Cost Of Ownership: How Much Do Parakeet Cost?

Parakeet Cost Of Ownership

Before you decide to buy one or two Parakeets and start taking responsibility, you must consider a few things: the cost. Let us find out the total cost of owning a parakeet. Usually, parakeets are affordable and can be bought by anyone. In most pet stores, purchasing a pair would cost you anything around $45 to $80. (Although prices may vary from store to store).

How Much Does Parakeet Cost?

Other than that, you also need to invest in other things like monthly foods, cage, and cage accessories. ( A large-sized spacious cage would cost around $80-$120, whereas you may have to invest $40-$50 on the cage accessories and food items).

How Much Do Parakeets Cost At Petco?

Parakeets are very social and colorful birds. However, buying a Parakeet requires you to be responsible and dedicate your time to take proper care of them. You will mostly find monk parakeets, green parakeets, fancy parakeets, and blue parakeets at Petco. Most of these parakeets cost around $26 at Petco.

How Much Do Parakeets Cost At Petsmart?

Parakeets are social birds that can be a great companion for many pet owners. These brightly-colored birds are usually very affordable to buy. However, some species may be expensive (such as monk parakeets) due to their popularity. In general, parakeets at PetSmart would cost up to $40, depending upon the breeder.

How Much Does A Tamed Parakeet Cost?

Buying a Parakeet has more to do with regular care and interaction. These colorful birds can perform a few tricks or mimic numerous sounds. A parakeet usually costs from $26-$50. But if you are planning to buy a tame parakeet, that might cost you up to $90.

Parakeet Cost Of Ownership

parakeet cost of ownership
parakeet cost of ownership

How Much Does It Cost To Take A Parakeet To The Vet?

It would help if you remembered that all pets need to be taken to the nearby vet for initial and yearly checkups. These checkups are essential to diagnose and treat any severe disease. Also, the nails and feathers of these little birds need to be trimmed early on by an avian pet, which makes the taming process simpler.

Usually, a visit to an avian pet would cost something like $30-$60 per pet bird. You are expected to pay a little more (sometimes exceeding $100), and this cost may vary from one vet to another.

Getting to know about your bird’s behavior and learning other health tips for your Parakeet can only be attained from your nearby avian vet. So make sure you take your pet bird to the vet for regular checkups and follow the recommendations to ensure complete health care and safety of him.

How Much Does It Cost To Own A Parakeet?

Parakeets are an excellent choice for pet owners who love to interact more with their pets. Owners must take proper care of these little birds as they hate being ignored. Usually, larger birds like parakeets are expensive (most of them exceed $100).

Buying a parakeet is not that expensive ( a single parakeet would cost around $25-$50). However, there are other costs (around $200) associated with this purchase ( like the cost of a cage, monthly foods, accessories, toys, checkups). You can expect the overall cost to be anywhere near $225-$250.

How Much Does It Cost For A Parakeet Checkup?

Just like any other pet, your Parakeet also needs regular checkups from an avian vet. This is an essential step that should not be taken lightly. Also, an initial visit to the vet is required to trim its feathers and nails for proper taming. The average cost of an annual checkup is somewhere around $25-$50. You may also need to pay an extra hundred dollars or even more for diagnosis and treatment.

How Much Does A Parakeet Cage Cost?

If you decide to purchase a Parakeet, you must consider buying all the necessities like monthly foods, perches and toys, and a cage. Ensure that the pen is large-sized and has enough space for your pet bird to move freely. Usually, a good-quality cell can be bought for $50-$220, depending upon your budget.

How Much Does A Parakeet Cage Cost At Petco?

Getting your pet bird a spacious cage is extremely important. If you plan to buy a good quality, big cage for your little friend, you may get various options to choose from at Petco. Purchasing a pen from Petco would cost you anywhere between $39 and $90.

How Much Does A Parakeet Cage Cost At Petsmart?

Buying a large-sized and good-quality cage for your cute little Parakeet is an important step, and you should never compromise on the quality of the cell and must always look for the more spacious one. In general, the parakeet cage at PetSmart can be bought at a price range of $30-$250.

How Much Does A Parakeet Food Cost On An Average?

Parakeets are considered quite budget-friendly in terms of their monthly food costs. Usually, a small-sized bag of parakeet food( weighing around 4-5 pounds) would cost you up to $15. You can also choose to buy a large-sized food bag (about 25 pounds), which would cost at least $26. The price may vary from store to store depending upon the overall quality and ingredients of the food.

How Much Does A Parakeet Food Cost At Petco?

If you choose to buy food for your little parakeet friend from Petco, you won’t be disappointed as there are varieties of foods you will get on a reasonable budget. These good-quality food packets would cost you from $6 to $20, and you will also get some premium options at a price exceeding $50.

How Much Does A Parakeet Food Cost At Petsmart?

Buying good-quality, nutritious food packets for your Parakeet is extremely important. It would help if you made sure that your little friend is never deficient in the essential nutrients and gets the best food to eat regularly. Most good-quality parakeet food at PetSmart can be bought for around $8 to $100, depending upon the quantity and the quality of the food.

Parakeet Price List

parakeet price list
parakeet price list

How Much Does A Pink Parakeet Cost?

Pink parakeets, also known as Bourke parakeets, are small, colorful birds, and they are known for their sweet and calm nature. Though most parakeets can be bought at a budget-friendly cost, pink parakeets are usually purchased at a price range of $160- $600. This price range depends on the breeder and the color of the Parakeet.

How Much Does A Blue Parakeet Cost At Petsmart?

Blue parakeets are intelligent and colorful birds that can be an excellent choice for many pet owners. But how much would a blue parakeet cost at PetSmart? These parakeets can be bought within the price range of $20 from PetSmart. In most cases, you will only get an in-store option, which means you have to visit the store to buy these Parakeets.

How Much Does A Monk Parakeet Cost?

Monk parakeets are loud and talkative birds, and they love to play a lot and may sometimes get a bit aggressive with their toys. Usually, monk parakeets are pretty expensive compared to other budget-friendly parakeets, and they may cost you anywhere between $260-$1200. The price may vary based on how widespread the breeder is and how the bird was tamed.

How Much Does A Yellow Parakeet Cost?

A yellow parakeet, just like many other parakeets, is quite affordable to buy and keep as a pet. These little birds are social and playful, and they demand a lot of your care and attention. Most yellow parakeets can easily be purchased at a price range of $25-$60, which is a cost-effective deal for many pet owners.

How Much Does A Mustache Parakeet Cost?

Unlike other parakeets, Mustache Parakeets are expensive to buy and keep as pets. These birds are pretty talkative and social. Mustache Parakeets can cost you anywhere around $260-$600. Some of their cost may even exceed $1000 depending upon the breeder and the training of these parakeets. So, if you want to purchase one for yourself, stay prepared to stretch your budget a little more.

How Much Does A Canary Winged Parakeet Cost?

Canary-winged Parakeets, also called White-Winged Parakeets, are interactive birds and are mostly known for their gentle temperament. They are often called playful and affectionate birds by their owners. These parakeets are usually expensive, and most online breeders would ask you to pay around $500-$900 for purchasing one canary-winged Parakeet. Of course, the prices may vary depending upon the breeder.

How Much Does A Green Parakeet Cost?

Green Parakeets, just like other Parakeets, are colorful and social birds, and they love to play and interact with each other and with their owners. These parakeets are also very budget-friendly and won’t require you to spend a whopping amount on their purchase. One green Parakeet would be available for sale at $25-$40.

How Much Does A Ringneck Parakeet Cost?

Ringneck Parakeets (also called Indian ringneck parakeets or rose-ringed parakeets) are charming and talkative birds that love to spend a lot of time playing or interacting with their owners. These parakeets are also a bit expensive and may cost you up to $500, and some of the exotic mutations of these parakeets might be more expensive.

How Much Does A Bourke Parakeet Cost?

Bourke Parakeets are quiet little birds and are known for their pleasant chirping. Also, they are the only species of their genus. They usually engage a lot with their pet owners. Most Bourke Parakeets will be priced around $120-$350. The breeder’s popularity and the bird’s coloration determine the price you pay for these parakeets.

How Much Does A Fancy Parakeet Cost At Petco?

Fancy Parakeets are small, intelligent, and colorful birds, and they are very social and eat a lot of seeds, vegetables, and fruits. Most of these Parakeets can be found within the range of $50 at Petco (for a single parakeet). However, you may have to opt for in-store shopping as online purchases may be unavailable in some cases.

How Much Does A Albino Parakeet Cost?

Albino Parakeets are beautiful white birds rare to find in the market. These parakeets are also very social, and they demand a lot of care and love from their pet owners. Usually, you will get them at the $26-$50 price range. However, due to their rarity, some breeders may charge you up to $200.

How Much Does A Blue Crowned Parakeet Cost?

Blue Crowned Parakeets are small, beautiful birds. These parakeets are usually calmer than many other Parakeets and very playful. As they are among the most popular parakeets globally, most blue-crowned parakeets are pretty expensive to buy. You may have to pay up to $650 to buy a blue-crowned parakeet, and some of them may even cost you more than $3000.

How Much Does A Plum Headed Parakeet Cost?

Plum-headed parakeets are colorful, social, and medium-sized birds comparatively less demanding than other Parakeet species. These parakeets are expensive to buy and may cost you anywhere between $500 to $1000. This price variation mainly depends upon the breeder, coloration, and the way the Parakeet has been trained.

How Much Does A Plain Headed Parakeet Cost?

Plain-headed parakeets are friendly, playful, and active birds. They have the most extended tail and are not as brightly colored as the other Parakeets, and these parakeets have a lifespan. Most plain-headed parakeets can be bought at a decent price ranging from $40-$120, which is not too expensive for pet owners.

How Much Does A Purple Headed Parakeet Cost?

Purple-Headed parakeets are medium-sized, beautiful, and social birds. These birds are considered calm and less aggressive, and they form a good bond with their pet owners. These parakeets are pretty expensive to purchase and can be bought at a price range of $550-$1000 depending upon the breeder and taming of the bird.

How Much Does A Quaker Parakeet Cost?

Quaker parakeets (also called monk parakeets) are beautiful and talkative birds. These parakeets are very popular and are great at mimicking human voices. On average, a good-quality Quaker parakeet can be priced anywhere between $300-$800. The rarer ones (like the blue Quaker parakeets) would usually cost you a little higher than $650.

How Much Does A Sun Parakeet Cost?

Sun Parakeets are one of the most colorful, medium-sized, playful birds, and they are considered one of the loudest species of Parakeets. These parakeets are costly due to their popularity and demand, and an adult sun parakeet would usually cost you around $450-$700. Some breeders may also charge you a little more than this price range.


Parakeets are very interactive and colorful birds and can be your best pet buddies. Most parakeets are pretty affordable to purchase, with a pair costing you around $40-$85. Apart from the Parakeet, you also need to invest in other things like regular health checkups, food packets, spacious cages, and accessories.

Most of these Parakeets can be bought at a minimum of $26 at Petco. However, if you plan to buy a tame parakeet, that might cost you around $90. Make sure that you take your pet friend to a nearby avian pet for an initial checkup of $30-$60 with treatments demanding a little extra (up to $90). Also, yearly health checkups are mandatory for your Parakeet.

Buying a good-quality and spacious cage is extremely important for your Parakeet. You can get many large-sized cells at a price range of $60-$250. You will also get a lot of cages at Petco that can be bought on a reasonable budget. ($45-$90).

Though you can purchase most of the parakeets at an affordable price, some parakeets, such as Plum-headed parakeets, sun parakeets, and monk parakeets, are pretty expensive to buy because of their popularity and color may cost you up to $1000 depending upon the