Are Parakeets illegal? If So, Why,& What Species?

Are Parakeets illegal

Are Parakeets Illegal?

Though Parakeets appear to be beautiful and cheerful birds, putting them as pets inside a cage can be dangerous and illegal.

In general, caging any Parakeet would be considered illegal as they too come under the ” wild animals ” category, and hence they are guarded by the wildlife protection act.

But many pet owners are unaware that it is illegal to cage Parakeets.

Also, this is often considered a cruel act because Parakeets, just like other birds are flying birds. They are not meant to be confined inside the cage.

Are Mustache Parakeets Illegal?

are mustache parakeet illegal
Are mustache parakeets illegal

Mustache Parakeets, also known as Moustached Parakeets or red-breasted Parakeets are mostly caged for pet trading activities, which is illegal.

Also, they can multiply very quickly, and hence they act like active pests to the farmer’s crops and cultivated grains, thereby posing an agricultural threat to them.

This is why Mustache Parakeets are illegal and can not be sold in places like Hawaii, California, New Jersey, and many other cities.

Where Are Mustached Parakeets Illegal?

Mustached Parakeets, also known as Red-Breasted or Java Parakeets, are beautiful little birds with excellent talking abilities.

They are primarily found in the islands of Indonesia.

These Parakeets often feed on the crops, so they become a threat to agricultural farming.

And because of this, owning these Parakeets or selling them is illegal in places like:

Hawaii, California, New Jersey, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Kansas, and Wyoming.

It is legal to own them, but they are illegal to be bred or sold in Connecticut. You can also own them in New York, but you need special permission or registration for that.

What States Are Monk Parakeets Illegal?

The Monk Parakeets, often called Quaker Parakeets, are bright-coloured green Parakeets, are primarily Native to South America and Argentina.

These Parakeets are considered to be highly social and intelligent.

As these birds have been declared as agricultural pests by the government, selling or owning them is illegal in various states of the Us like:

New Jersey, California, Kentucky, Wyoming, Georgia, Maine, Kansas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii.

In Connecticut, people can own a monk parakeet, but they cannot sell it.

Also, these Parakeets can be owned in Ohio if they can not fly freely.

Are Parakeets Illegal In California?

If you are thinking about owning a Parakeet while living in California, you might wonder if they are legal to own or sell.

Well, the answer to this question is mostly Yes. You can own almost any species of Parakeet in California.

Even birds like macaws, lovebirds, and c0ckatoos can be owned apart from Parakeets in California.

The only species that is found to be illegal in California is the Quaker Parakeet ( also known as Monk Parakeet).

This is because Monk Parakeets are considered invasive as they multiply faster and feed on the crops in large flocks, posing a threat to farming.

What States Are Quaker Parakeets Illegal?

Quaker Parakeets ( also known as Monk Parakeets) are highly social and can be an excellent option for many pet owners.

As these Parakeets multiply faster and act as agricultural pests, they are considered to be illegal in many states like Georgia, California, Rhode Island, Kentucky, Connecticut, Hawaii, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania.

They have also been declared illegal in Maine.

Quaker Parakeets are also illegal to own or sell in Colorado, but you could keep them if you bought one before 1990.

Are Monk Parakeets Illegal In Texas?

No, Monk Parakeets are not illegal in Texas. You may own any species of Parakeets there.

And most importantly, Texas doesn’t have any legal rules or restrictions for most exotic animals. Though this is good news for Parakeet owners, this might increase the exploitation of many exotic animals.

Monk Parakeet Illegal States

After being listed as agricultural pests by the government, Monk Parakeets or Quaker Parakeets are considered illegal in various states of the US like

Tennessee, Hawaii, New Jersey, California, Wyoming, Maine, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Kansas.

You may own a Monk Parakeet in New Jersey, but you would need registration or a permit for that.

You can also them in Ohio, but you need to clip their wings so that they can’t fly or feed crops in large flocks.

Also, you may own a Monk Parakeet in Connecticut, but selling or breeding is strictly restricted there.

Is Plum Headed Parakeet Illegal In India?

Plum Headed Parakeets are beautiful, green-coloured Parakeets primarily found in the Indian subcontinent. These are considered less aggressive and can be a good pet for many pet owners.

However, it would help if you remembered that The Wildlife Protection Act guards parakeets, so they cannot be held captive. The same goes for Plum-headed Parakeets.

They are considered illegal in India and should not be trapped, owned, or sold.

People violating these rules may have to pay a fine of twenty-five thousand rupees, or they can also be jailed for more than three years.

Quaker Parakeet Illegal States

Quaker Parakeets (also known as Monk Parakeets) are beautiful parrots with bright-green colours and have greyish breasts.

Because of their ability to multiply quickly and feed on crops, these parakeets are considered illegal in many states like Connecticut, New Jersey, California, Tennessee, Colorado, Hawaii, Virginia, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Rhode Island.

Though there are a few states like New York, Ohio, Maine, New Jersey, and Virginia that can allow ownership of Quaker Parakeets, the pet owners must get a special permit or license or clip the wings of their Parakeets to avoid their flight.

About Parakeet Illegal Bird Trade

about parakeet illegal bird trade
about parakeet illegal bird trade

Despite safeguarding the Parakeets by Wildlife Many parakeets and other parrots are constantly being captured and traded illegally in America with the Protection Act and other international laws.

This high-level exploitation is causing a decline in the local population of these Parakeets, which ultimately causes a reduction in the internationally threatened species.

Despite all the rules and restrictions, this trade is still seen in America. As per studies, more than 28 species of parrots are held captive and are illegally traded every year.

The reason behind the continuation of illegal trading is that it is still highly lucrative, with some rare species being sold for more than a thousand dollars.

This excessive exploitation is putting a decline on the wild populations of various Parakeets, making them endangered species.

Even worldwide, parrot smuggling is getting common these days. One big reason behind such illegal trading is a higher demand for exotic birds in the US.

More than 6% of Mexican wild parrots( more than 8000 birds) are smuggled every year. And up to 50000 parrots die even before reaching the buyer.

In short, parrots are nowadays becoming the most threatened and endangered bird species in the world.

Is It Illegal To Keep A Parakeet?

With various species of beautiful and brightly coloured Parakeets, many pet owners want to bring them home. But one must be aware of specific regulations before deciding to own them.

As the Wildlife Protection Act has guarded the Parakeets, it is considered illegal to keep them as pets or sell them.

This is done to stop the overexploitation of many exotic Parakeets. And the law is primarily focused on safeguarding the endangered species of Parakeets. Despite this, many pet owners want to keep them as pets.

Is It Illegal To Keep Alexandrine Parakeet?

Keeping any bird captive is considered illegal as protected by the Wildlife Protection Act.

So, keeping Alexandrine Parakeets as pets is also illegal in India, and owners keeping them captive can get punished for more than five years or may have to pay a fine of five thousand rupees.

Is It Illegal To Shoot Parakeets?

Shooting monk Parakeets and ring-necked parakeets can be legal under the general license. This is primarily allowed to eradicate the monk parakeets as they may threaten farmers due to their larger population and crop feeding habits.

So, unfortunately, it is legal to shoot Monk Parakeets and ring-necked Parakeets in most areas of the world. However, shooting other parakeets species is considered an illegal act.


Keeping Parakeets captive is considered illegal as protected by the Wildlife Protection Act. They are meant to fly and must not be confined to cages.

Owning Mustached Parakeets is also considered illegal as they multiply rapidly and feed on crops in large crops, which becomes a big problem for farming.

They are considered illegal in States like Georgia, California, Wyoming, New Jersey, Kansas, and Pennsylvania. However, in Connecticut, Mustached Parakeets can be owned but can not be sold or bred.

You may also need special permission to own them. Owning a monk parakeet is illegal in these states as they have also been declared agricultural pests by the government.

Pet owners in California can own almost any Parakeet species, except the Monk Parakeet (Quaker Parakeet).

Owning monk parakeets has also been declared illegal in Maine, but you can hold them in Colorado if you bought them before 1990.

Monk Parakeets are considered legal in Texas, where exotic animals have no such rules and restrictions.

Plum-headed parakeets are considered illegal in India and should not be owned or sold.

Despite the parakeets and other birds being guarded by the Wildlife Protection Act and other laws, illegal bird trading is still seen in many parts of the world, posing a threat to their survival.

Shooting monk parakeets is considered legal in many places as they are invasive species and may cause severe damage to crops.