What Can You Use to Cover Your Bird Cage at Night?

What Can You Use to Cover Your Bird Cage at Night?

Wondering if you should cover your Bird Cage at night or not? Curious peeps, please continue reading.

As much as we need it, Birds, too, need a Good Night rest. To remain happy, healthy, and chirpy, your little bird needs sound sleep and a sense of security at night. Although a comfortable birdhouse is enough for a night of sound sleep, for a sense of security, you can consider covering your bird’s cage at night. 

Providing a safe and comfortable environment for our avian companions is of utmost importance. When you cover your bird’s nest at night, it gives your little feathery companions a sense of security.

Not only that, but it also offers them safety from harsh weather and predators, especially if the bird’s nest/ cage is kept outside of the house. But, what can you use to cover your birds’ café at night? Come, let’s find out. 

Should a Bird’s Cage Be Covered at Night? Its Benefits and Drawbacks

Whether or not a bird’s cage be covered at night depends upon a range of different factors.

It is, in fact, a controversial topic among bird owners and experts. 

Covering a bird’s cage at night is a matter of personal preference. Moreover, it also depends upon birds’ needs and behavior. Some factors that can help you decide to cover a bird’s cage at night include the following:

  • Birds Species: If you have a Diurnal bird as a pet, a cage cover may help them gain sound sleep in the darkness. However, for Nocturnal birds, a cage cover may be of no use at night. 
  • Outdoor Environment: If the environment (where the bird’s cage is kept) is too bright and noisy, a cage cover is of good use. It will provide privacy and security to the birds during the night.
  • Stress Sensitivity: A cage cover helps birds feel more secure and safe. However, not all birds may feel the same, and some of them may experience stress and anxiety due to the confines of the cage cover. 
  • Sleep pattern and preference: If your pet bird fails to sleep in a well-lit room, you may need a cage cover. Especially with birds who prefer complete darkness to sleep, a cage cover becomes a necessity.
What Can You Use to Cover Your Bird Cage at Night

Benefits and Drawbacks of Covering Bird Cage at Night:

List of Benefits:

  1. Covering bird cage at night creates a dark and quiet environment and encourages the birds to sleep. It mimics the natural sleep conditions for birds in the wild and enables restful sleep. 
  2. Covering bird cages reduces stress amongst birds caused by noise, sudden movement, and lights. A quiet and dim environment makes them feel safe and promotes sound sleep.
  3. If the bird’s cage is located in an area with artificial lights or where natural light changes occur early in the morning or late at night, covering the cage is of great help. Not only does it regulate sleep, but it also prevents disturbances.
  4. Covering bird cages at night also retains warmth and ensures temperature regulation, especially during cold winter nights. 

List of Drawbacks:

  1. By covering bird cages with cover, some birds may feel anxious or fearful. If you are covering birds’ cages abruptly without proper acclimatization, it will make the birds feel stressed.
  2. A non-breathable or non-ventilated bird cage cover can restrict airflow within the cage. It may even lead to respiratory issues for the bird.
  3. Due to reduced exposure to external noises (since the cage remains covered), some birds may become extra sensitive to sudden sounds. It may even lead to startled reactions.

Guidelines for Covering Birds Cage at Night

  1. When planning to cover your bird’s cage at night, introduce the cover gradually. Start with covering the cage for a few minutes during the daytime and make the bird familiar with it. 
  2. Always choose a bird cage cover that is made up of breathable material. Doing so is important to ensure adequate airflow inside the cage.
  3. When just starting, cover the bird cage only partially. Birds can be anxious or fearful of complete coverage, and thus, partial covering may help. 
  4. Birds often appreciate a predictable schedule for bedtime, thus being consistent with the covering routine. 
  5. While you cover your bird’s cage, Monitor your bird’s behavior and health. Upon noticing any signs of distress or health issues, either adjust the issue (partial exposure) or remove it completely. 

It’s essential to understand that each bird is an individual, and what works for one may not work for another. Observing your bird’s behavior and preferences will help you determine whether covering the cage is beneficial or not. 

What Can You Use to Cover Your Bird Cage at Night?

There are several materials you can use to cover your bird cage at night:

  1. Use bird cage covers, which you can easily find online or in many stores in your locality. There are multiple bird cage covers available in different sizes and materials designed to fit different cage types. 
  2. Use a blanket or towel when covering the bird cage partially. 
  3. Use curtains or drapes to block out light during the night. Instead of using a separate curtain, place your birdcage near a window and use the one already hanging.  
  4. Use blackout fabric to completely blocks light and external stimuli.
  5. Use an old bedsheet or pillowcase to cover the bird’s cage. Avoid using any sheet that has loose threads or materials that the bird could chew on.

When using any material to cover the bird cage, ensure it is breathable and does not restrict airflow. Do not use any toxic material like plastic since it may suffocate the birds. Also, gradually introduce the covering if your bird is not used to it. 

5 Best Bird Cage Covers 2023

  1. Colorday Good Night Bird Cage Cover for Large Bird Cage with Play Top (Patent Pending), Black 68″
Colorday Good Night Bird Cage Cover for Large Bird Cage with Play Top (Patent Pending), Black 68"
  • It is specially designed for large cage that has "play top" on top of the cage. It is for 22"x24“‘x68” large cage.
  • Easy to assemble/disassemble, magnetic buckle is used to mount on the cage, which makes installation easy and quick.
  • Breathable materials 100% non-toxic with high shading rate.
  • Effectively reduce distractions so to promote better sleep for birds.
  • Large size,Cover size is 41”(H)* 104” (L) ,only for the 68" cage with the play top.

The Colorday Good Night Bird Cage Cover provides a patented design for large bird cages with a play top. Its black, 68″ cover creates a restful, dark environment, ensuring a night of comfortable and stress-free sleep for your feathered friend.

  1. Daoeny Large Bird Cage Cover, Bird Cage Seed Catcher, Adjustable Soft Nylon Mesh Net with Daisy Pattern
Daoeny Large Bird Cage Cover, Bird Cage Seed Catcher, Adjustable Soft Nylon Mesh Net with Daisy Pattern, Birdcage Cover Skirt Seed Guard for Parrot Parakeet Macaw Round Square Cages (Black)
  • 【Elegant Daisy Design】Our bird cage seed catcher is designed with daisy pattern, the unique small daisy design makes your bird cage more beautiful and cute, and match to your house style perfectly.
  • 【Air Circulation】This nylon mesh net is made of premium encrypted nylon mesh, soft and airy fabric, which can allow air circulation and will not block the light, excellent dust resistance, durable, can be used for a long time.
  • 【Adjustable Size】The bird cage skirt is designed with universal dimension and equipped with adjustable elastic bands for easy adjustment. Size is about 118 x 15.75 inch/ 300 x 40 cm in circumference and width, please confirm whether the size fits your bird cage before purchasing.
  • 【Keep Floor Clean】Our birdcage feather seed catcher help you prevent the messy seed and feather from spreading on the floor, keep your house clean. Besides, it is easy to clean, safe to wash by hand or machine.
  • 【Easy to Install】With drawstring design and lock buckle at the top and bottom, which can keep the bird cage cover tightly in place and avoid sliding. Tips: You can make a small knot behind the lock buckle to prevent falling after tightening the rope. Perfect for Parrot Parakeet Macaw Lovebird African round square cages.

The Daoeny Large Bird Cage Cover is a practical and stylish solution featuring a soft, adjustable nylon mesh net with a beautiful daisy pattern. It acts as a seed guard, keeping your bird’s surroundings clean while adding a touch of elegance to the cage. Ideal for parrots, parakeets, macaws, and various round or square cages.

  1. Bird Cage Seed Catcher (2 Pack), Airy Gauze Bird Cage Cover Seeds Guard Dust-Proof Universal Birdcage Accessories Mesh Net Cover
Bird Cage Seed Catcher (2 Pack), Airy Gauze Bird Cage Cover Seeds Guard Dust-Proof Universal Birdcage Accessories Mesh Net Cover (Black + White, S)
  • ✿Soft & Airy. Parakeet cage seed catcher allows for air circulation and does not block out the light so your bird's cage interior remains bright. Besides, it prevent floating feather, seed from staining your house and prevent food inside the bird cage from spreading to the outside.
  • ✿Minimalist design. Bird cage covers for parakeets, The design of elastic at the top and bottom fits securely around your bird cage and avoid shifting.
  • ✿Made with the material of the wedding dress. Made of nylon mesh, which is usually used in Wedding dress.It is very soft and comfortable, not easy to break, machine washable, and quick-drying. Birdcage seed guards & catchers is foldable that brings convenience to your storage and transportation.
  • ✿SIZE. Circumference: About 30-55 in; Height: About 6.7 in. For meetting everyone’s needs, we have newly launched an bird cage skirt extra large. In order to give you a better shopping experience, please check the size of your birdcage before you place an order.
  • ✿Package. 2 in a-pack! Black and white. Bird cage netting seed catcher gives your birds more choices, just like wearing different clothes. In addition, when you need to clean and change it, 2 pack will makes you feel more convenient. By the way, our products support washing machine cleaning!

The Bird Cage Seed Catcher comes in a pack of 2, featuring black and white colors. The airy gauze mesh net cover helps guard against seeds and dust, serving as a practical and universal birdcage accessory. Ideal for small bird cages (S size).

  1. Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Good Night Bird Cage Cover
Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Good Night Bird Cage Cover, Large, Black
  • Fits cages up to 31"L x 21"W x 41"H to 37"L x 25"W x 48"H
  • Our cage cover reduces distractions and aids in better sleep for your bird
  • 100-Percent non-toxic, breathable materials
  • Color fast and machine washable
  • Black fabric with Prevue logo

The Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Good Night Bird Cage Cover in Large size and black color offers a peaceful and dark environment for your bird’s restful sleep, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free night.

  1. WBLCDH Bird Cage Cover, Bird Cage Covers for Night
WBLCDH Bird Cage Cover, Bird Cage Covers for Night, Waterproof 51 Inch Large Birdcage Covers for Mink, Totoro, Parakeets, Parrot and Small Animals (210D, Khaki)
  • ➤[Suitable size]:The size of Large bird cage cover is 97*60*130CM/38*60*51IN, suitable for most sizes of bird cages. Comes with 1 storage bag.
  • ➤[Unique design]: Retractable roll-up curtain and door curtain can be opened by sticking to interact with the bird, and can protect the bird when closed.
  • ➤[More details]: The light entering the bird cage is adjusted by adjusting the door curtain; there are ventilation openings on both sides to make the birds live comfortably.
  • ➤[Gift for birds]: Bird cage covers for night has a high blackout rate, which effectively reduces disturbance and gives your birds a better sleep. And it can keep your bird cage from bad weather.
  • ➤[Durable and windproof]: This birdcage cover is made of 210D oxford fabric, it is more durable and waterproof. The adjustable hem keeps the bird cage cover from being blown away by high winds.

The WBLCDH Bird Cage Cover is a waterproof 51-inch cover designed for large birdcages, mink, parakeets, parrots, and small animals. The khaki color provides a protective and comfortable sleep environment.

Wrapping up…

Although covering bird cage have multiple benefits, make sure your pet birdy is comfortable with the same. If your feathery friend isn’t entertained with the idea of a cage cover, consider placing their cage in a warm and dark room for comfort and sound sleep.