5 Methods To Teach Your Parakeet To Step Up

Many bird owners prefer to extend well beyond the entertainment value can talk and performing tricks. Therefore, training also strengthens the bond you have with your parakeet. You will be the one to look forward to the one-on-one attention involved in the training session with your parakeet.

This article will help you learn how to train a parakeet to step up. Even a little trick of stepping up on your hand or finger means lots of praise and attention along with favorite treats. Plus, in handling your parakeet, teaching some commands also makes things easier.

How do you get a bird to step up? Ways to Train a Parakeet to Step Up

If you have to choose the very first thing to teach a parakeet, it would be to pick words carefully. Also, it means training them to step onto your finger or arm on command and then step back off again on order. Stepping up on power is quite a natural movement for a parakeet but an essential skill to teach.

Getting a Parakeet to step up and down on command will make things much easier when handling them. It will also help you set some boundaries for your parakeet. If you have a baby parakeet, it will be pretty cooperative, and training them to step up and down on command is still a good idea.

It will not only allow your baby parakeet to have lots of positive reinforcement. However, it will also set a good foundation for future training and scale. Let’s first learn How To Teach Your Parakeet To Step Up.

5 Steps To Teach Your Parakeet To Step Up

5 Steps To Teach Your Parakeet To Step Up

Step 1: Decide A Verbal Command. 

Use A verbal command like Step Up in a firm voice to birds, and you should face your parakeet and say Step Up When you want your parakeet to step up on your finger day-to-day basis. You don’t have to get the bird out of its cage right now.

Step 2: Present A Visual Example Of Step Up Command. 

Unlock the cage and let the bird come out. Use your finger for parakeets and touch its belly to throw it enough off-balance that your parakeet lifts one foot onto your stretched finger. As soon as your parakeet lifts 1 foot onto your outstretched finger, say step-up.

Step 3: Repeat & Reward.

Repeat the same method, and each time reward your bird with some treats. You can repeat it for 5-10 minutes. Please don’t overdo it; otherwise, your parakeet will lose interest to keep stepping up a habit.

Step 4. Teach To Step Up On A Stick. 

You can use the same technique to teach your parakeet to Step Up On A Stick.

Step 5. Most Parakeets learn to step in 7-12 sessions. 

You should never be disappointed if it takes longer because it’s worthwhile. If your parakeet takes longer, consider your voice tone and how quickly you deliver the treat when it sets 1 foot on your finger. Keep their training session shorter.

Parrots are brilliant and capable of learning commands. Most Parakeets do best within training, which includes favorite bird treats.

Training a parakeet to step up is a baby step. Your goal should be to shave your parakeet behavior into what you want to reward good things and ignore bad things.

The reward can also be a parakeet’s favorite food or simple praise. A Playstation with a treasured toy will also give good motivation to your parakeets. If your parakeet is doing something undesirable, you can ignore the bird.

It would help if you never punished your parakeet; otherwise, they will have negative experiences and shock. Missing a parakeet might seem weird, but eventually, the undesirable behaviour of a parakeet will most likely stop. How you approach training can help keep the training sessions very positive.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the word to command is the first task you should do to teach your parakeet before stepping up. Whenever you ask a parakeet to perform the trick, be read treats on the other hand.

As soon as your parakeet steps one of its feet on your finger, reward them. The step-up command will establish you as a leader and will benefit in handling your parakeets for all other training.