Can Parakeets And Cockatiels Live Together? (2022 Guide)

Can Parakeets And Cockatiels Live Together

Can Parakeets And Cockatiels Get Along? Parakeets and Cockatiels are two of the most loved pets among bird enthusiasts. It’s normal to consider keeping both together. But Can Parakeets And Cockatiels Live Together? They are smaller and have similar requirements; you might have thought of keeping them together.

In this post, I will talk about the factors before keeping them in the same home. As we know both birds are in separate cages is common and is possible. However, what about maintaining both birds within the same enclosure.

Because both species aren’t hostile, Can Parakeets And Cockatiels Live In The Same Cage? Are they able to live together in the same home, or even in a single cage? Incorporating both species into one cell may cause some problems.

It could even be the biggest issue when you have them inside the same enclosure. We must first determine if parakeets, as well as cockatiels, coexist?

Can Parakeets and Cockatiels Live Together?

can parakeets and cockatiels live together
can parakeets and cockatiels live together

Parakeets and cockatiels can live within the same house provided that their needs are satisfied and they are provided with enough space.

Proper supervision is required to satisfy their requirements. However, they aren’t well when they are securely kept within the same cage.

Can Parakeets And Cockatiels Live In The Same Cage?

Parakeets and cockatiels shouldn’t have the same Aviary because of their distinct personalities. They are extremely sensitive and are susceptible to being bullied by parakeets. Additionally, if the cage does not provide enough room, this may cause territorial conflicts.

Despite their physical and environmental similarities, they are both Parakeets and cockatiels are likely to be distinct in various ways. Each bird has a different kind of personality. Let’s discuss the reasons not to maintain Parakeets or Cockatiel together.

Why Should You Avoid Keeping Cockatiels And Parakeets Together?

Each species has its particular physical and psychological distinct characteristics. Despite their needs and environmental similarities, the two species are essentially opposites. Parakeets are recognized as more violent than Cockatiels.

You might notice that your parakeet’s behavior is more lively and exuberant than the Cockatiels. Parakeets have the confidence of a bigger bird, such as parakeets. However, they are known as gentle Birds, easily intimidated.

They are very sensitive and are more likely to be scared, overwhelmed, or stressed because of their tiny size. Parakeets that are active often bully cockatiels due to their small size and sensitivity. This is why Parakeets and cockatiels must not be kept in the same cage.

What do we do if we continue to keep cockatiels and barricades within the same enclosure? These are some points to take into consideration.

How To Keep Parakeets And Cockatiels Together?


The main thing that keeps the cockatiels and parakeets happy is having plenty of room. Be sure that both have space to spread their wings.

The cage or average should be big and large enough to stop the two from hitting one another. The Aviary should not be less than three times its wingspan in length and, at a minimum, one or two wing beats between perches.


To keep your pet and your parents engaged and happy, you should make sure you have plenty of perched areas. Be sure to put the perches on high. Be aware that if one nest is set too high, the rest of the perches will fight for it.

Food Bowl & Water Bottle

If you have only one bowl of food in your enclosure, a struggle over food will likely happen. In addition, it is recommended to have multiple food bowls in different areas of the cage to prevent fighting over food.

Make sure you also equip the cell with several Water bottles. It is suggested to have one food bowl and a water bottle for every bird that you keep in the cage.

Bird Size

It is essential to maintain the Parakeets and cockatiels in the same area only if they are identical in size. If one species is larger than the other, this could result in a serious injury.

In addition, it could cause constant stress and fights. Keeping birds of various dimensions in cages of different sizes is recommended.

Cockatiels Dust

If you can keep both species together, you may have to purchase a high-quality air purifier as well as sufficient ventilation. Both species are extremely dusty Birds with fragile respiratory systems.

The Cockatiel is known to produce more feathered dust that can cause harm to a parakeet’s delicate respiratory system.

Can Cockatiels And Parakeets Eat The Same Food?

can cockatiels and parakeets eat the same food
can cockatiels and parakeets eat the same food

Because they share similar diets and nutritional requirements, providing the same food for both species is possible. Parakeets and cockatiels can eat the same food, so they are fed a variety. Both species require a diverse diet to satisfy their nutritional requirements.

A nutritious seed mix containing fresh vegetables and fruits along with some nuts can be the healthiest option for both types. However, make sure you include higher fats for cockatiels than parakeets.

Avoid fats for Parakeets since they can be more prone to overweight and liver diseases. Thus, a combination diet is only recommended when both animals have a food bowl and plenty of room in the Aviary to fly.

Make sure to serve the food items in a chopped or mashed form. Finely chopped and mashed portions are generally simple to handle due to their tiny peak.

It is also possible to cut slices of apple and fresh greens to incorporate into their food. Learn about what kinds of fruits parakeets consume? And what are the best vegetables for parakeets?

Interesting Further Reading

Can Parakeets And Cockatiels Have The Same Type Of Toys?

Parakeets and cockatiels’ tastes are generally similar. Both can appreciate the same kind of toys. But, be sure to purchase appropriate toys for each bird to keep any rivalry or dominance out of the way.

Belts, swings, and ropes are usually the best options for birds with smaller sizes. But, the most fun shredding toys that can be used for Parakeets and cockatiels consist of seagrass, softwood, and other natural materials.

Make sure you buy the same size toy as some of the larger ones are designed for cockatiels and may scare your pet off right away.

What is the best time to separate parakeets from Cockatiels?

  • If you’re unable to set up an aviary equipped with the proper settings, it is best to keep the two species separate.
  • They are extremely sensitive and sweet Birds. They can suffer from being bullied and apprehensive.
  • Beware of keeping different dimensions of birds within the same cage, as it can cause injuries.
  • Although both species share similar nutritional requirements, their diets are different.

Final Thoughts

As per the rule, keeping the two species in separate cages is the most effective. Keeping both species inside the same cell may cause a nightmare scenario such as an easily scared parakeet living alongside the more dominant Cockatiel.

If this happens, you’ll have no other option other than intervening. If you’re still determined to keep the two species in the same species, ensure they’re both small birds that are easy to handle. Birds of both species will coexist if raised.