10 Birds With Longest Feathers

Birds With Longest Feathers

“Have you ever stopped to wonder about the birds with the most extravagant feathers? You must have since you are here to find the answer. 

Join us as we start the journey of finding a Bird with the longest feathers in the world. 

Feathers, the announced crown of Avians, are often discussed around. Those magical, delicate things that let birds take flight, stay warm, and steal our hearts. But there’s a lot about Bird feathers that we are unfamiliar with, like the Birds with Longest Feathers. 

Continue reading the article till the end as we uncover the secret of Birds with long and the longest feathers. We assure you that every single piece of information will amaze you like never before.

Unraveling the mystery of which bird boasts the absolute longest feathers.

Which Bird has the longest feathers?

When it comes to the birds with the longest feathers, it’s like a friendly competition in the avian world. However, the two standout contenders for this feathered Record are the Wandering Albatross and the Saddle-Billed Stork.

The Wandering Albatross, aka White-Winged, Goonie, or Snowy Albatross, are large seabirds from the Diomedeidae family. As they marvel upon the open seas, Albatross boasts a magnificent wingspan stretching more than 11 feet. And since it is their primary flight feathers, the fact becomes more remarkable. Feathers stretching 11 feet or more are truly great for the bird world. With such a huge stretch, Albatross is able to glide effortlessly across the vast ocean expanse. 

Simultaneously, while Saddle-billed stork doesn’t have such a huge wingspan, they have some long feathers. Their long and elegant tail feathers stretch 8 to 9 feet giving them a typically large wingspan. Their feathers set Saddle-billed storks apart from the bird crowd and add to their unique appearance.

Of course, these two birds aren’t the only contenders in the feather-length game. When we explore the avian world, the wonders of feathers are truly many. Different birds have unique feathers and adaptations that add to their looks, survival, and more.

Yokohama Chicken: Record Holder of the Longest Feathers

When talking about the birds that have the Longest Feathers (On Record), no one can get over the Yokohama Chicken. 

The Yokohama Chicken holds the Record for “remarkable feat of feather growth,” according to the Guinness World Records.

In 1972, this extraordinary breed achieved the distinction of possessing the longest feathers ever recorded, measuring an astonishing 10.6 meters (34.7769 feet). They are known for their beautifully flowing feathers that can grow as long as half a foot. 

However, what’s unique is the unique development timeline of Yokohama. Their magnificent feathers don’t emerge until the chickens reach around six months of age. A remarkable transformation unfolds as these feathers continue to elongate, reaching their full length at approximately eighteen months old. The feathers adorning a Yokohama chicken aren’t conventional feathers at all; they consist of a special protein called keratin. The composition of Yokohama’s feathers not just adds to their appearance but also adds to the unexceptional growth of those long feathers.

Beyond their extraordinary feathers. Yokohama chicken is also popular for being trainable and for their docile characteristics. No wonder they make excellent pets and thus are a popular choice amongst enthusiasts. The color palette of these feathers spans from white to black, with a range of gray shades in between, influenced by the chicken’s breed.

However, before having Yokohama chickens as pets, it is important to take care of ample space. These unique birds thrive when provided with a room to roam freely and avoid feeling confined within their living environment.

Top 10 Birds in the World with Longest Feathers

Avains’ world of long feathers is a captivating one. Here’s a glimpse into the top 10 birds that boast truly remarkable feathers:

  1. The list cannot start without Yokohama Chicken, the bird with feathers nearly 34.7769 feet, an incredible 10.6 meters. This unique breed claimed the Guinness World Record for the longest feathers as well. Their feathers are made up of Keratin. 
  2. Second, on the list is the Wandering Albatross, the renowned avian known for its expansive wingspan. These birds have feathers that spread 11 feet or even more and contribute to their effortless flight over oceans.
  3. Saddle-Billed Stork, though, are not famed for wingspan, but their long, elegant tail feathers set them apart in the avian world.
  4. Indian Peafowl or Peacock boasts extravagant plumage. It includes the stunning “train” with elongated, iridescent feathers that form a mesmerizing fan display.
  5. Victoria Crowned Pigeon, the bird that is known for its regal appearance, wears an ornate crown of elongated, lacy feathers on its head. 
  6. Great Argus Pheasants boast intricate, elongated feathers in its tail. These birds dazzle with their spectacular courtship dance.
  7. Resplendent Quetzal, the bird native to Central America, exhibits vibrant, long tail feathers that have cultural significance in Mayan and Aztec legends.
  8. Ribbon-Tailed Astrapia native to Papua New Guinea exhibits a distinctive ribbon-like tail that can extend up to three times its body length.
  9. Gouldian Finch are known for their elongated, colorful tail feathers that contribute to their striking appearance.
  10. Long-Tailed Widowbirds native to is the male long-tailed widowbird that exhibits lengthy tail feathers. Their feathers play a role in its impressive courtship displays.

Do Birds continue to grow their feather all life long?

No, birds do not continue to grow their feathers throughout their entire lives. Feathers have a predetermined growth cycle that includes phases of growth, wear, and replacement. This process is commonly known as Molting, a period where birds shed their old and damaged feather and grow new ones in their place.

Molting in birds is an essential phenomenon that allows them to maintain feathers for flying, staying warm, and displaying around. Every bird goes through the phenomenon of Molting though its frequency and timing may vary depending on the bird and its species. It also gets influenced by age, breeding season, environmental conditions, and more.

In many bird species, molting occurs on a regular basis. Young birds often go through their first molt to acquire adult plumage. Adult birds may molt annually or semi-annually, replacing feathers that have become worn or faded.

However, after a certain point, the growth of feathers typically slows down or stops altogether. This means that birds do not continue to grow feathers indefinitely throughout their lives. Instead, they go through cyclic phases of feather growth and replacement to maintain their optimal condition for survival and reproduction.


So, there you have it, a glimpse into the world of birds with the longest feathers. From the soaring Albatross to the unique Yokohama chicken, nature’s creations never leaves a chance to amaze us with their remarkable adaptations. 

In this journey to uncover the bird with the longest feathers, we together have witnessed nature’s incredible diversity. Whether through soaring flights or remarkable protein-based growth, they remind us of the beauty and wonder found in the world of feathers.