5 Ways: How To Introduce A New Parakeet To Another?

How To Introduce A New Parakeet To Another

Adding a new parakeet to the one you have is difficult in many instances. It can take months or even weeks to make them compatible. However, in the end, the friendship that you’ve set your parakeets for is worth it. So, How To Introduce A New Parakeet To Another

In this article, we will talk about the best way to introduce a new parakeet to a different. Before we discuss what you need to do to raise your new Parakeet to the original Bird, you must first thoroughly quarantine the new Bird for a minimum of thirty to ninety days.

You’re not the only one contemplating adding another bird to add to your family. Many owners later choose to adopt several feathered pals once they find that they are enjoyable to be around the house.

Parakeets are generally lively and engaging, and they can be notoriously for their naughty nature. They aren’t happy to be abandoned or unloved.

Therefore, acquiring a new bird can cause anxiety for the Bird you first had and render them more aggressive. To lessen any resistance and to make the transition as easy as it can be, In this article, we’ll go over a few actions you can take to ease the transition between your parakeets.

If you follow the steps correctly and correctly, you will make the first Bird understand that it is more of a friend than an adversary.

How To Introduce A New Parakeet To Another?

how to introduce a new parakeet to another
how to introduce a new parakeet to another

Quarantine the New Parakeet.

It is recommended to keep the Bird in quarantine for a minimum of thirty to ninety days since it provides two benefits. First, it helps keep your first Bird in a safe environment.

The second is that it gives sufficient time for your current Bird to adapt to the new Bird’s gifts. As responsible as a pet owner, ensure that your new Bird’s quarantine an extended period before introducing the one you already have.

The quarantining process will reduce the possibility that the new pet will transmit any infectious disease to the original. It is recommended to place your new pet in its cage and look for any signs of illness.

It can help ensure that your birds are protected from respiratory disease. In addition, the Bird might also get to hear New Bird calls. The first Parakeet will likely be able to become the new family member.

Avoid any direct contact with the first Bird as it may be frightening. The Bird’s initial reaction could be as if it has been snatched away from its territory if the contact is direct.

Move Your New Parakeet’s Cage Besides The Older Bird’s Cage.

After the quarantine time has ended, it’s crucial to introduce your new Parakeet to the one you have gradually. To ensure that they can interact effectively, you should consider shifting your brand new Parakeet cage into the space that your last cell is.

There is a good possibility of them not making the best all-time friends. You may even observe one Bird trying to establish an advantage over the other. This is why they should be kept in separate cages, but placing the cells together will assist.

Ensuring that both birds are within the same enclosure once the quarantine period has ended could result in a nasty fight if you’re not cautious. It is, therefore, better to allow your Bird to become acquainted with each other slowly.

Placing its cage next to one other will let them observe and become familiar with each other at a distance for about a week. When you begin to notice them getting acquainted with one another, you’ll be able to recognize the signs that they are getting increasingly comfortable and comfortable being close.

Despite this, it is important to never over-exert yourself or your Parakeet’s limits. Keep calm and proceed to the next step.

Bribe Your Parakeets To Make A Peace Offering.

Sometimes, it’s more beneficial to induce your parakeets to come on their own. Bribing or giving treats is one of the most efficient methods to encourage each parakeet to establish positive relationships.

The ideal time to initiate the peace-making process is at the close of the quarantine phase. If you see your birds getting used to one another, get them together in the same space.

Keep the original Bird out of the cage and place the new Bird inside its enclosure in the same room when you are giving treats. Give both birds a variety of delicious snacks while they’re in the same area.

After a short time, you can remove the cage to a new location, return the first Bird to its cage, and follow the same procedure later. Always keep both birds in separate cages during the introduction stage, as injuries during the fighting could occur.

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Train Them In The Same Room.

Although both parakeets can be found in the same room in their cages, it’ll take a while until they are truly close friends and can play together. If you’re looking to speed up the process, the best method is to experiment with trick training with your pets.

The Parakeets will also get lots of positive enforcement and delicious food through joint movement. This article will help you determine the top treats for your Parakeets. Also, consider both Keets and plan to create a sense of belonging by sharing your time as an entire flock.

Use Bonding Techniques.

In the later stage of introducing an animal to an existing one, consider bond-building methods for each Bird. You could try simple techniques like sharing meals or playing in the same space.

This can greatly improve your bond with your two feathered friends. It could be that your previous Parakeet might exhibit jealousy because of your attention being paid to the new one.

However, when you behave as a flock member, that could cause the jealous one to be more inclined to accept the new one.

Take A Step Back If Either Of Your Parakeets Is Becoming Uncomfortable.

If you observe any of your birds getting uncomfortable concerning the other, Take an extra step away. Based on each Parakeet’s character trait, it may take longer for certain Birds than others.

Therefore, you should follow the advice of your Bird. Don’t proceed until your parakeet accepts the whole idea of the procedure. You can either move slowly if both feel comfortable or return to the first procedure if one Parakeet is scared.

There is also the possibility that the first Bird might not accept a new bird. It is better to be prepared to make a different arrangement. It could mean that you will need to keep your other pet in a separate space and ensure that the door is shut when one of the keets gets out of the cage.

A keet that has been fostered owned by its owner is better off as a single pet. It could be a difficult decision, but you must make the best decision for your pet.