101 Unisex Parakeet Names List In 2022

Unisex Parakeet Names

There are hundreds of parakeet species, and most of them are unknown even to the average person.

Nonetheless, more and more people in the United States are embracing the idea of keeping budgies or parakeets as pets.

It can be confusing when it comes to naming our pet, but there are so many great names out there that can be given. Here I have listed more than 120+ unisex parakeet names in easy to read format.

It would be best to choose a name that speaks to your bird character depending upon its behaviour and nature. When selecting the unisex name for parakeets, cute names like the sky, quill, gold, Sunny, and more. You can also go for the inspirational unisex names for parakeets like Zazu.

Though naming a pet parakeet may seem a simple task, one should understand the science of naming a pet Bird. Taking time to learn about your parakeet personality and behaviour will result in a name that better fits.

Look at their personality, the type of breed, and the physical features rather than just giving an expression of your choice. There are tons of cute unisex names that have nothing to do with your friends and family but can be a great fit for your pet parakeet according to its personality.

If you are looking for a name for your pet parakeet, let me tell you, it will be an exciting experience. So, let’s help you make the right choice from the list of unisex names for parakeets below.

BennettWe enjoy “Benny” for short.
Billie/BillyThe list goes on and on. From Billie Holiday to Billy Idol, the popular name for unisex women is a cult celebrity.
CassidyThis Irish surname is “curly-haired,” making it the perfect option for a Parakeet as well as a Budgie.
CricketActress Busy Philipps owns a daughter named Cricket, and the Disney character Jiminy Cricket speaks to the name’s appeal to boys.
DoughnutWho can say no to a Donut?
EchoEcho was the original name for the nymphae of Greek mythology. Echo has been deemed gender-neutral.
EggrollSilly, Eggroll is a name that will make you smile.
IzzyThis name, which is happy and lucky, could be shortened to Isabel and Isaac.
JavaAnother name that is caffeine-free, Java, brings happy energy.
DominoThe game is a fun name for black and white parakeets.
CorwinThis Gaelic name translates to “heart’s companion.”
CheddarGirls or boys, There’s nothing wrong with the name you give your parakeet Cheddar.
CaseyThough typically masculine within Ireland, Casey became a well-known name for girls once it made its way across the pond.
BronxThe northernmost borough in New York City is a popular choice for boys and girls alike.
BooThis endearing nickname can be fun for the Parakeets who have ghost-white feathers.
BerlinThe city is a perfect place to raise & to name a parakeet.
AugustEnjoy channel “Parakeet days of summer” by embracing August, also known as “Augie,” for short.
AdrianA Latin name that means “sea” or “water” is ideal for Parakeets who love swimming.
BerkeleyGet hippie-inspired with this laid-back California city.
Blue/BluThe colourful name is familiar for birds with blue-coloured fur, for example, blue Parakeets.
BristolOld English in origin, the name “Bridge” means “meeting place at the bridge.”
CameronThe actress Cameron Diaz made this male Scottish name a contemporary option for girls.
CashewAre you a pet owner with a sensitive bird? Try Cashew to see how it feels!
ChanceIf fate brought your best friend into your life, you should give her Chance an opportunity.
CoreyGirl or boy, Corey has classic appeal.
DakotaThe state-inspired name is associated with celebrities status, such as NFL player Dakota “Dak” Prescott and actress Dakota Fanning.
DeltaWhen it comes to whether it’s the Mississippi River or the Greek alphabet, Delta has strong roots.
EclipseFor your pet you love from the moon to back, you can try this name from the astronomical world.
Fluffy“Fluffy” is a tried-and-true name for all Parakeets that puff.
GhostHave a parakeet? While he was the smallest of the bunch, Ghost became the fan-favourite direwolf in “Game of Thrones.”
Harrie/HarryIf it’s shortened to Harriet or Harold, the name of this jolly suits Parakeet.
IndigoGreek from Greek culture, Indigo is a colourful option.
GoldIn our eyes, every Parakeet deserves Gold.
FrecklesIf Spot is a bit too obvious, consider Freckles for birds with speckles.
EverestThe imposing mountain is the perfect name for Parakeets who love adventure.
DrewStarlet Drew Barrymore is proof that this typically male name can be an attractive option for women and vice versa.
DenaliAre you the proud owner of a particular Parakeet? Do you have a unique Parakeet? Native American name means “the great one.”
DandelionThis bright and cheerful option has two built-in nicknames: Dandy and Lion! Perfect for breeding pair
CreekConcise and straightforward! We suggest this nature-inspired name for water-loving parakeets.
CometThe celestial body is an exciting alternative for pets out of the ordinary.
CarmenA Spanish name that means “garden,” Carmen is a traditional gender-neutral moniker.
CoconutThis name, inspired by tropical themes, boasts “Coco” as a cute simple name.
BronteThe meaning is “thunder” in Greek; Bronte is a male ring to the word. It’s also a great connection to Literary sisters Emily, Charlotte, and Anne.
BonbonA must-have for the parakeet who is adorable, tiny, and just irresistible.
BentleyTo be the poshest Parakeet, Bentley is a British surname that brings to mind luxury automobiles.
BasilIt means “royal” or “kingly,” Basil is a progressively well-known girl name.
AtlasThe unique Greek name translates to “bearer of the heavens.”
AcornYou can try this bizarre name for small birds.
BigfootAs nobody has been able to confirm whether or not Bigfoot is male Bigfoot, We’ve decided to declare this folklore-inspired name to be officially gender-neutral.
BourbonA toast to this lively name for a parakeet.
CayenneIdeal for Parakeets with fiery temperaments!
CoffeeYou can try this caffeine-infused name for energetic birds.
DaytonThe bright and cheerful Dayton is ideal for athletic and energetic birds.
EwokThe power is strong by the name! “Star Wars” creator George Lucas created the iconic and adorable Ewoks for his personal Brussels Griffon pups.
HappyIf you’re happy and aware of it, you should make sure to clap your hands!
FinnleyTake a ride on the fashionable train by naming your bird this popular gender-neutral Parakeet name.
IrelandMake sure you pay tribute to this name too.
EmersonTraditionally, a male name, Emerson, is an increasingly popular name for babies for girls. (Try “Emmy” for short!)
DevonThe name was a gender-neutral baby name that peaked in the 1990s, making it perfect for making a comeback.
CrumpetCrumpet might be the most adorable of the options in terms of breakfast-themed names.
CocoaSweet, short, and ideal for chocolate-coloured birds.
CharlestonThe Southern city has a bit of old-fashioned charm to these charming Parakeets.
CadburyWhile the chocolate company’s mascot is a rabbit, we believe Cadbury is just as good for Parakeets.
BradyIt was initially a surname with Irish Origin; Brady is now a trendy name for a unisex baby bird.
BootsFor birds with albino print, try Boots on to gauge their size.
BlizzardThe perfect match for a fluffy white ball of energy that spins around.
CannoliThe log-shaped dessert is suitable for birds that are small.
DarcyWhen it is used to refer to a boy, think about going formal and referring to Jane Austen’s famous character Darcy.
ChicletSmall and sweet, Chiclets gum is a fun design for fancy Parakeets.
FlashIdeal for birds with speed.
IndieThe quirky and chirpy Indie is a great name to describe Parakeets with an individual mindset.
JamieWith well-established gender-neutral roots, Jamie is as versatile as the rest.
ForestPay tribute to your pet’s ancestral ancestors from the wild with this natural name.
AlexThe term is usually used to mean “Alexander” or “Alexandra,” Alex is a tried-and-true gender-neutral name that is gender-neutral.
BearSuit male parakeets
BordeauxOriginating of Bordeaux, which is derived from the French term “border,” which means “small farm,” Bordeaux is a fun spin on the names for traditional country birds.
CappuccinoThe classic coffeehouse serves an adorable name – Chino!
CinnamonWe love this for fancy Parakeets with a sweet temperament.
CurlyDo you have a Parakeet with curly hair? Make it easy with this description of the name.
EspressoA drink that is darkly rich and full of energy.
HendrixIs your Parakeet rocking to the beat? A nod to Jimi by naming it after a music icon.
DarlingThe word “endearment” is a sweet and known pet name.
CodyThis funky alias is an athletic style that works for all genders.
ChaiYour favourite latte could be the perfect name for Parakeets with their creamy brown colouring.
BubblesA simple name like this will always bring a smile to your face.
BossWho says you don’t deserve a girl boss?
BijouA French word meaning tiny, beautiful gem, Bijou is great for small birds
BagelIf you choose to name your Parakeet Bagel, You’re probably bound to adopt the Cream Cheese, as well.
AnnapolisThe home to the United States Naval Academy, the capital of Maryland, offers a maritime ambience.
AmazonThe largest tropical rainforest in the world is the perfect name for outdoor-loving birds.
BellamyThe preppy modern moniker translates to “fine friend.”
BiscuitThis classic is adorable and gets birds’ feet up.
BrooklynTraditionally a masculine English nickname, Brooklyn is now equally well-liked by girls due to models like Brooklyn Decker.
ChandlerThe most well-known Chandler, Of course, one of them can be Chandler Bing of “Friends” fame. Did you know that Chandler Bing’s Middle English name – which refers to “candle maker” – is usually female?
Cream PuffIt’s a given that Cream Puff is going to be a delight.
DoverThis Celtic name is a calm and strong presence that translates to “the waters.”
EddieIn the short version of Edith Or Edward, Eddie has a charming, joyful, snappy appeal.
GeorgieThe name is old-fashioned and has a lot of appeal for tramps and ladies alike.
HarperWhile it is a well-known name for girls’ babies nowadays, Harper is traditionally male.
DumplingWe can eat it straight up.
Cupcake“Cupcake” is a word that never fails to make heads turn.
ChestnutCheck this out for birds that have red-brown feathers.
ButterscotchWe are awestruck by this name for honey-coloured birds. Plus, “Butters” makes for an adorable nickname.
BingoThe fans of the animated show “Bluey” know Bingo works equally well for girls Parakeets and boy Parakeets.
BaconGirl or boy, every Parakeet can have this bird.
AniseThe prominent flavor of Licorice, Anise, is especially befitting of Parakeets.
AveryAvery is a popular name for birds, a trendy choice for unisex baby birds. Avery refers to “wise” in French.
BlakeThe actress Blake Lively proves that this name, of English origin, is suitable for female and male parakeets.
CamdenThe chic London district is ideal for birds who are cosmopolitan.
CharlieOften, it is employed as an alternative to “Charlotte,” Charlie is more popular than ever before due to its gender-neutral usage.
CupidCupid was a male in classical mythology; However, the name derived from Valentine is just as appropriate for female birds.
FergieThe term “Ferguson” is historically short for “Ferguson,” Fergie can also refer to as an American artist and the English Duchess.
HoneyDo you know anything more delicious than Honey for beloved parakeets?
GuacamoleAs with Guacamole, the Parakeets are bound to be a big hit at any party.
DutchWhile Dutch is more frequently masculine, it could be an excellent title for Duchess.
CrosbyThis Scandinavian surname has been made an increasingly popular unisex first name.
CloverIf you own a rescue parakeet, you should think of Clover, which means good luck.
CaramelWe are amazed by this particular one for sweets with caramel colouring.
BaileyThis timeless name for Parakeet suits Good Boys and Good Girls alike.
BrandyThis trendy Old English name is an enjoyable choice for Parakeets that have a pattern of multi-color feathers.
Cookie MonsterThe Sesame street sweet tooth can be described as a male one. However, Cookie is feminine.
Dylan“Today” show co-host and meteorologist Dylan Dreyer is among numerous female Dylans who prove that Dylan Dreyer’s name is a crossover candidate.
FrenchieOui oui! It’s a great name! The Francophile name is perfect for French birds but suitable for Parakeets also.
HersheyTo get your chocolate-coated companion to think about this classic treat.
DobbyDobby can be given to two of the most popular British fictional characters. Dobby, The (male) House elf from “Harry Potter” fame, and Dobby, the (female) IT expert from the TV show “Peep Show.”
CottonThere’s no better description for your fluffy white bird.
ButtonsThis adorable model will never fade out of fashion.
AustinThe capital city of Texas is perfect for hipsters.
BambiAlthough the name might sound feminine, Disney’s beloved Bambi was a male deer.
ChocolateParakeets shouldn’t eat chocolate; however, they can provide an excellent name for birds.
DarbyThis jolly English surname is quick, snappy, and Parakeet-perfect.
EastonDirectional names are rising in popularity. To take a different approach to the well-known Weston, look at the less popular Easton.
GumdropThe traditional candy is sweet names for small girls and boys.
French FryIf you’re looking for a name inspired by food, pick something similar to the beloved Parakeets. French Fry will do the trick!
DublinThe Emerald Isle’s capital is appropriate for birds like parakeets & cockatiels.
CloudAll floors are welcome! Cloud is a fitting name with fluffy white Parakeets.
BrownieThe sweet treat creates an appealing name for chocolate-coated Parakeets.
BeanIdeal for small Parakeets!
AspenThe town’s name is perfect for those awed by a run through the winter snow.
HonourThe name of this noble lady fits of man’s most loyal friend.
HarleyThe classic motorcycle is a perfect gender-neutral Parakeet name for Parakeets who appreciate a remarkable road journey.
FrostyIt’s not only for snowmen! Frosty is the perfect name for fluffy white Parakeets.
DaraTraditionally, a male name with Biblical origins, Dara, is more modernly utilized for both genders.
ColbyParakeet will be happy to learn that this sexy unisex label can also be the title given to an esoteric cheese.
CatA Parakeet named Cat? If ever there was an occasion, it is now meow.
BowieA tribute to David Bowie, who made androgyny a form of art.
BabyA brand-new bird or a wise older one’ll always be your baby.
CheckersThis playful name is adorable for black and white Parakeets.
FrankieThe short form to “Francis,” Frankie is a charming unisex name.