Can Parakeets Eat Apples? (Its Seed, Skin, Sauce, Or Juice)

Can Parakeets Eat Apples

Naturally, parakeets tend to feed on different types of fruit, seeds, and greens In The Wild. So, in captivity, the Parakeet deserves to enjoy fruit too. But, being responsible owners, we need to be aware of what fruit is healthy and what’s not for parakeets.

Hence, I will answer a fascinating question: can parakeets eat apples? As we know, a parakeet diet should consist of at least 20-25% of fresh fruit. Fresh fruit provides many health benefits to parakeets, like fulfilling its hydration, vitamins, and minerals needs. But what about apples? Let’s find out.

Can Parakeets Eat Apples 

Yes, Parakeets can eat apples as it is a tasty treat to them. Sadly, Apple seeds should not be fed to parakeets as they can be potentially harmful. Fortunately, mashed, sliced, or grated Apples are ideal additions to your parakeet daily fruit intake. 

Can Baby Parakeets Eat Apple

No, baby parakeets should not eat apples as their digestive system is not like an adult’s. You can feed varieties of fruit to your baby parakeet but excluding apples. However, baby parakeets will need some to get acquainted with food varieties present out there.

How Many Apple To Give To Parakeets?

After knowing, Apple is an excellent addition to the parakeet diet, too much of it can quickly navigate its positive effects. Apples are great snacks for your Parakeet but not suitable as a proper meal.

Due to being high in sugar, Apple can quickly cause issues in excess to your Parakeet. Being in moderation will be critical when feeding apples to parakeets. Generally, it is best to offer one small slice of Apple every 2-3 days to your Parakeet or even less, depending upon its age.

Pros & Cons Of Feeding Apples To Parakeets

Is Apple Good For Parakeets?

is apple good for parakeets
is apple good for parakeets

As apples are widely available and easy to find in your local supermarket, it always makes sense to regularly feed apples to your Parakeet. Since Apple has so many benefits to humans, we consider providing it to our pets once in our journey. Being packed with nutrients, apples have various health benefits for your Parakeet.

Vitamin A present in Apple helps your parakeet skin and kidney function correctly. Vitamin A in Apple is also essential to improving mortality rates and healthy reproduction. Without vitamin A, a parakeet can face difficulty breathing and healthy feathers.

Apart from vitamin A, Vitamin C in the Apple can significantly benefit your Parakeet immune system, cardiovascular system, and tissue repair. However, vitamin c is not much needed in a parakeet diet because birds like parakeets can produce vitamin C from glucose present in the liver.

However, vitamin C is necessary for Parakeets with plumage issues and liver disease; Apple is also great for your parakeet bones, feathers, and muscle coordination due to the presence of magnesium.

In addition, vitamin B6 tends to be in pretty high amounts in apples. Vitamin C will help your Parakeet handle stress and illness in the mating season or during molting. Fiber present in apples is also necessary for the Parakeet digestive tract.

It will also help in improving mineral and vitamin absorption. Apart from these beneficial nutrients, apples are low in sodium, cholesterol, and saturated fat. Being 90% water, Apple is an excellent source of hydration for your Parakeet.

Is Apple Bad For Parakeets?

is apple bad for parakeets
is apple bad for parakeets

Apples available in the wild have already been declared healthy snacks for parakeets. There are a few potential concerns you should be aware of. Firstly, a large portion of calories comes from sugar in Apple, but anything excess can be harmful.

Sugar is pretty healthy for your Parakeet, but in excess can potentially cause stomach issues and diabetes. Apart from this, the Apple seeds are also considered a threat to your Parakeet digestive system. You should permanently remove apple seeds from the Apple before giving them to your Parakeet.

This cyanide present in apples poses a severe problem to a parakeet if fed excessively, and a few seeds shouldn’t pose a threat. Last but not least, you must wash the apples before offering them to your Parakeet as tons of dirt, pesticide, and germs are found.



Apple is a tasty and healthy treat to give your Parakeets, and the chances are high that they will love this sweet watery fruit. Therefore, apples also carry many vitamins and minerals with high water content for proper hydration in summers.

You only need to remove the potentially toxic seeds due to the cyanide. Apart from this, consider giving apples in moderation to your Parakeet as fruit should only consist 20 to 30% of their daily diet. According to experts and Many owners’ experience, one slice of Apple every couple of days is ideal for parakeets.