7 Games To Play With Your Parakeet

Games To Play With Your Parakeet

There are rules for some spirited games you can enjoy with your feathered friend to burn off extra calories. You’ll learn 7 Games To Play With Your Parakeet. Each game comes with verbal instruction to be spoken at the beginning, which signals to your bird that it’s time to play.

It’s unlikely that every bird will wish to play each game listed; however, there are at the very least a few games that can encourage your bird to leave the perch and start moving:

I’ve listed seven games that could be played with your parakeet in this article. Be aware that not every pet will be keen to play each game on this list. Certain games on this list may inspire your pet and draw them to leave the perch and start moving.

Keep it as a regular habit when you have identified your bird’s preferred game. According to Florida bird behavior consultant Kim bear, if you are playing with your pet, you are the most significant part of the bird’s existence.

The act of playing and exercising will help your pet enhance its life quality but also helps strengthen the connection between you.

7 Games To Play With Your Parakeet

7 games to play with your parakeet
7 games to play with your parakeet

1. Hide-And-Seek

It is among the games we all played as children in our homes. Thus, take your pet to a new area of your home, like the bedroom or basement it’s never been to before. Don’t even think of placing the bird down in one corner and then walking away.

You should now make a call to your bird or”find me” while scurrying around corners to ensure that your bird can see you. If a parakeet is connected to you, it will certainly try to chase you away to ensure that you are not left in a new location. Make sure that the parakeet can be seen and only return your head. Be sure to keep an adequate distance for a bird to stroll for a while to chase you.

Many people will make a call to their animal’s names to check if the identify it and look for them. It is important to consider this as well. If your pet is shy and won’t be near you, this is the best way to make a parakeet be attracted to you.

If your bird can find you, acknowledge their efforts by saying congratulations and offering him one of their favourite treats. You can also provide positive reinforcement, such as giving an ear scratch.

2. Fetch and Retrieve

Like dogs, parakeets enjoy playing with fetch too. Gently throw an unassuming ball or light toy direction your bird is facing for this game. Once you have tossed the ball or toy, then say, “catch it.

If your pet is well-behaved and you’re lucky, the bird will pursue the object in a rush to grab it using its beak. If that happens, congratulate and thank the bird for its efforts by telling it that you are a good Bird.

Learning games like teaching your parakeet to bring objects back to you is among the most loved games played by numerous pets. Birds. If your pet’s parakeet isn’t responding to the ball, continue tossing the ball toy until it is aware that it’s meant to return the ball to you.

When it returns the ball to you, be sure you praise the job they did by congratulating them with enthusiasm but in a positive manner. Maintain a firm voice and then scratch it on the head.

This will make your bonds stronger. The simple act of rubbing your pet’s head can motivate it to return the toy to you when you throw it away more often. Additionally, a Parakeet will also enjoy plenty of exercise by getting the toy back closer to you.

3. Run, or I Am Touching Your Tail.

To play this game, it is recommended to set your pet on the floor and place your fingers on the nail but not touch the pin directly. In a hilarious or animated Vicetone, declare that I’m going to grab your tail.

The parakeet is likely to begin going in the opposite direction of your bed and then over your bed, so you cannot get its tail. When playing this game, the keet will likely exhaust itself quickly; therefore, let it lay down and then play it again.

Be careful not to cause your pet to see the bed as its territory. To stop the game, it’s best to provide an animal rope with a target as well as a rope braided for it to climb upon.

Once a parakeet can grab the rope with its beak, slowly move the string and the parakeet around when it flaps its wings. You can then take your bird back into its cage.

Do not play this game if your pet does not trust you or does not seem to be at ease. This kind of game could also cause a parakeet to feel threatened or angry when he’s not controlled and bonding with you correctly.

4. Staircase Dash

If multiple people living in the house want to play a game with the bird, it is the best option. Two people are required, and the staircase with carpet plays the game.

If a bird has a particular person they love or someone they prefer to spend time with, invite that person to join in. Most often, the one who feeds the pet is the one who is the most preferred of them all.

It is important to make the one who is the most popular sit on the lower part of the stairs while the other is at the top. Then gently push your pet to climb down steps.

If you’re their favorite and you call out the parakeet’s name to climb the staircase, it will usually walk down the stairs, flapping its wings or using its feet. This will also give them plenty of exercise.

When you have the bird at the bottom, you can say excellent job and then set the parakeet back down as you walk up the steps quickly. There’s a high chance the bird will begin running after you as if you were the most loved human.

When your parakeet is at its peak, be sure to appreciate it once more. You must ensure that you are in a positive relationship with the bird because if this is to be successful, a bird must trust and love you.

If your bird isn’t happy with you, he’s not likely to chase you around or approach you in the manner of other pets.

5. Flying Game.

To play the game, gently grasp the feet of your pet and tell them you’re ready to go when you raise your arms above your head. When a bird’s head is lifted, it’s likely to fly around.

Make sure to keep your parakeets over your head as long as they continue in their flaps. Then, please bring it back to chest level and do this many times. The goal is to play this game as often as you think your pet enjoys playing it.

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6. Basketball

It is also possible to play basketball with your parakeet the size of a birdie basketball hoop. You can purchase some basketball-related games made for parakeets.

Many toy stores sell mini basketball hoops designed that are suitable for smaller children. Basketball hoops of this type are equipped with a suction cup at the back of the rings to connect to a wall.

In any case, all kinds of hoops work. It is recommended to set this type of basketball hoop on the floor near the wall and then show it to your pet.

When your bird sees the basketball and round, you can consider throwing the ball towards your bird and then say toss. If your bird’s parakeet can put the ball in the hoop, thank the bird with an enthusiastic tone.

If your parakeet continues to ignore the ball, attempt to push it into the basket a few times more to help them get an idea of what you’re looking for.

There’s a good chance that your bird will be able to figure out what you would like them to do with the basketball and hoop.

7. Climb The Rope

Choose a small which is between 5 and 6 feet long. You can also purchase an extremely heavy cotton rope that creates knots every 3 inches. You can hang the rope with knots approximately 2-3 inches from the ceiling with a decorative hook.

Then, place your parakeet on the floor near the bottom end and tell him to climb up the rope. Parakeets naturally desire to climb on the rope and begin climbing up, as they’re naturally curious.

But if your parakeet isn’t interested, you can coax your bird to climb to the top with some treats. A small piece of almond or broccoli will draw your bird’s attention and also a few feet up.

It is also possible to require an affixed stairway or stool to stand on to play the game. When your bird has reached the highest knot, you can say congratulations and give it its most loved food.

Then, grab the bird once more and let it ascend again. Do not give treats each time since the process of weaning your pet off treats is vital. Gradually, wean your parakeet off treats and provide plenty of praise as well as positive encouragement.


Do not force a pet to play a sport when they aren’t interested in it. Some parakeets don’t have individual personalities. Once you’ve discovered your pet’s most loved game, make sure to include it in your routine.

It will not only aid in helping your pet be more active, but it also makes them anticipate spending valuable time with you.