What Do Parrotlets Eat? 21 Safe Fruits & Vegetables

What Do Parrotlets Eat

Parrotlets are one of the most popular pet birds across the globe. They are just a little smaller than Parakeets and are fairly easy to take care of.

They have some vulnerabilities with some foods, but their diet can be balanced easily if you know what parrotlets eat? In this article, we will answer the following questions: what can parrots eat? Best fruits for parrotlets, and what vegetables can parrotlets eat?

If you are looking for one of these answers, you have ended up in the excellent article as we are answering this question in detail but in an easy-to-read format.

What Do Parrotlets Eat?

Parrotlets can eat a mix of pellets, seeds of vegetables, nuts and legumes, and fruits. All this variety plays an important role in providing nutrients in some way or the other. These foods help your parrotlets gain the energy they need throughout the day and the benefits of essential vitamins and minerals on their body for longevity.

However, there are some dangerous foods that you should avoid feeding to parrotlet, but we will talk about those in the rest of this article. As a general idea, you should avoid feeding any human-grade food to your pet parrotlets, no matter how interesting they might be enabling it.

Plus, a little can go a long way when it comes to the ideal parrotlet diet. So, small amounts of everything will make a varied but healthy diet for parrotlets. Let’s talk about what parrotlets can eat in depth.

What Can Parrotlets Eat?

What Can Parrotlets Eat?
What Can Parrotlets Eat?

Here, we will find out what nuts parrotlets can eat? We will also take a quick look at the following questions: what fruits can parrotlets eat? & best vegetables for parrotlets.

Best Fruits For Parrotlets

There are many fruits, but you should make sure they are completely safe for parrotlets to eat before offering one. You should avoid those fruits that might cause digestive imbalance or be dangerous to your parrotlet. Some fruits tend to be high in sugar content, while some contain pesticides.

You should get organic fruits from the store or, if possible, from the farmer directly. Avoid feeding too many fruits to your parrotlet as fruit should amount to just around 5+10% of their daily intake. Here is the list of safe fruits you can give to your parrotlet.

Best Fruits For ParrotletsNote
Star fruit Birds with kidney problems should avoid star fruits 
Asaki melonSeeds are safe
Passion fruit Remove rind
PomegranateRemove rind
Casaba melonSeeds are safe
Fig Seeds are safe
GrapeSeeds are safe
Hami melonSeeds are safe
AppleRemove seeds. Seeds contain cyanide
PlumsRemove pit
PapayaSeeds are safe
Date Seeds are safe
PeachRemove pit and skin
DragonfruitSeeds are safe
KiwiRemove peel
Safe Fruits For Parrotlets

Best Vegetables For Parrotlets

It has become one of the safest types of parrotlets food you can go with when it comes to vegetables. Being low in sugar, most leafy greens are recommended for parrotlets. However, make sure to buy organic ones with no pesticides.

Most of the leafy greens contain large amounts of pesticides. Always do your research before adding any new type of vegetable to your parrotlet diet. Here are some safe veggies you can offer to your parrotlet anytime to eat. Ensure that the vegetable is only taking 15 to 20% off your parrotlet’s overall diet.

Best Vegetables For ParrotletsNote
Chili padi
Seeds are safe to eat.
Bell pepper Seeds are safe
Brussels sprouts Best to encourage foraging behavior
ArtichokeBest to encourage foraging behavior
Green beans Best to encourage foraging behavior
Cabbage Safe
Collard greens Safe
Swiss chard Best fo for picky eaters
Radish Safe
Pumpkin Seeds are safe
Sweet potato Safe
CornAvoid processed corn
Parsnip Safe
Safe Vegetables For Parrotlets

Best Nuts For Parrotlets

When you are out of pellets and seeds, you can also give nuts to parrotlets. Nuts being high in many nutrients like antioxidants and omega-3 essential fatty acids, it is healthy if given in moderation to parrotlet.

Here’s a list of safe nuts to give to your parakeets.

Dry Or Soaked (Both Can Be Given) Note
Walnuts Dry Or Soaked (Both Can Be Given)
PistachiosGood As Low In Fat
Pecan nuts Dry Or Soaked (Both Can Be Given)
Pine nuts Dry Or Soaked (Both Can Be Given)
HazelnutsHigh In Protein
Brazil nuts Dry Or Soaked (Both Can Be Given)
Cashew nuts Dry Or Soaked (Both Can Be Given)
Almondssoak for 8-12 hours
Macadamia nuts High In Fat
Dry Or Soaked (Both Can Be Given)

You can also select a premade nut mix for parrotlets, which you can use as a treat when training them.

Best Treat For Parrotlet (Extra Rich In Fruits, Nuts & Vegetables)

Vitakraft Fruit Cocktail Parrot & Cockatiel Treat

Whether you are trying to reward your parrotlet or want to have one with balanced nuts and nutritional content, you’ll have everything with this one. This treat comes very handy in rewarding your parrotlet and training them also. It has been made using 11 easy-to-pronounce nutritional ingredients. It is high in vitamins and minerals as it contains dehydrated pineapples, banana, coconut, carrots, whole peanuts, and raw pepper. Just like any treat, keep an eye on the portion size as you don’t want to over-treat your parrotlet. Too much of this treat means risk ruining its appetite.

Balanced Parrotlet Diet

Parrotlets are adaptable to new foods, but they can’t handle a diet that’s too reach in something or lacking in something else. This means that your parrotlet needs a well-balanced diet. It would help if you never fed your parrotlet with seeds or pellets exclusively. In The Wild, parrotlets feed on seeds, insects, vegetable blossoms, and many such plant matter. So a varied diet works best for parrotlets’ health. Avoid feeding too much seed as it contains too much fat. Parrotlets are always at risk of developing obesity. Adding to that, pellets alone can’t stimulate your parrotlet digestion enough. Plus, pellets can also cause liver or kidney problems as a sole food. It can even lead your parrotlets to a digestive imbalance in general. So, what should parrotlet eat besides seed? Here is an example: watch the so-called best food for parrotlets.

WhatWhen How Much
Legumes & Seed MixDaily5%
Fresh WaterDaily
TreatsOnce A Month In Moderation.

What Can Parrotlets Not Eat?

What Can Parrotlets Not Eat?
What Can Parrotlets Not Eat?

Many human-grade foods should never be given to parrotlets. Apart from this, a few fruits and vegetables must be avoided as they contain toxic elements for birds. Here are a few foods that humans love but should never be offered to parrotlets because of potential toxicity.

Interesting Further Reading

9 Toxic Food For Parrotlet

  1. Fruit Seeds/Pits
  2. Meat
  3. Avocado
  4. Dairy Products
  5. Pasta
  6. Alcohol
  7. Cassava
  8. Chocolate
  9. Bread (No Value)