4 Proven Ways on How To Keep Birds off Power Lines?

Proven Ways on How To Keep Birds off Power Lines

Birds Perching on Power lines are extremely common. And observing the same is no less than seeing a poetic image.

To every single street, you turn, you may notice one, two, or several birds having their time of day on power lines. However, no matter how delightful this scenario looks to the human eye, it can prove dangerous.

But then why do birds still do this? Are birds defying the law of electricity? Can Sit on power lines kill birds? If yes, then is there is way to keep birds off power lines? If you, too, are this curious, then brace your horses to go through the guide below. We believe it has answers to almost all of the common questions. Have a look:

Can Sitting on power lines kill birds?

Birds can sit on power lines and still not get any electric shock. But how?

Electricity for getting into a person’s body always needs aground. Though when a bird sits on a high-tension electric wire, it is by no means providing a way for the current to reach the ground.

That is why nothing like electric current or shock bothers them. However, at the same time, if a human standing on the ground touches/hangs on a power line, it can suffer from high volt electric shock.

Similarly, it takes touching two power lines together in order to generate electric shock. And because birds have small bodies and even smaller legs, doing so is nearly impossible.

Still, if a bird is sitting on a power line and its feather touches the concreate pole nearby, it will make earthing resulting in electric shock effective bird’s body.

How to keep birds off power lines?

1) Trick the Birds with their Predators

For all the time’s birds lookout for food, they also look out for their predators. The reason is simply staying safe and sound. Using this advantage, plant an owl predator scarer somewhere close to the power lines.

Make sure you position it well so that birds can easily see it from a distance and not dare to come close.

Other good decoy options include eagle predatorsnake predator, or similar. Change their position from time to time, ensuring birds do not get used to the devices. Besides that, also add reflective tape and mirrors around for added safety.

2) Remove all food sources, bird feeders and birdhouses.

Birds are coming and perching on power lines in front of your house because you are calling for that.

If your garden has a bird feeder, food sources, nesting material, then you by no chance can keep birds off.

Thus, firstly consider removing all these objects. Or, if removing them is harsh for you, then relocate them to your backyard or another place away from power lines.

Also, keep your garden clean from all dirt, dry leaves, and small branches.

3) Use Sound Deterrent

Sound deterrents are one of the most humane ways of keeping birds away.

Plant one such device close to the place having an overhead powerline. This will ensure no bird comes and sit or even fly close by.

4) Call your local wildlife expert.

If no sort of device and remedies work for you, then, at last, call your local wildlife expert.

Authorities and experts will surely help you if you have an odd number of birds perching on power lines in your area.

They will function in some humane way to relocate the birds without harming them.

Why Do Birds Perch on Power Lines?

Because you are doing so much to keep birds away from the power line, have you ever wondered why birds land on them in the first place?

  1. Birds sit on power lines primarily just to take a view of the world around them. It gives them the sight of their predators, family, food, nesting material and a lot more. They can do the same by sitting on trees, though, but the view isn’t obscured from power lines.
  2. Sitting on power lines keep birds safe from their ground predators. It is so natural that cats, dogs, foxes, and other bird-eating animals cannot climb power lines. Thus, birds choose this way to escape their enemies.
  3. Birds often sit on power lines during winters simply to take the warmth. From their other perching spots, electric wires are somewhat warmer due to the energy passing from them. That is also the reason you may find birds on the power line during the evening hours.
  4. Most of the birds you notice on power lines are migratory birds. They gather here in large numbers before starting their migrating journey. Thus, during late summer and early fall, you may see a lot of them on power lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wrapping up…

Let them perch on the power lines if you aren’t bothered with birds making noise and nuisance all day.

If you are concerned about your peace and well-being, consider moving them aside.

Your simple clap or other noise will make birds fly away most of the time. But because it isn’t humanly possible every time, use the above bird deterring methods.