Why Do Finches Puff Up? (What Are The Possible Reasons)

Why Do Finches Puff Up? (What Are The Possible Reasons)

During cold winters, like other birds, finches also warm the air between its feather with the help of their body heat.

By fluffing up during the cold season, they trap maximum air between their feathers and stay warm.

However, if the outdoors is not cold or you have maintained the required room temperature and still see your pet bird puffing up, it surely needs your attention.

So, you must find out if your pet finch is puffed up due to some issue?

Yes. Finches puff up if they are unwell. Unlike humans, birds don’t shiver if they are cold. Instead, they fluff up their feathers to trap body heat to stay warm. But if your pet bird stays puffed up for too long even at ideal room temperature, it indicates being unwell and needs your attention.

Alright! Now that you know, finches puff up when they feel uncomfortable due to cold or being ill. Let us also further explore what it means when your pet finch is puffed up or fluffed up.

Why finches puffs up

What Does It Mean When A Finch Is Puffed Up?

Puffing up or fluffing up can have a different meaning. Sometimes, it can be out of behavior to indicate certain things, but otherwise, it may be to indicate discomfort caused due to variation in outdoor or indoor conditions. Finally, it may also be a result of some health issues.

Let us find out what it means when your pet finch puffs up.

  • Cold: It common among birds to puff up when the temperature is cold. It helps them stay warm, as the feathers work like thermal insulators, trapping the warm air generated through body heat.
  • Heat: Birds can adapt to the variation in the temperature to a certain extent. But exposure to increasing temperature or warmer conditions can be stressful and result in fluffing up and spread their wings to catch some cool breeze.
  • Fever: The ideal room temperature is between 65°F – 70°F (18°C – 21°C). If you notice your pet bird puffed up and lethargic most of the time during the day, it may indicate that your pet finch has a fever and needs medical assistance.
  • Relax: Finches also puff up when they want to relax or sleep. It helps them stay warm through the night and get some sound sleep.
  • Upset: Some pet owners have also noticed their birds puff up when they feel discomfort or upset about something. It is important to pay attention as they may need your help.
  • Egg bound: If your pet finch is egg bound, it may have fluffed-up feathers. To be egg-bound means taking longer than normal to pass out an egg from the reproductive tract. Your immediate action is necessary as any delay can also result in death.

Oops! This is a little tricky as puffing or fluffing up can have different meanings. It is essential that as pet owners, you can understand the situation and take timely action. Let us also check out why do zebra finches puff up?

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Why Do Zebra Finches Puff Up?

Zebra finches are active and social in nature. They get along well with their cage mates and are chirping, chattering, and flying around the aviary. If the climate is too cold, you may see your pet zebra finch fluffed up to stay warm. In warm weather, too, they are fluffed up with elevated wings to catch some breeze.

Besides climate variation, there are numerous other reasons. Paying attention to their signals will help you to understand if there is any problem.

It is possible your pet finch may be under the weather or feeling malnourished and shows signs of lethargy most of the time.

At the same time, if your pet finch has been laying eggs and lately has stopped laying eggs but remains fluffed up all the time. It would be best to take it to an avian vet as there can be a medical issue.

Alright! Now you know that can be several reasons that may lead your pet zebra finch to puff up or fluff up.

Let us also find out if there is any way to determine whether your pet finch is puffed up due to weather conditions or there is something else that is bothering it?

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How To Make Sure Your Finches Remain Healthy?

You have to ensure that the room temperature is ideal for the pet bird. Depending on the climate, in an outdoor aviary, make necessary arrangements to maintain temperature conducive for your pet bird.

The indoor aviary should be big enough for the bird to fly around. Finches do not walk. They either hop or fly from one place to another.

Besides a nutritious diet, you may install toys, perches, and swings so your pet finches can engage in physical activities.

Looks easy, but you need to keep an eye on their activities. If you observe any indifferent behavior which indicates being unwell, take your pet bird to an avian vet.

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Points To Remember

Finches may puff up or fluff up mostly to keep themselves warm or catch some breeze depending upon the weather around them.

There are numerous other reasons like feeling weak and being under the weather that may fluff up.

Maintaining ideal conditions, providing nutritious food, and keeping them playful will improve your pet bird’s health.

As a pet owner, you need to be alert and notice signs of sickness or indifferent behavior to ensure your pet finches are well protected.