Do Finches Have Ears? (Do Finches Have Good Hearing)

Do Finches Have Ears? (Do Finches Have Good Hearing)

Birds have a well-developed sense of hearing. Birds’ ears are razor-sharp and can precisely locate the source of the sound.

Although bird’s ears are covered with feathers and are invisible, they have an excellent hearing capability that can detect shorter and lower sounds better than humans.

So, just like all birds, do finches have excellent hearing capability?

Yes. Finches have ears with excellent hearing capability. Unlike humans, finches can detect soft and shorter frequency sounds coming from different elevations. Finches can distinguish vocals of other mates. They can easily recognize the voice of their pet owners and happily respond to their calls.

Alright! So, finches have ears. However, we are unable to see their ear structure as feathers cover them. Let’s explore their ear’s location and whether, like humans, they also have a pair of ears.

do finches have ears

Do Finches Have A Pair Of Ears?

Like humans, finches also have a pair of ears. However, they are invisible as they are covered under feathers. Having a pair of ears increases the hearing range from 180 to 360 degrees.

Humans have an external ear structure that directs sound inside their ears, which helps find the direction of the sound. On the other hand, finches do not have an external ear structure; they do not depend on locating the sound source.

Although external ear structure is missing in finches, they still have an outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear.

Like all bird types, Finches have funnel-shaped ear openings on either side of their heads that are typically placed right behind and just below the eyes, according to BirdNote.

Now that you know, finches have pair of ears and how it enhances the bird’s hearing capacity.

Let’s also try to figure out their hearing quality. Like most birds, do finches have good hearing?

Do Finches Have Good Hearing?

Most birds have good hearing. So, finches are no exception. They have well-developed hearing senses and can hear noise from a long distance.

As discussed earlier, they can also hear soft, and low-frequency sounds better than humans.

Let’s dive deeper to understand how good their hearing senses are.

  • Different elevation: The hearing senses of finches are so well-developed that they not only can precisely identify the source of the sound but also quickly determine whether the sound is coming from above them, below them, or at the same level.
  • More comprehensive range: Excellent hearing senses allow finches to hear a broader range of sounds than humans. Finches hearing has better precision than human hearing, which means they can listen to much more detail than humans.
  • Doing other activities: Like most birds, the finch’s ears are covered by feathers that protect them from turbulence while flying but still allowing the bird to hear. The well-developed ears of birds have a part that enables them to hear precise sounds, while other parts can control the bird’s equilibrium when it is standing, hoping, swimming, or flying.
  • Distinguish vocals: Identifying and distinguishing vocals is typical among humans. However, zebra finches also can do fast mapping, just like humans. Zebra finches can distinguish vocals of other finches, which they do with little exposure and manage to retain for at least a month, as per a report in Science Advances.

Now that you about the hearing capabilities of finches, it will be incorrect to compare avian hearing to that of mammals, with humans in particular.

Birds are way ahead of us in using their hearing senses. However, certain things like continuous exposure to loud sounds are detrimental to human hearing and can incite damage even to bird’s hearing.

So, let’s explore further to understand by any chance can finches lose their hearing senses?

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Can Finches Lose Their Hearing Senses?

We have already learned earlier that finches have excellent hearing capability. However, it is also true like most birds; finches also have hearing sensitivities. Continuous exposure to loud noise or trauma may damage the hearing senses of finches.

Although in humans, once the sensory hair cells inside the inner ear that aid hearing is damaged, it’s almost impossible to reverse it. However, in amphibians, birds, and reptiles, these damaged cells can grow back, according to Standford Medicine.

So, finches and other birds can never permanently lose their hearing senses due to the reproduction of the damaged cell.

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Parting Thoughts

Finches have well-developed hearing senses. Feathers cover their ears. Finches can hear sounds from a distance and precisely move towards the source of the sound.

Finches can easily hear sounds coming from different elevations. They are capable of distinguishing as well as remembering the vocals of their fellow finches.

Finches hearing cells may get damaged due to loud noise or trauma, but like most birds, their damaged cells will regrow and recover their hearing senses.