10+ Best Food For Parakeets (2022 Review)

There are many commercially available claiming as Best Food For Parakeets. If you are petting parakeets for the first time, you may want to know what to feed your parakeets. In this article, we will talk about the best foods for parakeets. It should be a varied mixed diet when it comes to their diet.

Before feeding any particular pellet, make sure that their diet consists of 30% fruits and vegetables. The rest, 30%, should come from shells and seeds themselves. Parakeets love eating different seeds, pellets, grains, vegetables, and fruits. They also thrive on nuts. Much food is available in pellet form for parakeets to eat all over a pet store.

Let’s see some best foods for parakeets and learn of bird nutrients necessary for constant involvement. Different species of birds need different kinds of nutrition along with food. Parakeets need a proper balance of fats, protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, water, and minerals. Make sure to keep the fat content low in your parakeet diet at a time.

Parakeets are prone to obesity and liver disease. We will talk about the 11 best foods for parakeets based on herb seeds, grains, grass seeds, vegetables, and fruits.

11 Best Food For Parakeets

11 best food for parakeets
11 best food for parakeets

9 Best Herb Seeds For Parakeets

You can always choose herb-derived seeds to form a quarter of a good seed mix in your parakeet diet. The most significant advantage of having these herb seeds is that they can be easily stored. You can store these seeds in jars. You can keep a variety of herbs seeds like: 

  1. Fenugreek 
  2. Mustard 
  3. Clover  
  4. Coriander   
  5. Alfalfa
  6. Radish
  7. Groundsel
  8. Dill
  9. Chia

Parakeets also love many seeds that are bad for them. You can also feed grains like sunflower, millet, pumpkin, flax, hemp, niger, and rape but keep these seeds to be used sparingly because of their high-fat content.

3 Best Grains For Parakeets

Foxtail Millet

This is one of the best foods for parakeets all over the world. This one is readily available on Amazon and has been successfully fed to many different birds, including parakeets. Foxtail Millet one seems to be one of the favorite foods for parakeets.

It contains good nutrition like protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and calcium which are highly beneficial. Calcium should be high in their diet, especially for female parakeets.

This one also comes at an affordable price rate which you can buy at local grocery stores or online stores like Amazon. This brand also has other names like Kangana and korralu in different languages.

ZuPreem Natural Bird Food

If you want to avoid feeding seeds to your Parakeet, consider Zupreem Natural as your preferred option. It has been made using grains, millet, oat groats, corns, wheat, and Barley. They have sufficient carbohydrates and protein to satisfy your Parakeet’s nutrient needs.

It also features a wide variety of vegetables, including beets, carrots, and celery, to help develop a robust immune system in parakeets. It is also suitable for a bird’s healthy heart. Fruits like blueberries and cranberries are also included in this package for antioxidant support.

As this comes in pellet form, it is straightforward to eat and digest for parakeets. On the back of the container itself, all nutritional values are addressed, which clarifies any additional supplement’s unnecessity.

Vegetables and fruits should be served in addition to this fruit as snacks to help round out your Parakeet nutritional intake without worrying about mineral and vitamin overdosing.

Wagner’s 13008 Deluxe Wild Bird Food

As Parakeet needs a very balanced diet that includes seeds and grains for their overall health, you can choose this one. It is pretty challenging to find a balanced diet for parakeets, and this excellent commercial mixed bird food serves a parakeet and saves your time.

7 Best Grass Seeds For Parakeets

Grass and grains should be included in the same category when feeding a parakeet, and hay or grain should make up 50% of your Parakeet’s diet intake. If you have access to an open garden, here are some glasses you can take and feed the parakeets.

  1. Meadow foxtail
  2. Perennial ryegrass
  3. Rough bluegrass
  4. Orchardgrass
  5. Poverty brome
  6. Timothy Grass
  7. Velvet Grass

3 Best Pellets or Seed Mix For Parakeets

Most pellets are usually made from vegetables and grains. This pellet food is a fortified formula with essential vitamins and minerals. This is easy to digest also. A well-chosen pellet is always a sensible choice for parakeets.

When choosing a bullet for parakeets, it should contain no artificial preservatives. Always consider buying a small amount to check whether your Parakeets like this or not. Ideal serving for a parakeet would be one tablespoon a day with the rest of the diet of fresh fruits and vegetables.

If your Parakeet has never been offered pellets but was onto a seed-based diet, you can accustom it to the change by gradually substituting its daily food. It should be done with patients.

If you have been feeding seeds to a parakeet and don’t want to switch, you can provide sprouts to them. Sprouts and seeds can make 42-60% of a keets’ diet. Also, include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables for the rest.

Kaytee Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are always considered a healthy addition to Parakeet diets. These seeds contain superior doses of Vitamin E vitamin b12, vitamin b6, folate, selenium, and copper, which are needed nutrients for parakeets to keep fit and healthy. Moreover, they are also an excellent source of minerals and vitamins and Parakeets love eating sunflower seeds.

Higgins Safflower Bird Food 

This one is specially designed to satisfy Parakeet’s appetite and keep them full until their next mealtime. It has been made using safflower seed which is something Parakeet particularly likes. This food also forages with pineapples, papayas, and raisins.

It also has other dried fruits like coconut, carrot, and cashews. All of these are, to name a few. It also contains a well-rounded nutritional value to ensure a healthy nervous system throughout the life stages of a Parakeet. It provides proper digestion with the help of included probiotics.

Your Parakeet won’t have any belly discomfort after having this big meal. It will also ensure a healthy immune system and vital eyesight containing DHA. Without any flavorings and artificial color, this particular food becomes one of the best to offer a parakeet.

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Food 

There are a couple of good reasons for thinking this product to be the best food for Parakeets. First and foremost, it contains all the natural ingredients without any Additives and preservatives for Parakeets to thrive and be healthy.

This one is specially formulated for birds like Parakeet to ensure that all the nutritional needs are fulfilled no matter their age. It’s a seed-based formula that includes protein to keep their bones strong. It is seed-based food containing canary grass seed, sunflower seed, and safflower seed.

Flax meal and cracked corn are also included to increase the carbohydrate content. It has a healthy dose of essential Omega and carbohydrate energy. You are getting probiotics and prebiotics for the Parakeet gut comfort and proper digestion with this food. This also includes mixed tocopherols making it safe to store for several days after being opened.

Interesting Further Reading

11 Best Fruits For Parakeets

  1. Ranges 
  2. Strawberries 
  3. Bananas 
  4. Apples 
  5. Oranges 
  6. Grapes 
  7. Raisins 
  8. Mangoes 
  9. Melons 
  10. Nectarines 
  11. Cherries

Here you can learn about what fruits are best for parakeets.

7 Best Vegetables For Parakeets

  1. Carrots 
  2. Cabbage
  3. Cauliflower 
  4. Sweet Corn 
  5. Sweet Potato 
  6. Green Beans 
  7. Leafy Greens