Are Parakeets Endangered? If So, Why & What Species?

Are Parakeets Endangered If So, What Species

Are Parakeets Endangered?

Yes, Parakeets are endangered species. Grey-breasted Parakeets in Brazil are highly endangered species and are more likely to face extinction.

Their worldwide population is reducing due to loss of habitat and poaching. ( Now, there are as few as 250 adult grey-breasted parakeets).

Over poaching is also causing death to these little birds, as they don’t get the favorable condition to survive. Illegal trading is considered one of the leading causes behind their extinction.

Sometimes, climate change also disrupts their breeding process and often destroys their habitat, putting their survival at risk.

Why Is The Parakeet Endangered?

Why Is The Parakeet Endangered?

About half the parrot species are endangered, out of which almost 25% are severely endangered species. More than 60% of captured parrots are found dead even before reaching their owners.

Human activity has a significant role in their extinction.

The primary reasons behind the parakeets getting endangered are continuous destruction of their habitats (clearing the land), illegal trading of these birds, shooting them as invading species, other animal species finding away into their habitat, different climatic conditions leading to the destruction of their habitats or lack of suitable food.

Other factors include a rise in the human population, egg collection, trafficking of Parakeets, and pollution ( overuse of pesticides and fertilizers impacts the entire food chain, as well as these birds, negatively affecting their health and putting their lives at risk).

Because of the rise in the human population, people have started to consume more space, which leads to the loss of their habitat. This is another big reason behind the Parakeet’s extinction.

Global warming also poses a threat to these birds’ survival. Illegal trading of parakeets around the world every year is something that has threatened their existence to a large extent.

Are Monk Parakeets Endangered?

No, Monk Parakeets are not endangered species. Their population is constantly increasing, and these parakeets are commonly found in various pet stores.

These are invasive species and often feed on crops, and their large-sized nests cause serious electricity transmission problems in many areas.

In the previous years, these parakeets were shot dead to control their population, but these control measures have been reduced, and now their nests are being destroyed after capturing them.

However, long-term measures are needed to control their overall population.

Parakeets Endangered Species

Parakeets are one of the most threatened species of birds, and these birds are most frequently traded and have been listed as threatened by the Convention On The International Trade In Endangered Species.

These worldwide illegal trades of parakeets are single-handedly the biggest reason for their extinction.

Other factors that challenge the survival of these little birds include climate changes, destruction of their habitats due to a rise in human population, and global warming.

Even the most popular sun conures have been listed as endangered species because of their illegal trading and loss of their habitat.

Parakeet Endangered Species In UK

Ring-necked Parakeets found in Great Britain in the United Kingdom are nonnative species, which means they have been brought to the UK from some other place.

It is often believed that they were bred from the birds that had somehow escaped captivity. As these parakeets multiply rapidly, their population has constantly increased in the UK, and they are not endangered.

But their growing population is becoming a big problem for farmers as they feed on crops in large flocks, causing severe damage to the agricultural process.

Golden Parakeet Endangered

golden parakeet endangered
golden parakeet endangered

The Golden Parakeets, also called Golden Conures, are golden-yellow colored parakeets primarily found in Brazil.

They have been listed as endangered species in the CITES list and get constantly threatened by factors like flooding, deforestation, and their illegal capture for the pet trade.

Also, the locals often consider them invasive pests as they feed on the crops and hence get hunted by many individuals.

The Brazilian government is attempting to raise these Parakeets and bring them back to their natural habitat by taking help from the locals in Brazil.

New Zealand Endangered Parakeet

Orange-fronted Parakeets (also called half moon conure) are one of the rarest species of Parakeets in New Zealand. They are considered to be the most endangered species of New Zealand.

Their population has seen a significant decline because of deforestation, habitat loss, various diseases, and life-threatening predators. Thanks to the proper intensive management and captive breeding, else they would have been extinct.

There is currently a good boost in their breeding, and more than 140 Orange-fronted parakeets were born in this breeding season, as per the Department of Conservation.


Parakeets are currently on top of the endangered species list, with grey-breasted parakeets in Brazil being closer to extinction.

Over poaching due to illegal trading and destruction of their habitat are among the significant reasons causing their extinction.

Other factors such as shooting them as invasive species, being threatened by predators, and climate changes also lead to their extinction.

However, monk parakeets are not endangered, and there has been a sudden rise in their population. But they feed on crops, and their nests create many electricity transmission problems. Hence long-term measures need to be taken to keep their population under control.

The worldwide illegal trading of parakeets is considered one of the biggest reasons for extinction.

Ring-necked parakeets found in the UK multiply rapidly and feed on crops in large flocks. They are not endangered, and their increase in population threatens many farmers.

Brazil’s Golden Parakeets (golden conures) are considered endangered, and factors like illegal trading, climate changes, and loss of habitat threaten their survival.

Orange-fronted parakeets are the rarest and the most endangered parakeet species of New Zealand. However, their population has been brought to control in this breeding season.