Do Parakeets Have Good Eyesight? (All About Their Eyesight)

Do Parakeets Have Good Eyesight

In this article, we will answer the question: do parakeets have good eyesight, and if yes, what does a parakeet’s vision look like? It can be an intriguing experience for you when you look into your Parakeet’s eyes. 

We often wish that we could see the world that parakeets can see through their eyes to understand their inner lives better. Therefore it led me to research the quality of bird eyes. Consequently, I have studied to answer the question: do parakeets have good eyesight?

Do Parakeets Have Good Eyesight?

do parakeets have good eyesight
do parakeets have good eyesight

Yes, parakeets have good eyesight that is more powerful than us. They can also detect ultraviolet rays and learn many things about the world around themTheir good vision is also beneficial for them to see predators in the wild, foraging for foods, and locate their shelter.

After knowing that parakeets have good eyesight, let’s glimpse what parakeet vision looks like and what colors your Parakeet can see. We will further see if they can recognize their owners or not. Read on to know many interesting hard facts about your parakeets’ vision and senses.

What Does A Parakeet See?

With a compelling vision, parakeets can detect any lurking predators who may want to attack them. In the wild, they need to be alert; parakeets are prey animals. With such a powerful vision that is even better than ours, they can scan a much more comprehensive view of their surroundings.

As their eyes are situated on either side of their head, they cannot see anything directly ahead of them so efficiently. Overall, a parakeet’s razor-sharp eyesight helps them keep an eye on Predator, forage food, and relocate themselves.

What Colors Do Parakeets See?

Parakeets can see any color we see. They can also see ultraviolet rays and light, which humans cannot. The ability to see ultraviolet light is beneficial for parakeets as it helps them find their potential future mate by detecting the most vibrant feathers.

The ultraviolet ray is the type of light that gives sunburn to humans, but to parakeets, it plays an entirely different role, especially with the colors. They choose the most vital partner to mate with and secure healthy reproduction by detecting the most vibrant feathered bird.

Their incredible eyesight also helps them see color if they lack a sense of smell or taste. With their eyes alone, parakeets, like birds, can detect food like vegetables, fruits, and greens that are safe to eat. They are also able to see rotten food.

Do Parakeets Recognize Their Owners?

Yes. Parakeets can recognize their owners after spending enough time. They are brilliant birds who can easily be tamed and remember their names. Parakeets are capable of learning to recognize their owners and other individuals who have been raised alongside them. Parakeets are known to show signs of affection to one or more than one person if they recognize them.

Interestingly, he might show affection by responding to your words or speech. The parakeets may get excited when it sees you approaching their cage. If your bird is also trying to climb the perch of its pen to be nearer to you, it is another sign of affection.

You cannot only make your parakeets recognize you but also strengthen the bond by bathing them and establishing physical contact. If you gain your bird’s trust over time, it will even perch on you or your shoulder. When appropriately bonded, they always look to perch on their companion’s finger or shoulder to show affection.

How To Tell If A Parakeet Is Blind?

There are many symptoms of blindness in birds, but it is not always. Here are a few signs to look for.

  1. Depression
  2. Red weeping eyes
  3. Flaking skin
  4. Swelling around the eye
  5. Lack of appetite
  6. Feather grew in the eye area
  7. Ruffled feathers
  8. Blinking More than Usual
  9. Discharge From The Eye

There can be many reasons behind a parakeet’s blindness. Still, since they are adaptable, some owners don’t notice that their bird is blind until a professional or veterinarian points it out. The Parakeet can go blind due to an infection or just with age. Vitamin deficiency can also lead a bird to color blindness or complete blindness.

To determine correctly whether your Parakeet is going blind or not, you can take a quick trip to the nearest veterinarian. If you find your Parakeet blind, it is best to avoid moving its food dishes or perches into a new area as they will complete their sense of hearing and memories.

Why Does My Parakeet Stare At Me?

why does my parakeet stare at me
why does my parakeet stare at me

Parakeets can stare at you if you are in their presence out of curiosity. Parakeets are curious birds who like to explore and take an interest in whatever is happening around them. If your Parakeet is continuously staring at you, they are entirely comfortable being around you. 

They might also gaze at you in the early morning for food. When a bird stares at you continuously, it is also showing affection. If you notice your Parakeet’s pupils getting wide when it stares at you, it tells how your bird feels towards you. Birds like parakeets often stare at their owners as a sign of affection.

Interesting Further Reading

Do Parakeets Have Good Hearing?

Just like visions, parakeets also have better hearing than we do. Although they hear the same range of sounds that we do, the way they relate to them is different. Parakeets come with internal ears, which are not visible unless the bird is thoroughly washed. 

Parakeets have good hearing, but they are also pretty much effective at storing sounds in the memory. They are incredibly talented at memorizing sequences of sound to mimic. Parakeets can mimic different sounds that they hear repeatedly. Apart from this, they’re also capable of learning the calls that their specific uses.


All the senses that parakeets have are used very often in the wild. They have good eyesight and good hearing, which keeps them alert and watchful for predators. They can also see ultraviolet light, which helps them learn extra details about the other bird they encounter around them.

I tried my best to give you all the ideas on what parakeets can see and the signs of blindness. I hope you liked this article. Make sure to share it. Your one share can help many people learn about this bird’s exciting senses.