How To Towel Your Bird? (10 Easy Steps)

How To Towel Your Bird ( 10 Easy Steps)

Toweling is the best way to restrain a bird for a regular physical examination, nail and wing clipping, or meds administration.

You should know how to properly towel your bird because you never know when you’ll need to do it.

Time Required: 5 minutes for toweling your bird, 5 more minutes to administer meds, etc.

Is toweling a bird bad?

it is pretty necessary to make your pet bird used to a towel while it is interacting and enjoying the whole process.

learning this skill reduces stress levels in birds during vet examinations or grooming and actually saves your bird’s life in emergency situations.

What You Need for toweling

A towel that is appropriately sized for your bird

Towel fabric should be soft (usually cotton) avoid using synthetic fiber sloths.

How to towel correctly? 10 easy steps

Step #1

You will need at least two people for this process to work effectively.

One will hold and towel the bird, the other person will do the examination, giving medication, clipping, etc.

Step #2

Use a towel that is just about the size of slightly larger than your pet bird.

For small birds, you can probably use a washcloth.

For larger birds, a hand towel might suffice, or a larger bath towel.

Step #3

If your bird is especially nervous, dim the lights a bit and is sure that there is nothing in the room that she could fly into and injure herself.

cover the windows, close all doors and turn off the ceiling fan in order to avoid the birds getting damaged during the flight.

Step #4

Hold the towel in such a position that the ends drape over each hand and move calmly towards your bird.

Step #5

Slowly, Put the towel around the back of your bird. make sure it’s not frightened or restless

Wrap your hand around so that your thumb and forefinger meet around the bird’s neck.

While the middle of the hand should remain on the back of the bird. let them meet below her lower beak.

Step #6

The bird’s wings should be tucked into her sides. They should not be flapping around in the towel.

Hold the bird firmly just to restrict it from struggling, but not too much so, as to avoid suffocation.

Step #7

Take care not to squeeze the bird’s may cause them to suffocate to death.

Since Birds lack a diaphragm like us hence, they can’t breathe if not able to expand their chests.

Step #8

Never ever cover the bird’s head entirely with the towel. (Avoid Blackout situations)

Always keep her eyesight open and visible towards you to avoid any panic attacks.

Most birds will chew on whatever can fit into their beaks, so do expect a few holes.

Step #9

Use a soothing and relaxing voice while talking to your bird. Aggressive attitude or scolding makes birds frightened.

Polite voice calms down the birds and consoles them the process won’t last long or hurt them.

Step #10

Reassure your bird when everything is done over with.

Console and reward her for being a good bird, cuddle her if she’s up for it, or simply give her a treat as positive reinforcement.

Summary and Final Tips

  1. Use two people while toweling
  2. Always handle your bird gently – too much pressure or force could break a toe, leg, or wing.
  3. Avoid compresses on your bird’s belly or she won’t be able to breathe in absence of diaphragm and probably die.
  4. Practice toweling your bird and feeding her warmed baby food out of a syringe to keep her used to be toweled, and associating it with something pleasant.