Do Zebra Finches Smell Bad? + Are Zebra Finches Messy Birds?

Do Zebra Finches Smell Bad? + Are Zebra Finches Messy Birds?

Zebra finches are beautiful birds. Many bird lovers want to bring them home as pet birds. Their color pattern is very soothing to the eyes. Zebra finches are vocal, although only the male sings. Female finches just make “meep” sounds.

Zebra finches are very easygoing and don’t need much handling. However, besides having excellent qualities, people also have a concern about them.

They want to know if the bird stinks, leading to a particularly unpleasant smell in their house. So, let’s find out whether zebra finches smell bad?

No. Zebra finches are not smelly. However, their poop can stink really bad. By regularly cleaning and disinfecting the birdcage, you can get rid of the odor.

Proper maintenance and regular visits to an avian vet ensure your zebra finches remain healthy and don’t discharge any unpleasant smell.

So, zebra finches are not smelly. However, an untidy birdcage littered with bird poop and left-over food will start to stink. Let’s delve deeper to find out the reasons why your pet zebra finches or their cage smell terrible.

Do zebra finches smell bad

Why Do Zebra Finches Or Their Cage Smell Terrible?

Like other birds, zebra finches are not smelly birds. However, an unhealthy bird can have an unpleasant body odor.

In most cases, the stench in the house or area surrounding the finch cage may attribute to your finch cage’s dirty condition that releases a foul smell due to poor hygiene.

Now let’s look at various reasons that can result in foul odor emitting from your pet birds or their finch cage.

  • Infection to your bird: If your pet bird is unhealthy or has an untreated wound, it can lead to an infection. Such a condition may result in a weird dirty stench that arises from anaerobic bacteria’s metabolic process.
  • Bird poop & litter: Bird poop and left-over food in your finch cage can definitely create a foul smell. Continuous exposure to such filthy conditions will make your pet finches sick and stinky. Smelly poop hints towards digestive infection and needs an immediate visit to your avian vet.
  • Irregular cage washing: This has a relation to the earlier point. Suppose you have cleaned the bird poop and other litter from the birdcage. However, if there is no cage washing, it will result in your finch cage emitting stench. Prolonged exposure of your zebra finches to such filthy conditions can be detrimental to their health, as it may lead to infection.
  • Soiled cage floor: Wet cage floor can allow the growth of various fungi, molds, and mildews. As mold grows, it emits gases that can be stinky and harmful to the pet finches living in the cage and others living in the household.
  • Damage toys and perches: As a pet owner, you may install various toys and perches in your finch cage to improve its look. However, damaged toys and perches can hurt or injure your pet finches, leading to infection resulting in a foul smell from your pet bird.

Now that you know why your pet zebra finches or their finch cage may stink. Let’s also find out what precautions you must take to maintain proper hygiene.

Precautions To Keep Your Finch Cage Clean And Odorless?

Hygiene is paramount, and your pet birds need hygienic living conditions. Bad sanitation may lead to unlivable conditions for your pet birds and to others living in the household.

Therefore, for your bird’s well-being, you must ensure proper sanitary conditions.

Let us explore and understand the necessary precautions every pet owner must take to maintain cleanliness.

  • A regular check-up with an avian vet: To monitor your zebra finch’s health, conduct a routine check-up with your avian vet for timely treatment of any wound or infection. Healthy pet finches will not discharge any faulty smell and attract your family members and visitors.
  • Clean and tidy cage: A clean and litter-free cage is definitely great for both the house and for the zebra finches living in the cage. It definitely needs a lot of effort, but it’s worth it for your pet birds.
  • Regular cage washing: Wash the birdcage, perches, toys, and other accessories inside the cage with warm foamy water. You may use a non-toxic cleaner to wash the cage; after cleaning, rinse off the soap thoroughly.
  • Disinfect the cage: Keeping the birdcage to dry in sunlight is a natural way to disinfect. You may also clean and rinse the cage and perches with bleach water regularly to disinfect. However, please keep your pet zebra finches in a separate room, as bleach fumes can be fatal to the birds.
  • Dry cage floor: Use a newspaper as bedding on the cage floor. It will absorb moisture and prevent the growth of fungus, molds, and mildew. The absence of mold and fungus will ensure there is no stench in the finch cage.
  • Replace damaged toys and perches: Regularly monitor for any signs of damage to toys and perches in your finch. Finches like to fly around the cage. By replacing damaged accessories, you will ensure your pet bird’s safety.

Besides all the above points, also ensure there is no dust and feathers all over the house. The dust can cause breathing problems, which may impact your health.

Now that you know the importance of proper sanitation for your pet finch’s well-being, we must also find out whether, in general, do zebra finches create a lot of mess.

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Are Zebra Finches Messy?

Zebra finches are attractive, vocal, and quite engaging birds. Zebra finches, especially male finches, are great singers. Pet owners enjoy their presence and therefore are an excellent pick for both beginners and experienced bird owners.

They are very active and like to chirp and tweet throughout the day. However, zebra finches are quite messy. Like other finches, zebra finches need regular feeding and cleaning.

Unlike parrots or cockatiels that walk and climb, zebra Finches need a large birdcage as they like to fly around the cage.

They also need ample natural light around their birdcage, with toys and perches that can keep them playful all through the daytime.

Now that you know, like most birds, zebra finches too are quite messy. Let’s try and find out if you can train zebra finches for doing certain activities.

Can You Train Your Zebra Finches?

Like other finches, zebra finches also love to engage with their cage mates. They exhibit affection, warmth, and bonding with other finches.

However, they do not crave their owner’s love and attention. They are happy to remain connected with their cage mates and dislike being handled by humans.

Therefore, it isn’t easy to train a bird that does not like to be handled or connect with its owner.

It may take more time and an extraordinary effort to befriend zebra finches than other birds for their pet owner.

Once they connect with you and allow handling, it will become easy for you to train them.

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Zebra finches are not smelly birds. However, their poop, along with litter and wet cage floor, can discharge a horrible odor and may make your pet bird smelly.

As pet owners, you are responsible for proper sanitation. A regular check-up with an avian pet is necessary to ensure the bird’s health. Monitor for any damage to the birdcage to keep your bird free from any injury.