All About Green Parakeet With Blue Tail In 2022

All About Green Parakeet With Blue Tail

In this article, we’re going to talk about the characteristics of a green parakeet with an elongated tail that is blue. We will also discuss the best way to locate one and its cost.

To make you aware that a green parakeet with a blue tail is an extremely active and social bird. Let’s start by discussing what a green parakeet with a blue tail is known.

What Is Green Parakeet With Blue Tail Called?

what is green parakeet with blue tail called
what is green parakeet with blue tail called

Green parakeets With blue tails, commonly called Longtailed parakeets. They often communicate with other types of birds. Green parakeets with blue tails are extremely popular because of their distinctive characteristics.

They are often seen in groups and are observed in flocks of thousands of birds throughout Andaman Island and the island of Borneo.

There are a lot of green parakeets sporting blue tails in a breeding season since the colony breeders. Long-tailed parakeets within the Malay Peninsula often breed in December, January and February.

On the other hand, long-tailed parakeets that live in island Nicobar and the Andaman islands typically breed between February through March. Long-tailed parakeets typically will lay a clutch of 2 to 4 eggs that range in size from 30.5 to 24.5 millimetres.

Female blue long-tailed parakeet egg takes between 22 to 24 days to develop. A long-tailed parakeet’s blue tail and green parakeet diet are comprised of a variety of nuts and wild fruits, as well as Papayas that are grown, cultivated fruit seeds, grains, and seeds.

They are also extremely interested and love to play with sticks or any other object found in their environment. Let’s look at where green parakeets with blue tails can be found.

Where Are Green Parakeets With Blue Tail Found?

A Green parakeet with a blue tail is available throughout areas like Andaman and Nicobar Island. They also are found across other regions of the world, including Sumatra, Borneo and peninsular Malaysia.

They can also be seen in Singapore. Parakeets of other varieties with diverse mutations are found within the area, including Andaman and Nicobar Island. A green parakeet with a blue tailor, Burung Bayan Nuri Malay, can be found in the Malay region, and it is native to the areas of these regions only.

About Green Parakeets With Blue Tail Appearance

Green parakeets with blue tail are tails covered in blue feathers. When it comes to length, a long-tailed parakeet is about 16.5 inches. The wings of these birds will range from 140-155 mm, and the tail will be between 150-270 millimeters.

Let’s look at both female and male long-tailed parakeets as they both have distinctive physical and behavioral characteristics.

Adult Male: Long-tailed parakeets can be found in various colors, but generally, it is green. The abdomen, throat, and chest of a green parakeet with a blue tail appear yellowish-green.

The in-between area eye and the bill on the back of the bird’s head are called the lores. Lores can be bluish-black. The top of a long-tailed parakeet is darker green, with the nape and head edges having Rose Red. The rear of the bird could be bluish or yellowish-grey.

The head could be grey, yellow, and even greenish-yellow. The lower back can be light blue. It is possible to see the black lines on its cheeks as its under and upper tail are covered in feathers of pale green.

The middle tail feathers with a blue tail will also be green. The beak on the top is red, while the lower portion is blackish brown. In terms of its eye color, a green, blue parakeet with a blue tail appears in a color of whitish-yellow and green feet.

Adult Female: Long-tailed female parakeets typically have a green nape, with deep green cheeks, and their upper cheeks appear dull red as well.

Mature females have a smaller tailfeather when in comparison to males from this species. The upper and lower mandibles will also be blackish brown, and its beak colour will be red, with the tail either greenish-blue or entirely green.

Where Do Green Parakeets With Blue Tail Live?

We usually prefer to be in a range of habitats, including coconut plantations and public parks gardens, lowland evergreen forest, as well as swamps.

Parakeets of green and blue-tailed are regular visits to agricultural areas, particularly in areas of tropical seeds and fruit produce. Parakeets with long tails are still prevalent in Andaman’s localized areas and Nicobar Island.

They can be seen flying at elevations of 300m or more. A large portion of their natural habitat is devastated due to log-in and deforestation. They are also commonly entangled in the pet trade, which results in a massive decline in this species.

However, if you take into the study of surveys that show these species are in danger of being endangered, the fate of other subspecies is undetermined.

Interesting Further Reading

Green Parakeet With Blue Tail Personality & Habits

Green parakeets with blue tails, or long-tailed parakeets. They are arousing Birds that like to move around often. You will notice them frequently moving as they climb on perches or within branches.

They usually move quickly across the trees. Since they are well-hidden in the foliage of the trees and bushes, it is difficult to miss their screeching.

They are known to eat quickly after sunrise. Blue long-tailed parakeets are often seen foraging for food in late afternoons.

Are Green Parakeets With Blue Tail Endangered?

Blue tails of green parakeets are not endangered but are in danger due to illegal forest clearing and deforestation.

Other threats are also threatening the survival of this species, such as the capture of these birds for the illegal trade in pet animals. According to recent studies, the birds are decreasing in numbers as well.