Finch Symbolism+ (Totem, Spirit & Omens & Power Animal)

Finch Symbolism Totem Omens and Spiritual Meaning

Of the many birds in the world, finches are undoubtedly some of the extremely attractive and colorful birds. Their colorful body patterns are a sight to behold and their songs are absolutely melodious. 

As such, these little birds are a darling to many people and always loved and welcomed. On top of their attractive physical features, finches also carry deeper spiritual symbolism.

Bird symbolism just as with all other animal symbolism can help bring us important messages from spirits while at the same time helping us to understand ourselves better and deeper.

As such, it is important to understand the meaning of different animal spirits and in this post, we shall be dealing with finch symbolism and meaning. Find out more…

What does finch symbolize generally?+ What do finches symbolize in literature?

Generally, the finch symbolizes charm and charisma. However, this symbolism may vary to a certain point based on different cultures.

The bottom-line however is that the finch spirit formed part of literature, particularly art and poetry. 

The symbolism of this small alluring bird was greatly shaped by different cultures especially in Europe, North Africa, and Asia where it was largely used in art and poetry.

The singing sound of a finch is generally believed to be an expression of the inner self which in a literal sense could be a symbol of someone who freely accepts and expresses himself without being held back by other people’s judgment. 

It’s however worth noting that the finch family has so many birds which means there’s a considerable diversity when it comes to their symbolism.

The Firetail finch has a scarlet red bottom and as such, the bird’s symbolism coincides with passions and base chakra. 

Euphonia is yet another finch whose top has blue feathers while the bottom feathers are yellowish in color. 

These two colors collate with faith, trust, truth, and sound intellect. These shades indicate finding a perfect balance between the mind and heart. 

Since the finch bird family is a bit wider, it’s good to understand the symbolism of each of these birds 

What do Goldfinches Symbolize?

As earlier mentioned, the finch bird family is diverse. The goldfinch is one member of the finch family, with the bird being striking red with an orange patch on the upper center of the breast and a yellow bellow.

The combination of colors on the bird translates as an attraction of what one desires through powerful intentions and thoughts.

Orange as a color translates into attraction thus giving the goldfinches this symbolism.  

Goldfinch has a close connection to Christianity, due to its attraction to thorny plants.

Legends believed that the goldfinch got its red spots from dripping blood while trying to take away the thorny crown from the head of Jesus, as He was carrying the wooden cross to Calvary. 

Additionally, the goldfinch is normally included in most Christian paintings as a symbol of resurrection.

Among the ancient Egyptians, the goldfinch represents the human soul and as such it’s considered to signify joy, happiness, abundance, and prosperity. 

Finch Spirit Animal Totem Meaning

People with the finch spirit totem animal give a completely new meaning to the word “animated.”

These kinds of people are known to express themselves freely without fear. Generally, their complete personality radiates with genuine bliss and excitement. 

People with the finch in their birth totem are known to prefer taking the full route as opposed to shortcuts.

In many cases, people with the finch spirit totem have a uniqueness that other people find hard to understand, but they can see the kind of happiness they bring with them and share. 

Those with finch totem animals are known not to worry about anything and instead take life as it is.

Rarely will you find them stressed but instead have great pluckiness and zeal as their greatest attribute? In general, they are open-minded and always see a silver lining in almost everything. 

Finch tattoo Meaning (What do birds symbolize in a tattoo?)

Finch tattoos may symbolize adaptability, kindness, joy, and freedom. Goldfinch tattoos have also been used to signify the passion of Christ in religious settings.

The finch can also be used to represent much-anticipated freedom especially for people who are proud and celebrating the escape from abusive, stifling, or unhappy situations.    

Finch Dreams (what does it mean when a finch visits you)

A soaring finch in a dream signifies a happy relationship. This could mean that you’ll have an encounter with someone new or that you may experience a new development with a person that’s already within your circles.

As such, it could symbolize a new beginning as far as your love and romance life is concerned. 

Finches have a global reputation as being some of the most beautiful songbirds and upbeat creatures with an infinite pack of spiritual energy.

You can easily get captivated watching and listening to their singing for hours. Their songs are magical, with the effect of carrying you away into a pleasant place.

While listening and watching the finches, the moments seemed to be almost inspirational. Often when you see a finch in your dreams, it could represent greater harmony and better communication with your family and friends.

This kind of a dream could be indicating the need for you to stay closer to those you love and look for ways to share your positive energy.

On the other hand, a nested finch could signify living a healthy life as you’re surrounded by a small and intimate circle of friends.

This kind of a dream could be signifying your protection while at the same time warning you to keep off toxic environments.  

Finch power animal +(What are finch birds known for?)

You can look at the finch as a power animal anytime you need to express yourself eloquently on anything. At this time, you need words to be a true representation of your exact vision and vibrancy.

Having a finch by your side can help you inspire people in an extraordinary way and beyond your imaginations. 

In addition, you can call the finch power animal during those moments when you’re facing a vicious storm. Generally, finches are known to be fearless when riding in the winter.

The animal ally would be happy to offer you their courage, determination, and resourcefulness. Flinch will urge you to keep moving along the journey of life while giving you hope during the cold and unforgiving seasons.

Finch Native American Symbolism

According to Native American Culture, finch is often associated with joy, happiness, and celebration. They were linked to future fortunes and Good Omens.

GoldFinch finch spiritual meaning? What does a yellow finch symbolize?

The bright yellow feathers of the American Goldfinch are associated with the spiritual power and might of the Sun God. The goldfinches are symbolic of joy, positivity, enthusiasm, and persistence.


In conclusion, it’s good to note that finches are mostly associated with joy and celebration, especially in Native American traditions.

These little cute birds are regarded as signs of good things ahead and as such, you can always get a positive message whenever you see them either in your dreams or real life.

Finches make for great companion pets and are easy to take care of.