Can Parakeets Talk? If So, What Percentage & Age?

Can Parakeets Talk? at what age

Can Parakeets Talk?

Yes, parakeets can talk, but you need to teach them to mimic certain words. And for that purpose, you need to set a proper routine.

These birds usually talk with each other. But if you want to teach them some human words, you need to bring them home at a younger age ( preferably when they are less than one year old).

Parakeets usually have an imprinting process at a younger age, fading away with age. Male Parakeets are more vocal and more likely to talk than female Parakeets.

Why Do Parakeets Talk So Much?

As Parakeets are social beings, they love to talk a lot. They can make numerous sounds, each having a slightly different meaning. They are highly vocal, and if you buy a pair of

Parakeets, you would hear them talk a lot. ( As they love interacting with each other). They also talk to gain the attention of their owners or when they feel a strong affection for the owners.

Some of the familiar sounds that they make are whistling ( which indicates that they are happy and content), screaming( this can be a signal of concern, maybe because your ParakeetParakeet is not well), and chirping( while interacting with each other).

Though they might not speak as clearly as some other larger birds love to learn new words and mimic a few of those if appropriately trained and repeatedly.

What Percentage Of Parakeets Talk?

what percentage of parakeets talk
what percentage of parakeets talk

Almost all Parakeets ( up to 80%) can talk if appropriately trained and consistently. It is good to know that they learn faster if taught very young.

Male parakeets can talk better and more precisely than female parakeets. Finger-training your favourite ParakeetParakeet increases the chances of learning his first few words to talk.

As they get more comfortable with you, they will start perching on you, and that is the right time to teach them their first few words.

What Age Do Parakeets Talk?

Parakeets are far better learners at a young age than older. You can start teaching them how to talk at least three months old.

And if you teach them properly for about two months, they will be able to speak at 5 or 6 months of age.

Why Don’t Female Parakeets Talk?

Female Parakeets are less talkative compared to male Parakeets. Females have a single loud chirp, while males can learn and mimic many sounds.

The truth is these female parakeets can also talk, but they don’t have as much vocabulary as the male ParakeetParakeet has. And they also take a lot of time to learn.

But if you can dedicate the time and energy to train them, they will surely learn a lot of words. It would help if you had a proper routine and patience for this to happen.

You can’t leave them alone and expect them to speak. Spending a lot of time interacting with your female Parakeets and repeating the words are the key to making her talk.

They also need to feel comfortable and relaxed to learn better. Make sure your female ParakeetParakeet is in a stress-free zone and is in a happy, cheerful state.

This makes the learning experience better.

Why Won’t My Parakeets Talk?

Parakeets are social birds, and they usually talk a lot.

What if you notice that your Parakeet is quiet and hardly talks? There can be many reasons behind this.

One big reason behind this quiet behaviour is that maybe she is sick. You might want to consult your vet to know the actual cause in such a case.

Also, if the ParakeetParakeet is too young, it would rarely make noise. They usually talk more as they begin to grow older.

Another reason for this quiet behavior is that they might be a little nervous after getting into your home. (This is a new place for them that they are not used to).

If you have recently bought your ParakeetParakeet, they are new to your environment, and they will need their own time to get comfortable in their new habitat.

They might also feel a bit afraid of you in the beginning.

So, having enough patience and forming a solid bond is the solution to making your ParakeetParakeet comfortable, which will eventually make them talk more as they start spending time learning new words from you.

When do Do Parakeets start To Talk?

Many pet owners have a ubiquitous question to ask: ” When Do Parakeets Learn To Talk?” They may feel disappointed when their parakeets don’t start talking.

But you must remember that it takes time to train a Parakeet to talk. They learn a lot faster if you have them home at a young age.

You can start teaching them a few simple words at the beginning when they are at least four months of age.

And you can train them consistently for two months; they would eventually start talking as soon as they reach six months of age.

Do Parakeets Like When You Talk To Them?

Yes, Parakeets are highly social birds that demand your attention, and they love it when you interact with them.

Though sometimes they might not talk much (maybe because they don’t know you well or feel unwell), in most cases they love getting into a long communication.

These little birds also enjoy learning new words from you, but it may take some time to mimic those words.

The more you spend time with these little birds, the stronger the bond gets, which eventually makes them interact more with you.

Do Blue Parakeets Talk?

Yes, blue parakeets can talk. These parakeets are very talkative, and they often seek the attention of their pet owners. They also sing and talk more when they are happy and excited.

They can also mimic new words and phrases that they hear from people.

Do Female Parakeets Talk?

Though female parakeets are not as talkative and vocal as male parakeets, they too can learn to talk.

This might take a lot of time, but they can surely start learning and mimicking new words and sounds with consistency, patience, and proper training.

Do Parakeets Talk To Each Other?

Yes, Parakeets are active, talkative, and social beings, and they usually interact a lot with each other. These little birds use various sounds like chirping, chattering, and contact calls to communicate.

They often whistle to indicate that they are in a happy mood.

How Do Parakeets Talk To Each Other?

Parakeets usually make different kinds of sounds to talk with each other. They chirp, chatter, and make contact calls to express their feelings. They also whistle when they are in a joyful mood.

You can also see them tweeting with each other when they get along well. This also strengthens their bond and hence increases their probability of interaction.

Because they are very social and active birds, they usually love being around each other.

It would help if you also gave them enough time to bond, which further enhances their chances of communication.

How Long Before Parakeets Talk?

If you are not sure when your ParakeetParakeet would start talking, you must know that they need to reach a minimum of 4 months to learn how to talk. The talking process gets easier for your ParakeetParakeet if you own it from a very young age.

After two to three months of consistent learning, they would eventually start talking at about six months of age.

How Often Do Parakeets Talk?

Parakeets are considered to be noisy and active birds. They usually talk pretty often when they feel pleasant and comfortable.

Also, the more they start getting your attention and feeling safe in their environment, the more they will talk.

Do Parakeets Talk English?

Yes, Parakeets can talk English. They can speak in almost any relevant language, whether that is English, Japanese, Russian, or any other language, provided they get to learn those words repeatedly and in a proper way.

Do Bourke Parakeets Talk?

Bourke Parakeets are quiet and mellow birds compared to other parakeets. They might get a bit noisy at times, but not too much.

These Parakeets can not talk or mimic sounds and words like other species of Parakeets.

How To Make Parakeets Talk?

how to make parakeets talk
how to make parakeets talk

Parakeets are brilliant and social birds, and you can also teach them to talk. They can be good mimics if appropriately trained.

Having a few Parakeets ( usually a pair ) is a better way to make them talk as they eventually communicate. Fewer birds would make sure that they also get your attention rather than busy with other birds.

Also, making your ParakeetParakeet feel relaxed and comfortable is essential before you can expect him to talk. If he finds the environment to be friendly and convenient, he would eventually start talking.

This requires time and effort, and with consistent interaction, you would surely gain your little bird’s trust. You also need to find an appropriate time to teach your ParakeetParakeet how to talk.

Ensure that the bird is in a good state and start repeating some simple words as many times as you can. Training works best when they are most active, that is, in the morning.

You should always start with one word in the beginning and repeat that word repeatedly. ( Starting with a consonant like f, b, or p is way better than teaching them phrases like ” How are you?” )

Make a regular schedule of teaching that word with more focus and most minor distractions. There should be no disturbance or noise during the lesson.

Invest a few minutes training your pet bird every single day. Slow, consistent teachings work the best. Once they get comfortable with the simple words, you can go for more complex phrases.

Most importantly, be patient as this may take time. But be consistent with the lessons, and they will begin to talk.

Finally, start teaching the names of objects to your ParakeetParakeet by holding the thing in your hand. With better practice, they will begin to name the objects correctly.

Do Monk Parakeets Talk?

If you wonder and ask yourself: ” Can Monk Parakeets talk?” the answer is yes.

Monk Parakeets are brilliant and social birds. They can learn to mimic many words, phrases, and sounds, which is way faster than any other species of parakeets.

If you can give them proper training to talk, they will never disappoint you.

Do Canary Winged Parakeets Talk?

Yes, Canary Winged Parakeets can indeed talk. These parakeets can learn a lot of tricks and can also learn to mimic human voices.

With proper training, consistency, and patience, they can learn a lot of words and phrases.


Parakeets can talk and mimic a lot of sounds. You need to give them consistent training and have patience.

These little birds are social and are often seen interacting with each other. They learn to talk faster when brought at a young age ( their imprinting process reduces with age).

Male parakeets vocalize more often than female parakeets.

The more you spend time with your parakeets, the more comfortable they would feel with you ( which is when you can start teaching them a few words).

Parakeets start talking as soon as they reach a minimum of 4 months. ( one to two months of consistent training will help).

Though female parakeets are not as talkative as male parakeets, they can surely learn a few words provided you give them appropriate training and attention.

If you find your parakeets to be quiet, this is because they are not used to your surroundings or may not be well comfortable in the beginning. Forming a solid bond and making them comfortable is the key to making them talk.

Parakeets can talk in almost any language, depending on how often you teach them. Note that repetition is an integral part of training.