What Birds Can Live With Parakeets? 3 Birds You Must Know

What Birds Can Live With Parakeets

Parakeets are the best small birds you can have in the United States. They are also trendy due to their personality. They are kind but active Birds. Parakeets need a large Aviary equipped with many perches, hiding, and food bowls.

They are very playful and would like to get along with humans. But what about Different Birds? What Birds can live with parakeets? In this article, we will discuss all the birds that can be kept and should never be housed with parakeets.

We will also answer the question: do parakeets get along with other Birds. It is vital to consider the size of the birds that you are planning to keep together. It is essential to consider the species’ general temperature, the space needed for each, and offer the territory they can call home.

Parakeets are highly exceptional pet Birds due to their manageable size, playful antics, and intelligence. Parakeets have always been seen bonding well with humans, but sometimes a companion bird is an ideal addition for their livelihood.

Especially if you don’t have a lot of time for a parakeet, you should know what Birds can live with parakeets and coexist together. 

What Birds Can Live With Parakeets?

what birds can live with parakeets
what birds can live with parakeets

Parakeets can be housed happily with Zebra finches, lorikeets, cockatiels, and many other small parrots that hail from the Australian mainland. Remember that the key to keeping multiple birds of a type together is the space. Each Bird should have enough space to extend its wing from any angle without hitting the cage bars or perches.

None of the bird tails should ever stick out of the cell. All birds should have equal room to fly, hope, and play with at least 4 inches of perch space. Each Bird will also need its food dish to eat, toys to play with, and stairs to climb.

You will also have to offer a space for them to be alone when desired. If you are thinking of keeping the number of birds in the flock in one Aviary, you might also need to consider the size of the Aviary itself.

A large Aviary is more suitable than a cage, but you can also give different Birds their pen. On the other hand, you can have a common area for all birds to come out and play. Let’s talk about do parakeets get along with other Birds?

Do Parakeets Get Along With Other Birds?

Yes. Parakeets can get along with Australian fellows like Lorikeets, Zebra finches, and Parakeets. They can also get along with other smaller birds of different species but with the same temperament.

It will never get along with any bird more significant than the size of the keets itself. Let’s talk about Birds that can live with parakeets.

3 Birds That Can Live With Parakeets

  • Finches
  • Cockatiels
  • Lorikeets

Can A Cockatiel Live With A Parakeet?

Interestingly, cockatiels can be housed with a parakeet and share the same cage. Cockatiels are known for being very friendly and accepting other species relatively quickly. Parakeets are also very social and can get along if raised alongside.

However, you will need to take a few precautions and avoid any sudden changes that can unnecessarily stress your charming little birds of different species. We have shared a detailed guide on the question: Can parakeets live with cockatiels and how to keep them together.

Can A Finch Live With A Parakeet?

Many owners have reported their success in keeping parakeets and finches together without any problem. However, each bird species has its personality. Parakeets can get along with finches, and there are a few steps to take and give them a better chance of working well together for you. Learn how to keep parakeets with finches.

Can A Canary Live With A Parakeet?

Canary can be housed with a parakeet but never recommended as they are very delicate. Plus, Parakeets can be territorial and bully. It is common to notice parakeets driving the light canaries if they share the same cage.

If anything, you will see more notorious parakeets who would dominate. However, both being similar in size to birds, they need the same kinds of toys and have the exact dietary requirements. Each Bird species should be kept in different cages.

Can A Sun Conure Live With A Parakeet?

Sun Conure can live with a parakeet in a large Aviary, but 24 hours supervision will be needed if housed together. With much strength, conure can easily bully and injure the small keets.

Hence, depending upon personality, a Sun Conure can also spell danger for the Parakeets if they decide against being friends.

Do Lovebirds And Parakeets Get Along?

No, parakeets and lovebirds never get along due to their different personalities and temperament. Lovebirds are very aggressive and jealous towards other species.

Lovebirds can attack parakeets and be territorial. If anything, it would be a fight between these two until one of your birds is injured. LoveBirds live in small groups in the wild, but they just like being in pairs. Sometimes they feed with other teams as well.

On the other hand, Parakeets are known to thrive in large flocks flying around being less aggressive. Unfortunately, Parakeets and lovebirds can never be housed together, even in a large Aviary. Lovebirds avoid getting along with other bird species and sometimes fight with members of their species.

Although Parakeets and lovebirds have very different temperaments, both are among the best pet Birds you can have. Here, in this article, I have discussed everything in detail about whether you can keep Parakeets and lovebirds in the same house or not.

In some cases, if both the species are raised together alongside the youngest, you can get them along. Click here to read a comprehensive guide: can parakeets and lovebirds live together.

3 Things To Consider Before Getting Another Bird Species

3 things to consider before getting another bird species
3 things to consider before getting another bird species

Cage Needs

Keeping any bird species sharing the same size as Parakeets needs an enormous Aviary. Even being a small bird, you might have to invest in a big sturdy cage to house them together.

For example, finches love to fly, whereas Parakeets love to flap its wing and climb. So, the bigger the cell is, the more equipment can be installed according to the different needs of each Bird. Some birds need high cages to climb up and down, whereas some need wider ones to fly back and forth.

If you house both types of birds together, you need a large cage that is high and wide. while keeping a pair of birds that like to climb and a pair of birds that want to fly, you will need a 48 inches wide and 48 inches high cage.

If you plan to house more of either Bird in any case, you will need a more oversized pen to accommodate. Adding to that, you should always plan to keep the exact size of bird species together and make sure the cage bars are not more than half an inch.

Interesting Further Reading

Behavioral Issues. 

Many birds have different kinds of temperaments. Each Bird is a different kind of species with varying character. A behavior problem such as aggression may be seen when keeping two species in the same cage.

Parakeets are known for being territorial of their house and possessing their toys. If you do House 2 different species, watch out for aggression and stress signs in either Bird. If you notice any bird pecking or flying at the other Bird to bite his feet or doing so, separate them.

Another sign is like a bird plucking its feather exhibition and exhibiting stress. You can learn why parakeets pluck their feathers. Screaming or screeching signs means trouble as well.

Start Early. 

If you want to keep parakeets with different Birds, make sure you introduce them when they are as young as possible. Set them together as soon as you adopt both the species at the same or a few days apart from a reputable breeder.

If you get two different bird species from one breeder, each Bird will be less likely to consider his cage and react negatively. However, few birds are known for not appreciating having another species in their comfort zone or joining them in their territory.

Be Prepared To Separate Two. 

Just human siblings and there is no guarantee that they may get along or keep their friendship for a long time. There are areas where each Bird can go aggressive and attack the vulnerable one.

You should give them enough time and lookout for signs of stress or dominating behavior in any bird. It is essential to have areas where bird species can sit, sleep alone or play. It is necessary always to equal the cage with water and separate food dishes.

Sometimes, separating the baths is also a good idea because it is common for some bird species to refuse to take the same bath after the other Bird uses it to bathe.

Keeping so many things in mind, if you notice the birds fight excessively while providing enough space hasn’t helped, you may need to separate and house them in different cages.