20 years lifespan, Pacific parrotlets are a long-term commitment. However, this species makes the best pets when kept as single Birds.