Can Parakeets Eat Bananas (Its Peel, Chips, Or Peppers?)

Can Parakeets Eat Bananas

Parakeets would love to eat fruits and vegetables as snacks you can find year-round. But what about bananas? I’m here going to answer the question: can parakeets eat bananas? We will also talk about what other parts of Banana are beneficial for parakeet health.

In short, parakeets can eat bananas as it is highly nutritious and healthy snack if fed in moderation. However, knowing how much and when you should offer bananas to your bird is more important. Parakeets tend to have a very delicate digestive system and constitution.

But it doesn’t mean that you can not feed them any human food. Any fruit for humans can also be provided to parakeets if offered in moderation. Few parts of any fruit can be toxic to a bird. This is why I’ve prepared a comprehensive guide on feeding bananas to parakeets.

Parakeets require a small amount of fruit as a part of their daily diet. A bird-like Parakeet needs various minerals and vitamins, which is why fruits that you choose choose to feed them should be varied too. Not only do Parakeets eat bananas in moderation, but they also love them.

Bananas are rich in minerals, but bananas are probably easy to prepare out of all fruits available in the local supermarket. Let’s first know: Do Parakeet eat bananas.

Can Parakeets Eat Bananas?

can parakeets eat bananas
can parakeets eat bananas

Yes, parakeets can eat bananas because they contain many nutrients and offer many health benefits. Like all other fruits, bananas also offer birds a unique combination of nutrients. But bananas should be fed in moderation and infrequently.

According to a viral website Healthline, 100 grams of Banana have 70% water while offering 80% calories, some grams of protein, carbs, sugar, fiber, and fat.

Apart from these nutrients, bananas also provide lots of minerals and vitamins. As fruits like bananas are rich in nutrients, they are also rich in sugar. Sugar makes the Banana a snack for a bird, not a staple diet.

Feeding too much sugar can lead a bird to compromise its health. Let’s talk about how many bananas parakeets can eat.

How Many Bananas Can Parakeets Eat?

As we know, bananas are highly nutritious, but parakeets shouldn’t eat too many bananas. Like other birds, Parakeets also need a balanced diet, and bananas alone won’t be enough.

When offering bananas and other fruits as a treat, it should only take 10% of their daily diet. A significant portion of their diet should consist of seeds, nuts, greens, and pellets. Occasionally, you can also offer breadcrumbs to your bird.

The most significant percent in a parakeet diet should be pellets making up a total of 60% of their daily consumption. According to the general rule of thumb, it is best to balance when feeding a parakeet.

Just for the sake of this rule and reason, you should never consider offering too many banana bites to a parakeet for a day. Therefore, I would recommend you not feed bananas as the only fruit.

If possible, get varieties of fruit options like blueberries, apples, pineapples, watermelon, and more. Further, 30% of their diet should consist of carrots, cabbages, and more.

Can Baby Parakeets Eat Bananas?

can baby parakeets eat bananas
can baby parakeets eat bananas

With such a delicate digestive system and constitution, baby parakeets shouldn’t be fed too many banana bites at a time. Baby Parakeets can eat bananas but not regularly.

You can offer a few bites of Banana once a week only to babies & Juvenile birds, and adult keets can eat bananas more than thrice a week.

Pros & Cons Of Feeding Bananas To Parakeets

Why Are Bananas Good For Parakeets?

If you are looking for an excellent energy source for a parakeet, Banana is one of them. Banana contains more calories than any other average fruit due to its high carbohydrate content.

Apart from these, Bananas also offer potassium, selenium, magnesium, and vitamin b6. It is also suitable for taking vitamin b9, magnesium, and fiber. If you’re looking for a fresh fruit that can offer a high level of potassium and magnesium to your bird, then Banana is the one.

Why Are Bananas Bad For Parakeets?

After knowing Banana is a safe option for parakeets, you should be aware that there are risks in feeding such. Although Banana is highly nutritious, it should only form 10% of a parakeet’s diet.

Make sure the Banana doesn’t exceed any more than that. Too much sugar content intake can also make your birds suffer. It is best to limit the banana treats to a couple of small bite-size pieces for Parakeets.

Furthermore, avoid giving bananas as the only fruit to your bird because parakeets need a variety of fruits aside from such.

Bananas are safe fruit options that you can offer your cockatiel. It is pretty common to notice a parakeet nibbling on the banana peels. Only because banana peels are not toxic for Parakeets, shouldn’t let it allow it to chew on too many.

Avoid peeling and cut bananas into smaller pieces in a size that fit their mouth easily. You should also avoid processed bananas because they contain lots of chemicals and added sugar.

Processed bananas like banana chips or cake shouldn’t be a regular snack for your bird. As long as you offer banana pieces in moderation from time to time, it should be fine.



Parakeets can eat bananas in moderation and infrequently. Bananas shouldn’t exceed 10% of their regular diet. Bananas have been an excellent snack for many birds for decades.

Plus, bananas also serve as a part of the fruit portion of their diet. Make sure that fruit is relatively less than pellets because fruit contains lots of sugar and isn’t nutritionally balanced. Plus, you should not offer bananas as only fruit in the diet. They also need a varied diet, and bananas, alongside other fruits, tend to be healthy.