Can Parrots Live Alone? (What Are The Consequences?)

Can Parrots Live Alone? (What Are The Consequences?)

Parrots are a colorful and intelligent bird that attracts bird lovers. They are playful in nature and cheerfully imitate human sounds. So, parrots are favorites among hobbyists when it comes to a pet bird.

If you are thinking of keeping a parrot as a pet, you might wonder whether parrots need a companion. Or can parrots live alone?

Parrots can live alone. However, you will find them unhappy and sometimes stressed if left alone. Parrots are social animals that enjoys company. Moreover, in the wild, parrots are seen in flocks and rarely as a loner. Parrots, if kept with a companion will more likely to be bolder and interactive.

Now, just because parrots are friendly does not mean that they should be kept in pairs. Various factors need to be considered before you get a companion for your pet parrot. Let’s discuss these factors in-depth.

do parrots live alone

Why Should Parrots Be Kept In Pairs?

Parrots in the wild live in flocks. You can see them flying in groups more often than flying alone. So, when you keep a parrot alone in captivity, it can feel lonely.

Parrots love socializing, and hence they will lookout for someone with whom they can interact. It is always not possible for you to spend a considerable amount of time with your pet.

Hence, it becomes easier for you to provide him with a companion. You might wonder, keeping two parrots means double the work. It is not. They cut the workload in half. When you keep parrots in a group, they fulfill each other’s social needs.

Let us now see the several reasons why it is recommended for parrots to be kept in pairs:

Parrots are social birds

Parrots are social creatures. Socializing makes them happy and is key to their physical and mental health. Seldom will you see a parrot alone in the wild.

It has been observed that a single parrot without any company and less social interaction can suffer from psychological problems.

Hence, it is very important that they live the same lifestyle in captivity. Moreover, parrots enjoy being in a flock or a group, and if you keep your parrot in pairs, it will serve the purpose of interaction.

Parrots feel safe in pairs

Just like humans, parrots can also go through a bout of emotions. So, when you keep your parrots in pairs, it helps them feel calm and safe.

Your parrot can go through a range of emotions at a particular time, and if you are not present at that time, it will make him feel scared.

However, if it is in a group or in pairs, your parrot will be interactitive and not feel lonely.

Keeping parrots in pairs makes them bolder

Parrots, if kept in pairs, become bolder. They learn to accept and face new situations. Also, they learn a lot of things by watching and imitating each other.

If you have two different parrots with a diverse personality, you can see the changes more prominently.

The one who is shy will be seen more interacting by looking at its companion. It will also be more willing to accept any new variety of food or a different toy.

Your shy and otherwise quiet parrot will look upon the bold parrot and will open up as well in terms of social interaction.It will eventually lead to a healthy life.

It saves a lot of your time

When you have a single parrot as a pet, your parrot will not have any social interaction other than you.

So, it becomes all the more vital for you to spend time with your parrot. Otherwise, it will feel lonely and sad.

On the other hand, if you have parrots in pairs, it becomes much easier for you. Your parrots will interact and play with each other.

It will no longer wait for you to have an interaction. The bonding between your parrots will be more profound, and it will help each other. You can save a lot of your time on a busy day.

Parrots in pair can comfortably mate

Just like any animal, parrots also mate. So, if you have two parrots of different sex, they will get attracted towards each other and also mate.

Many pet owners prefer to keep parrots of the opposite sex so that they can mate.

It is possible that if you keep parrots of the same sex, they may get aggressive. It is because they do not have a partner for mating.

So, maintaining parrots in pairs is a good idea.If both parrots know each other beforehand, it is good. Otherwise, you need to introduce them to one another.

Once they get familiar and feel comfortable, they will eventually mate in the future.

Both parrots raised together

Many a time, you will find that parrots are kept in pairs in a pet store. So, if you purchase a parrot raised with its companion, it is always better to buy both the parrots.

It will ensure that they both are not separated and will be raised together. If you purchase any 1 of the parrots leaving the other behind, it will cause problems.

The pet parrot may get aggressive without its companion. Also, taking both the parrots into your home will ensure that they both live in harmony as they know each other well. You don’t have to make efforts to familiar both of them.

It makes them happy

A friend is always welcome for any creature. Parrots being friendly will be glad to see a friend or a companion around. You will find your parrots in a happy and joyous mood most of the time.

This is because they will always have someone beside with whom they can play, talk, and eat together.

Also, keeping in pairs will ensure that your bird grows well. A healthy and happy pet is something every bird lover will always want.

Alright! Now that parrots are better if kept in a group or pairs. Let us now also understand what happens if parrots are left alone.

Consequences If Parrots Are Left Alone

Like humans, parrots can get bored if left unattended. Parrots are charming and hence need someone with whom they can interact on day-to-day basis.

In the wild, if a parrot feels lonely, it screams and calls upon its flock. However, in captivity, your parrot will be screaming for your attention.

If you cannot give your pet parrot sufficient time, it will start sulking and the effects will start showing on its health. If you have a single parrot as a pet, you will most likely be facing the following challenges.

  1. Feel lonely: Your pet parrot can feel lonely if there is no one around him to accompany. It will most likely feel bored and isolated and will seek your attention by screaming. Feeling lonely for a longer duration can lead to stress and may affect its health adversely.
  2. Decreased activity: Parrots are generally very playful and vocal. However, if your parrot is alone and is missing the company, it will start staring at things. You will not find your parrot singing and dancing, which it usually loves. You will find your parrot less active than other parrots in the wild that live in flocks.
  3. Loss of appetite: Loss of appetite is another sign that your parrot is feeling lonely. You will find your parrot losing its interest to eat and can even refuse to eat at times. It will lose its eagerness to eat and may eat only for survival. It can lead to severe malnutrition and can be fatal if ignored. In such a case, your pet bird needs immediate attention. It would be best if you took it to a veterinarian to ensure that your parrot is not suffering from any illness that suppresses its desire to eat.
  4. Nipping and biting: If your parrot is alone and is stressful, it can even bite you in anger. Parrots, just like humans, can feel anger and sadness. In extreme cases, it can sometimes harm itself by plucking feathers.
  5. Destructive: Parrots can be dangerous at times. In the wild, parrots fly in small groups and forage for food. They communicate with each other and live like a family. In captivity, if your parrot does not get attention and company, it can cause destruction. You cannot overlook the social needs of your parrot. Your parrot can fly all over the place in your home, can destroy its toy or simply make a mess in its cage.

Okay! Although it is advisable to keep parrots in pairs, not all pet owners prefer to have multiple pets.

You can keep a single parrot as a pet. You need to take care of things to ensure that your parrot is happy and is not sulking for lack of company.

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What Steps Can You Take To Make Your Parrot Feel Comfortable?

Although parrots are friendly and need company, it does not mean that you cannot keep a single parrot as a pet.

You can have a single parrot as a pet and give sufficient time in a day to make your pet happy. You should interact with it daily and look at what makes your pet parrot happy.

Whenever you are not around, you can keep toys in its cage. The toys can be puzzles, or else you can keep foraging toys to stimulate your parrot.

Another thing you can do is to keep your television or radio on. It will make your parrot comfortable, and it will fell that someone is around and is interacting.

You can even place a mirror inside its cage. Seeing its face in the mirror will make your parrot feel that it is around other parrots.

There are various other steps that you can follow as per your experience with your parrot. Parrots indeed need attention and accomplice to stay healthy and joyful.

However, there are exceptions when it is better to keep your parrot alone without any other bird around. Let’s have a look at those exceptions.

Exceptions When You Can Keep Your Parrots Alone

Parrots enjoy and live a healthy and happy life when in a group or in pairs. However, certain exceptions are advisable to keep your parrot alone than in a pair.

Different species of parrots have varied personalities. Some are friendly and thrive well in groups. In contrast, some species of parrots are aggressive. If you have an aggressive parrot, it is better to keep it alone than in pairs.

If kept in pairs, the aggressive parrot may harm the other calmer one. Several species of c0ckatoos are known for their aggressive behavior towards their mates.

When you should avoid keeping parrots together, is when they are related to each other and are siblings.

If you have a couple of parrots of opposite sexes and are related to each other, you will be tempted to keep them together. You may think that they will get along with each other.

No doubt that they will be happy with each other, and if they are of opposite sexes, they will even mate.

But this mating can prove fatal. There is a possibility that the baby parrot can face several complications if its parents are of the same bloodstream.

Besides, the sex of your parrot also plays an important role. You should avoid keeping two parrots of the same sex together. It is fine till the time your parrots are babies.

They will very well get along with each other. However, when they become adults, the scenario will change.

Once they become adults, their hormonal nature will make them aggressive towards each other. They can become jealous, and their fight can even go to the point of killing one another.

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Parrots are social creatures and love to be a part of a community. Social interaction is essential for the healthy growth of parrots.

Therefore, it is advisable to keep parrots in pairs or in a group of birds to make them feel comfortable and happy.

However, certain exceptions are discussed earlier when keeping a single parrot as a pet is better than keeping them in pairs.