Do Lovebirds And Parakeets Get Along? 3 Pros and Cons

Do Lovebirds And Parakeets Get Along

If you are one of the people who love keeping different bird species in an Aviary, you might be thinking about lovebirds and Parakeets. Lovebirds and Parakeets are among the most popular smaller birds that you can keep as pets and are of low maintenance.

Whether you want to keep parakeets, finches, or lovebirds, each bird species will have its own different needs, characteristics, and temperament. If you’re going to diversify the species in an Aviary and keep multiple birds, you need to understand what Birds don’t get along with.

In this article, I will answer the question: do love birds and parakeets get along? Suppose you want to keep parakeets and lovebirds together but don’t know the requirements for keeping them happy and healthy.

The consequences may not be as expected. Therefore, before you devote a large area of your home to bird Aviary, you need to know whether Parakeets and lovebirds can coexist.

Do Lovebirds And Parakeets Get Along?

do lovebirds and parakeets get along
do lovebirds and parakeets get along

Lovebirds being love birds, tend to be very aggressive towards other species. Parakeets and lovebirds are less likely to get along. And it is not recommended to keep them in a small room together. In a vast area, they may live but will not appreciate building companionship with other species.

Can Lovebirds And Parakeets Be In The Same Cage?

No, lovebirds and parakeets should never be housed together in the same Aviary. Both species have different characteristics and temperaments. Parakeets are very friendly and docile, whereas lovebirds are active and aggressive.

It is never recommended to keep them together as bullying and territorial fights may occur. Very often, you will notice your lovebirds bullying your parakeet. You should also avoid keeping parakeets with more giant Birds and parakeets.

On the other hand, Parakeets are very territorial and can get provoked due to a sudden addition of a lovebird pair.

Are Parakeets And Lovebirds The Same?

Even Parakeets and lovebirds are of smaller size, both the species are different. Both species have different temperament, characteristics, and behavioral patterns.

Lovebirds are dominant, active, and aggressive, whereas parakeets are energetic, playful, social, and docile birds. Hence, Parakeets can also be bold and territorial if they feel like doing so. Let’s talk about why not to keep parakeets and lovebirds together.

Why Not Keep Them Together?

why not keep them together
why not keep them together

Lovebirds Are Extremely Aggressive.

It is common to notice aggression in bird species like lovebirds. They are never looking to get along with other species of birds. These tiny birds are very territorial and can be aggressive if they like doing so.

Even Parakeets are territorial and aggressive; lovebirds can easily overpower the docile parakeet. They are known to attack by nipping other bird species’ feet and bodies. Adding to that, lovebirds can become extremely hormonal and jealous in the mating season.

Lovebirds also have a pattern to attack other lovebirds in the breeding season. Keeping lovebirds with Parakeets might not work well. The notorious behavior and meanness make the lovebird better to keep in a separate cage. Adding to that, when a lovebird is annoyed, they bite extremely hard. Training a lovebird is also a quiet challenge.

Lovebirds Are Extremely Active. 

No matter the species, each bird needs enough space in the Aviary to jump, spread its wings, and play freely. If you are thinking of keeping parakeets with lovebirds in the same place, you might also have to consider some space to add hidings and perches.

Lovebirds have never been recommended for keeping with cockatiels, parakeets, and other known docile Birds. If you still want to keep them together, you might need a completely new large room because an Aviary will be too small for the Parakeets to escape a sudden territorial attack.

Lovebirds are very energetic and can exercise in any corner of their home without wanting to feel crowded. When keeping these two species together, a territory problem will arise, leading to sudden fights and attacks, which could even injure one of your Birds.

Lovebirds Don’t Like Human Companionship Whereas Parakeets do. 

Parakeets are Social and birds who love being handled as well. If they are adequately trained, they can mimic many words. Parakeets are known to be talkative. On the other hand, love birds can be extremely loud and annoying to your neighbors.

A lovebird will not like pairing with any other species than its own, and it might not be as easy to handle the lovebirds as it would enjoy with Parakeets. If you want to devote some time to spend with Birds, you can get another parakeet instead.

You also try cockatiels as they can get along with parakeets. We have shared a comprehensive guide on the question: Can Parakeets And Cockatiels Get Along.

Both Species Are Extremely Noisy. 

As we already know, parakeets can speak human words there and are also highly vocal. Lovebirds are thought to be the same in terms of sound. Even lovebirds can not talk as well as other parakeets, and they can mimic sounds like whistling, telephone, and doorbell.

Adding to that, keeping them together even in a separate cage but in the same room can exhibit noises that may be annoying for your family and neighbors. It is expected to notice them engaging in a screaming match to catch your attention.

This engagement can also develop into a fight. If you want to avoid such problems in your house, keep each bird in a different cage to pet and watch each other from a distance.

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Love birds and Parakeets both make excellent pets, but it is challenging to keep them in one cage due to their distinct personality and temperament. Both are smaller birds but highly active, and you need enough space to offer them to flap their wings, play, and run around without losing the territory.

If you want to keep these two different species together, you should consider getting a large Aviary for each species’ peaceful coexistence.