Are There Wild Budgies In The UK? +Are They Pests?

are there wild budgies in the uk

The population is growing, and wild parakeets live throughout Great Britain that are nonnative but are introduced species. The population comprises several Parakeet species, including the ringneck parakeets, which are nonmigratory and native to the Indian subcontinent and Africa, readily available throughout Great Britain.

The origins of these Budgies are a matter of speculation, but it is believed that they have bred and fled from captivity several years ago.

In this article, we’re not going to determine whether there are wild budgies in the UK, but we will also consider whether budgies remain outside of this part of the UK and are considered a threat within the UK.

Are There Wild Budgies In The Uk?

are there wild budgies in the uk
are there wild budgies in the uk

In one of the big cities, London is home to as many temperatures as 14 degrees celsius during the summer weekend. If you visit the parks in the area, there are plenty of budgies fluttering across the skies.

Most people would rather have an afternoon picnic or drink in such a place. If there’s something new for you to experience in London or elsewhere in the UK, there is the chance to see the fascinating wildlife of one of London’s top parks. In London, there’s an array of colorful green parakeets flitting across the skies.

This phenomenon has increased over the past five years (50 years). The majority of the population is composed of the ringneck Parakeet. It is the sole British naturalized and recently added to the London fauna.

While there are parakeets and various species in many areas that stay at the top of free, in some areas of the UK, the bird species is so familiar to the public that they’ll fly over your property.

This means that even without leaving your city, you can get close to wild parakeets quickly in UK wildlife. Let’s consider whether budgies will survive in the UK or not.

Can budgies survive outside in the UK?

It depends. Budgies can live in the south of the UK when they have a good amount of their natural diet, such as lawn seeds. But, in most cases and many regions of the UK, they often become prey to predators such as cats and sparrowhawks.

If you’re planning to keep a few parakeets within the UK, it is recommended to keep them inside as they are susceptible to cold. If you want to keep a variety of budgies or a diverse flock of parakeets, the best option is an outdoor cage.

Be sure to purchase the cage large enough that your budgies can have plenty of room while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. If you keep parakeets in the outdoors, Here are three things to think about.

3 Things To Consider When Keeping Budgies Outdoor In The UK


The Budgie is native to Australian temperature; however, they can withstand temperatures of 17 to 23 degrees Celsius temperature. However, they cannot endure a sudden shift in temperatures. You need to ensure that the temperatures in your aviary’s setup are in line with the needs of your budgies.

If you’ve had your budgies outside and have noticed their feathers puffing up and their bodies shivering, bring them inside. If your Budgies are in the indoor space, buy them blankets. They must be warm to ensure that they can control their natural behavior.

Aviary Setup.

If you keep missing flocks of budgies in vast numbers of budgies within an enclosure, every setup must be equipped with the essential requirements. Food should be plentiful water balls and purchased and enough space to ensure their wellbeing.


To let you know that parakeets are very territorial and unpredictable in how they behave when in flocks. It is essential to be vigilant about their behavior daily. If your parakeets are fighting, nibbling, orbiting one another, be sure to know the reason. Below, I’ve listed the causes that make parakeets bite each other.

Are there wild budgies in London?

There are many hundreds of wild budgies in London, and Londoners are very aware of this. But, many newcomers be amazed when they glimpse the green flash exotic quack.

When you visit London, it is essential to take a stroll in Hyde’s park and first-time encounter with a parakeet.

The majority of parakeets that live in Hyde’s Park love to interact with humans because they are used to it.

Additionally, the population of British Parakeets has also been concentrated within the Suburban regions of London.

Within the counties that are home to southeast England, the population is called Kingston parakeets. The Parakeets are prolific breeders and have expanded far over the regions.

The Parakeets’ flocks have been observed in nearly all other areas of Britain, particularly in locations that suit their environment. There are numerous other wild parakeet communities in other European cities too.

Are Parakeets a pest in UK?

Are parakeets a pest in UK?//
Are parakeets a pest in the UK?

People Consider Parakeets as an agricultural pest in the UK as they eat fruits and seeds grown in fields.

In addition, they use numerous locations to build nests that are otherwise home to UK indigenous species.

Parakeets in the UK typically build their nests in the holes in trees. We know that Parakeets are not native and invasive species that inhabit the UK.

Like the different native birds in London, they have encountered various issues in their rapidly growing and finding their nests throughout the southeast of the UK across London.

The red ringneck species of Parakeets have legal protection in the UK. According to the license issued by England, the species is believed to be under control; however, only in extreme situations where native birds are threatening to the conservation.

The parakeets are also removed from an unpleasant situation, such as, if they cause grave damage to crops or threaten air safety.

How Many Wild Parakeets Are There In The UK?

The United Kingdom is home to a large number of birds. According to the royal society, Great Britain, to protect birds, there are over eight thousand breeding pairs of parakeets who live across the UK.

However, they are classified as pests to agriculture, protected under the law and the local population.

Why are there parakeets in Hyde Park?

There’s been much debate about whether these parakeets are British and if they are not. Since they are readily available in Britain; however, don’t let reports tell you otherwise.

In the past, Mayor Harold Washington, who resided in Hyde’s Park at first, referred to Hyde’s park Monk Parakeet colony as a good luck talisman.

Then, the locals protested and organized an appeal to safeguard the species of Parakeets that are not native to the UK after the government, specifically USDA, threatened to take the birds completely.

In reality, no one in the UK is sure how the Parakeets not native to the UK first arrived on the UK shores. There are many theories, and I will provide three reasons for the parakeets are present in Hyde’s Park.

Where are parakeets in Hyde Park? +3 Reasons For Their Presence

Reason #1

The large numbers of parakeets escaped the film set of an African queen, which was shot and recorded in the studio at Isleworth following the 1950s. This is where these enormous flocks of parakeets first became apparent, but also where they hid for the last 50 years.

The majority of the Parakeets species present in London is believed to be part of the vast flocks fleeing from the African Queen set recorded in 1951. In the following years, these birds were bred, spread, and increased their numbers within the vicinity of London.

Reason #2

The story that is the most logical one is the storm that struck in 1987 that destroyed a variety of Aviaries that were present along the area bordering Surrey.

It is sole coincidental evidence of dovetails migrating, and the first mass sighting recorded a few years later in London.

Reason #3

In the 1960s, a man called Jimi Hendrix released an unnamed breeding pair. This could be true since there is no evidence regarding the act. Some believe that following the release of this breeding pair during the Carnaby street show, the budgie population saw an increase in numbers.

In reality, Hendrix’s ex-girlfriend was asked this question; she denied the whole thing and claimed that she had not heard of this legend until recently.