How to Scare Birds Away From The Boat? 10 Easy Decoys

How to Scare Birds Away From The Boat

What scare birds away from a boat? What keeps birds away from a boat? There isn’t any worst feeling than returning to your boat and a mess of bird poop welcoming you. Would you like to be in any such situation in your life? Off-Course you won’t.

However, if you own a boat, chances are you may already have faced quite a lot of similar instances.

Bird droppings and poop on your boat aren’t just unappealing but difficult to clean as well. And if it has dried, chances are, even after cleaning, it may leave stains behind, especially on fabric.

Mess aside; it also contains a number of potential bacterial dangers. That is why, not just cleaning the after mess, also try keeping birds away from your boat. How? Here we have all the information regarding that.

How do you permanently scare birds away?

For ensuring that birds do not even let their feather on your boat or other property, make sure you scare them from far away from themselves. And this is only possible when you plant something like a bird repelling flying a kite.

Especially because boats often face windy days, a repelling flying kite will safeguard it from all birds’ sizes. You can either buy it from your local pet/ animal stores or reach the e-commerce websites.

Here are a few finest recommendations from the range:

Lamonty Bird Scarer Flying Kite

HENGDA KITE-Upgrade Classical Dragon Kite

Or you can also go for helium-filled Happy Scarecrow Jumbo Balloons

Just make sure you do not tie them very close to the boat.  

How to stop birds from pooping on my boat?

As a non-boat owner, you may ask Why so much fuss about a little poo? But the boat owners know the pain of seeing their favorite belonging full of smelling mess.

However, need not worry as the market is full of several boat bird deterrents that will help you with the task. Here are a few of the finest options for the same.

Five best boat bird deterrents

BirdBusters Gull-Cat Bird Deterrent

Birds are highly scared of cats, and this product proves rightly for the fact. Cats are natural bird hunters who are skilled in deterring and killing birds. Now because keeping a real cat on the boat isn’t an easy task or several individuals might not prefer it, you can still keep a catbird deterrent.

This product is basically a model with a cat sitting in a crouching position. The same resemblance is enough for scaring the hell out of birds but still keeping the aesthetics of your boat intact.

You can easily mount and dismount this device. However, the cat is both UV resistant and weatherproof.

The best part is that its head and tail move with the wind, enough for scaring the birds away. This fake cat to scare birds is definitely going to help bird owners.

XPCARE Scare Tape

On the household front, scare tape is well known for its efficiency in deterring birds. However, this product is another level of excellence when it comes to usage on boats.

This tape will keep reflecting the light upon hanging it somewhere high on the boat. It will further ensure that no bird even flies around or above your boat. All you need to do is simply cut long strips from the tape and hang them anywhere in your boat.

The best part is that these huge tape roles are normally below $10 dollar, so even if you change them often, they will still stick for long.

Thanos Solar Power Cat Repeller Ultrasonic Animal Repellent

This Thanos device uses a mixture of ultrasonic and powerful flashing LED strobe lights for keeping birds away from your boat.

Upon sensing, birds or other animals generate ultrasonic waves and deter those feathery away.

However, it isn’t harmful in any way for either birds or humans. It is basically a battery-operated device that uses solar energy to charge/ refill its battery.

Or, on heavily clouded or rainy days, you can even charge it using the adaptor. The device is designed for digging into sand/ mud, but you can also plant it in your boat.

Bonide (BND238) – Repels-All Ready to Use Animal Repellent

While you spray this repellent on your boat, birds will leave the idea of even flying close by.

This bird repellent spray is a unique blend of ingredients that cause irritation to the bird’s nasal passage.

And even if the bird tries tasting the repellent, it will leave the boat without wasting a second.

For using it, simply mix the repellent with water and spray it nicely on your boat.

Use is prominently on the parts where birds often come and sit. You may require to re-spray it within certain intervals.

NOTE: Though the product isn’t poisonous for humans, its smell at times may feel harsh.

Plastic Owl Scarecrow Sculpture with Rotating Head

Birds generally stay away from places that are dominant with owls. As for petting, an owl isn’t very fascinating; you can definitely use an owl sculpture.

For using it, simply fill it with sand and plant it anywhere on your boat. Consider planting at least two or more such devices for more effective results.

The best part is with wind; the owl’s head rotates, making it look quite real. It is definitely one of the best bird scarers for boats.

How to keep birds off pontoon boats?

For keeping birds off pontoon boats, use one of the several bird repelling devices. Apart from the products in the list above, another best recommendation is the Scaregull, Humane Seagull, and Bird Scarer.

This unique product keeps birds off pontoons and is also environmentally and bird safe. It doesn’t harm birds but simply keeps them from landing on the boat.

Depending upon the size of your pontoon boat, consider planting 2, 3, or multiple scaregull bird scarers.

How to use fishing lines to keep birds away?

Using a fishing line for deterring birds isn’t just effective but inexpensive as well. According to several boat owners, they simply run the fishing line in a criss-cross and zig-zag pattern right over their boat.

As birds find it annoying when something impediment to their flying, they start looking for a different place.

Besides that, the fishing line stuck around the boat too helps in keeping birds away.

Wrapping up…

Keeping your boat safe from birds doesn’t just ensure its cleanliness but good hygiene as well. Instead of dealing with the sticky and smelling mess, always invest beforehand in a bird deterring device.

Take recommendations from the options above, and rest assured. A lot of them require one-off installation with simple steps, and you are good to go for several months or about a year.

Along with that, we also recommend you wax coat your boat. This won’t help in deterring the birds but will definitely save them from the after stains of bird droppings.

Remember, bird dropping is highly acidic, and even after cleaning, it can leave behind hard stains.