Can You Use Baby Play Toys For Your Birds?

Can You Use Baby Play Toys For Your Birds?

Birds are known for their intelligent and active nature. Humans have loved them as pets for centuries because of their lively demeanor. Across the world, amongst different regions, you will always come across one or another bird lover. Maybe you are also one of them. And if you are, the question “Can You Use Baby Play Toys For Your Birds?” may have confused you. Is it? Continue reading as we answer the same for you. 

Birds require stimulation to stay happy and healthy. Just like in their natural habitat, where they forage, play, and explore, birds in domestic setup require the right toys for their well-being. Bird toys are often marketed and are easily available either in pet stores or online marketplace. But can we replace baby play toys with bird toys?

Join us in this article as we explore why pet birds need toys and if human baby toys can replace them. While there are many toys marketed for birds, not all are suitable. Don’t worry; we have creative and safe alternatives to keep them entertained and content.”

Why Pet Birds Need Toys?

For their overall physical and mental well-being, pet birds require toys to play with. Birds are natural creatures in the wild. In their natural habitat, they play with branches, leaves, twigs, and various other elements they find around. However, to stay mentally and physically stimulated in a domestic setting, birds need toys. 

Here are more insights on the same:

  • Birds are highly intelligent creatures, and they need constant mental engagement. In the wild, they socialize around with other avians, navigate their surroundings, and engage in the search for food. To match this level of stimulation in captivity, birds need toys. Without any natural engagement and the absence of natural challenges, birds easily get bored and stressed. Toys help them with mental engagement and prevent boredom. Proving toys to your birds also prevents excessive squawking, feather plucking, and more such behavior. 
  • Besides mental stimulation, to stay healthy, birds need to engage in physical activities as well. While there are a lot of physical engagement opportunities present in the wild, in captivity, toys support them. Bird toys or nest accessories encourage climbing, swinging, and flying within their cages or play areas. Such activities help birds maintain proper muscle tone and overall physical fitness.
  • Birds that are not mentally and physically stimulated are more prone to feather plucking, a behavior that can lead to severe health issues.
  • Chewing on specialized toys also helps birds trim and maintain their beaks. It also prevents beaks and talons from overgrowing, which otherwise can later turn into a health complication.
  • Since birds are naturally playful and curious, toys allow them to play and explore their time. Not only does it add to the entertainment needs, but it also improves the problem-solving skills of avians. 
  • Due to a lack of social interaction in captivity, birds find companionship with toys. For instance, reflectable toys don’t make birds feel lonely. PLEASE NOTE: If your bird is suffering from loneliness, getting it a compatible companion is better than toys.
  • Toys for birds also reduce stress since they are a source of comfort and security for birds.
  • Toys can also mimic the foraging behavior birds engage in naturally. Toys like puzzle feeders, treat-dispensing toys, and toys with hidden compartments for food are some popular examples. Such toys encourage mental stimulation and also help in preventing overeating.
  • Some bird toys create a stimulating and enriching environment for pet avians. They simply make your birds’ lives more engaging and interesting in captivity. 
Are Baby Toys Safe For Parrots

Are Baby Toys Safe For Parrots? Can Baby Toys Replace Bird Toys?

Baby toys are safe for parrots and other birds. Baby play toys can replace bird toys (not entirely), but under certain considerations:

  1. Safety: Baby play toys are designed for kids, keeping their safety in mind. When replacing them for bird toys, make sure they are free from toxic materials, sharp edges, etc. The toy should be free from any small parts that could be swallowed. 
  2. Texture and Materials: Bird toys are typically the ones that avians can chew and manipulate. However, some baby toys like teething rings or soft toys may not offer the same level of usage for avians. Birds sometimes need toys made of acrylics, wood, or other similar materials that can offer a level of beak and talon exercise. 
  3. Mental Stimulation: Some baby toys may offer mental stimulation to birds, but they aren’t just enough to meet the complexity and variety of bird toys. Parrots and other avians need toys with elements like hidden compartments, mirrors, bells, etc., to cater to their intelligence, and baby toys aren’t meant for the same. 
  4. Supervision: Regardless of the toys you provide to your bird, make sure you supervise them during playtime. Doing so is important to ensure their safety and to prevent them from accidentally ingesting small parts.

Overall, a combination of baby toys and bird toys can offer a well-rounded and stimulating environment for avians. However, when choosing baby toys for your birds, make sure they meet the safety, mental, and physical requirements of avians. 

What Material Toys Are Safe For Parrots (Or Birds) To Play With?

Parrots (Or Birds) can play with a variety of toys as long as they are made with bird-friendly material. 

Here are some of the bird-friendly materials for avian toys:

  • Bird-safe woods, including pine, fir, and balsa, are a safe choice for toys. Such woods aid in beak exercise and are soft enough to chew for birds.
  • Toys made from bird-safe acrylic can be colorful and engaging for birds. The best part is they are highly durable and very easy to clean.
  • Both natural cotton or sisal ropes as toys are ideal for birds. These ropes are suitable to climb, swing on, and chew. However, when getting them, make sure the ropes are free from fraying thread and are absolutely untreated. Overlooking these safety points may lead to choking hazards for birds. 
  • Birds may enjoy leather strips or leather-covered toys as long as the leather is untreated. Such toys are ideal for shredding and chewing.
  • Some birds enjoy stainless steel chains, bells, and hardware as long as they are sturdy and rust-resistant. 
  • Natural elements, including palm leaves, coconut shells, and corn husks, can make excellent bird toys.  
  • Some high-quality, bird-safe plastic toys with no small parts can make for excellent bird toys. 
  • Birds also enjoy shredding and chewing on cardboard, though make sure the cardboard is clean and untreated. 
  • Clean, pesticide-free branches from non-toxic trees can substitute for bird toys. 

However, when choosing a bird toy, make sure it is free from toxic woods like cherry or cedar. Also, the toy should be free from toxic materials like zinc, lead, and low-grade plastic. 

Baby Toys That Are Suitable For Parrots

Baby Toys That Are Suitable For Parrots

Here are some baby toys that may be appropriate for parrots (and other birds)

  1. Soft toys like stuffed animals or cloth balls are suitable for birds as long as they cannot be swallowed or have a small part that can be pulled off. 
  2. Chewing rings that are made with silicone or rubber can be suitable for birds. However, they may not provide beak exercise.
  3. Plastic links or rings designed for babies can be an interesting addition to your bird nest. As hanging toys, they can entertain birds for a long. However, such toys should be free from small detachable parts.
  4. Larger, solid plastic balls can be entertaining for parrots to push around and play with.
  5. Some parrots may enjoy playing with baby toys made from sisal or rope materials.

Baby Play Toys To Keep Away From Birds

Keep in mind the following baby toys that may not be suitable for parrots:

  1. Any baby play toy that has buttons, decorations, accessories, and small/ tiny detachable parts isn’t suitable for birds. Such toys can pose choking hazards for birds. 
  2. Baby play toys like cars, bikes, or any with electronic components or batteries aren’t meant for birds. 
  3. Although baby toys are made from safe materials, when replacing them with bird toys, make sure they are absolutely free from toxic materials or chemicals.
  4. Baby play toys that have loose threading can be a risk for birds. Avians may either ingest them or entangle in them, hurting themselves. 
  5. Whenever offering a toy to your bird, regularly inspect it for signs of wear or damage and replace it accordingly. 

Choosing Toys For Birds- Things To Consider

When choosing toys for your pet birds, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Different bird species have varying toy preferences; thus, choose play toys accordingly. For instance, smaller birds choose tiny toys, whereas larger birds choose big and complex toys. Keep your bird’s size, personality, and natural behaviors in mind.
  2. When choosing a bird-friendly toy, make sure it is made from safe, toxic-free material. Look for labels that specify the same. 
  3. Choose toys that are complex yet free of sharp edges, small parts, loose thread, and chewable material. 
  4. Birds thrive on variety and, thus, offer them a mix of chew toys, foraging toys, puzzle toys, and interactive toys.
  5. Birds love to explore different textures, and thus offer them toys made using wood, acrylic, leather, rope, and natural materials.
  6. Birds can be quite destructive, especially larger birds, due to their powerful beaks. Therefore, when choosing a bird toy, look for durability of the material that can withstand chewing especially.  
  7. Since birds are sensitive to noise, consider the noise level of toys like bells or rattles.
  8. Birds are often attracted to bright colors and thus choose colorful toys. Such toys also aid visual stimulation amongst birds. 
  9. Birds are natural foragers; thus, choose toys that can encourage foraging for treats or food. Such toys can provide mental stimulation and mimic their natural behaviors.
  10. Rotate toys regularly to prevent boredom. Also, do check toys for any damage and replace them right away. 
  11. Choose reflective toys so that they can serve as companions when you’re not around.
  12. Choose toys that are easy to clean to maintain your bird’s hygiene and health.

Best Bird Toys 2023

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  5. Cokliomc Parrot Toys, Natural Corn Cob Bird chew Toys for Small and Medium-Sized Macaws, African Grey Parrots, Amazon Parrots
  6. Penn-Plax Bird Life Wooden Playpen – Perfect for Cockatiels and Conures
MEWTOGO Extra Large Bird Parrot Toys for Macaws, African Grey, Amazon Parrots
  • Extra large with size 18", this bird chewing toy is suggested for Macaw, Amazon, African grey cockatoos, Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus, Ara ararauna, Ara glaucogularis, Ara militaris, Ara ambiguus, Ara macao, Ara chloroptera, Ara rubrogenys, Ara severa, Primolius couloni, Diopsittaca nobilis.
  • This parrot block toy's type is stylish and attractive, which will catch bird's eyes immediately.
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  • Versatile Design: This bird toy provide pet birds a fun & elevated place to climb, chew, perch and explore, let them keep active and healthy, meanwhile, can reduce their aggression & loneliness, and have more fun hours.
  • Easy to Install: The cockatoo toy is composed of 7 separate parts, with adjustable wadded rope. And comes with an active hook which is easy to connect to the top and side of your pet cage.
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  • 【Safe To Play】: These Parrot Cage Shredder toys are made of natural loofah, rattan balls,wood, stuffe with brightly colored crinkly papers which is very safe for your bird friends to chew. Hand-woven bird toys you can hide their treats in it which is an excellent selection for your pet friends who have a urge to chew and forage.
  • 【Keep Active】:A busy Mr. or Mrs. bird is a happy Mr. or Mrs. bird.Those bird shredder toys are stuffed with brightly colored crinkly paper, which will catch bird's eyes immediately.And then they will pull them out just for great fun.It's a great chose to give your bird entertainment and physical exercise.
  • 【The Bird Rope Perch】:The bird rope perch is made of the flexible, soft, durable, multi-colored cotton which is easy to connect to your bird cage.You can create different shape of perches for your lovely birds.
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  • 【Easy to install】: All bird cage accessories toys come with a hook which can attach to the bird cage simply can provide hours of fun every day.Save space and a good decoration of your bird cage.Nice for small to medium birds,such as small parakeets, cockatiel, conures, macaws, parrots, love birds, Mynah, finches ,pineapple and so on.
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  • [Natural and safe materials] corn cob, natural rattan ball, macaw food coloring, purely handmade, bright colors, no harm to pets, while increasing the interest of birds.
  • [Reduce pet anxiety] can be a good exercise parrot bird beak, beak hook curved, upper jaw. Can easily attract parrot birds to chew and they will spend long hours playing with these toys every day, keeping your parrot busy, less destructive and more fun. No more impatience and anxiety, and more willing to approach their owners.
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Penn-Plax Bird Life Wooden Playpen – Perfect for Cockatiels and Conures – Large
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In conclusion, while some baby toys can be safe for birds, it’s crucial to prioritize bird-specific toys that cater to their unique needs and ensure their well-being and enrichment.