Can Parakeets Eat Bread? (Crumb Or With Salt and Butter)

Can Parakeets Eat Bread

As responsible pet owner, it’s our duty to provide our Parakeet with a nutritious and balanced diet. Parakeets are popular for being friendly, social, and playful little birds. If you are wondering whether parakeets can eat bread or not, then you are in the right place.

Here, in this article, I am going to answer the question: can parakeets eat bread? We will also know what type of bread is healthy and what’s not for the Parakeets’ digestive system. We have seen many birds enjoying roasted bread because it is dry and crunchy.

But what about Parakeet? Can they eat the whole bread? We all are aware of the nutrient benefit of eating whole grain bread. Before we know what breads and how much is safe for a parakeet, you should know that Parakeets’ primary diet should feature a combination of 70% pellets, 10% leafy greens, & 20% fruits.

In addition, you can also offer seeds and sprouts to your Parakeet. Let’s know if Parakeets eat bread. If yes, how much bread is safe for a parakeet, and what types of bread are ideal for your Bird.

Can Parakeets Eat Bread?

can parakeets eat bread
can parakeets eat bread

Yes, parakeets can eat bread. They love eating toasted bread because it is more try and crunchy. However, you should offer bread in limited quantities, in moderation, and infrequently to your Parakeet.

Look for organic wholemeal bread options that provide nutrients but are free from preservatives, additives, and excess salt & sugar. People using bread as a staple diet often think of offering the odd crust here and there to their Bird. Thankfully, it is safe to do but only infrequently.

Bread is considered a great treat occasionally. Not only bread, with any human food, but you should also serve it in moderation to your Bird. Most human food is not meant for Parakeet’s unique digestive system and constitution.

Can Baby Parakeets Eat Bread?

With a delicate digestive system that is yet to develop fully, baby parakeets are at high risk of choking and suffocating on dry bread. Suppose your Parakeet seems to struggle when eating bread; how about these tiny birds.

You should not feed bread to your baby parakeets. In many cases, the owner has only bread. If that’s the case, ensure that you offer tiny pieces of bread crumbs soaked in warm water to your baby parakeet.

Bread is not a healthy diet for baby Parakeet, but it can be considered as a treat occasionally. It is OK to give adult parakeets small pieces of bread as a snack but not to baby birds.

How To Give Bread To Parakeets?

Before giving any bread to your Parakeet, consider getting a low sodium one without Salt for sure. I would recommend you to get fresh processed loaf instead of conventional bread available in the market.

Make sure to check the included ingredients used in the bread. But, you need to make sure that the bread never exceeds 5% of the Parakeet’s diet. Here are three easy steps to give bread to parakeets.

  • Get an organic fresh, processed loaf instead of conventional ones.
  • Break down the bread into pieces or bread crumbs to prevent choking suffocation.
  • Have a dish of water close by your Parakeet to help swallow bread.

Pros & Cons Of Feeding Breads To Parakeets

pros & cons of feeding breads to parakeets
pros & cons of feeding breads to parakeets

Is Bread Good For Parakeets?

Not all bread available in the market is suitable for the parakeet digestive system. With such a delicate digestive system, you should consider offering the bread mentioned below. These bread tend to be much healthier for the Parakeet compared to the other ones.

Brown Bread

Brown bread has always been considered nutritious for humans as well as for birds because it contains fiber. Fiber is going to help your parakeet digest carbohydrates slowly, which in turn leads to stable blood glucose levels.

Whole Wheat Bread

Apart from the brown bread, whole wheat bread is also a great option for parakeets because it is rich in natural whole grain. The carbohydrate content present in whole wheat bread with included fiber slows down your parakeet digestion to give more consistent energy.

However, you should be a little bit cautious when offering whole wheat bread to your Parakeet. A whole-wheat bread in a dry state can quickly suffocate your Parakeet. I would recommend you to always break the whole wheat bread into breadcrumbs and soak it into the water for easier consumption and digestion.

Toasted Bread

Yes, toasted bread is a tasty treat to parakeets. Parakeets always enjoy toasted bread because it is crunchy and dry. The crunchier and dryer the food is, the more your Bird will enjoy.

The only exception is it should be free from Salt, fats and oil. Toasted bread with fat, Salt, oil, and onions is not good for your Parakeet’s delicate stomach. 

Bonus: Banana Bread

Apart from toasted ones, you can also offer banana bread to your Parakeet because it contains lots of vitamins and minerals. Since banana bread is not dry as whole wheat bread, it will be much easier for the Parakeet to digest.

However, banana bread tends to be high in sugar as well as calories, so be cautious about the quantity especially.

Is Bread Bad For Parakeets?

As I stated above, not all bread is healthy for a Parakeet. There are many varieties of bread that are bad for parakeets but are widely available in local supermarkets. Let’s talk about a few pieces of bread that do contain nutrients but don’t act as health boosters for birds.

Sourdough Bread. 

We have been eating Sourdough Bread for decades as it provides many health benefits to humans. But, does its health properties are beneficial for the parakeet stomach also. As bread is not overly processed, it contains more vitamins and nutrients.

But sadly, it undergoes fermentation which is problematic for birds. So, it is not healthy for parakeets either. Apart from this, the sour. The sour taste of Sourdough Bread may not be appealing to a parakeet as well.

Rye Bread.

Rye Bread contains lots of hell-boosting p properties for humans, but unfortunately, it tends to be dense and heavy for parakeets to break down and digest.

You can offer this bread in a limited quantity and frequency. According to the rule of thumb, they can eat bread once every two weeks.

Garlic Bread. 

Even in small doses, garlic bread can cause negative health issues to your Parakeet. Garlic bread contains lots of toxic compounds that are deadly in terms of digestion.

In birds, garlic bread can cause digestive issues and hemolytic anemia. Garlic bread also tends to be high in fat and butter, which is not preferable for a Parakeet. Therefore, avoid feeding garlic bread to the Parakeet at all costs.



Parakeets can eat whole wheat grain bread, brown bread, banana bread, and toasted bread. You should avoid offering white bread, Rye bread, sourdough bread, and garlic bread because they can be toxic to your parakeet digestive system. Make sure that the bread never makes more than 5% of your Parakeet overall and varied diet. 

Always consider getting whole wheat options for a parakeet. Avoid the treats/bread that contains preservatives or additives, Salt, and sugar. I would consider finding a bakar instead of a store for better quality. You can even bake one of yourself as it’s a better option.

Last but not least, be careful with the quantity of bread you offer to your Parakeet. Make sure to break the bread slice into breadcrumbs and soak them into the water for easier digestion and to avoid suffocation.

Offering bread to parakeets can be an enjoyable and fun experience for you and your family members. Your Parakeet will surely enjoy it if served properly.

You should look at feeding bread as an opportunity to bond with your Parakeet. If a parakeet doesn’t like the taste of bread, don’t worry because they are not missing out much. If your bird doesn’t want it, simply move on to the next treat and see if this serves them better taste or not.