A Guide to Basic Pigeon Care Tips

A Guide to Basic Pigeon Care Tips

One can never be considered a true bird lover till he has had one as a pet for a fair bit of time.

I have gained my share of expertise by spending time and taking care of one of the most innocent bird species, the Pigeon.

Raising pigeons is the simplest of duties one could ask for and once you get the knack of it, you enjoy every moment of it.

Just to enlighten you, there are hundreds of breeds of pigeons and every one of them requires a different level of care.

To be light on your pocket and to have fun with your pet, I recommend you start with a domestic pigeon as your pet if you are a beginner.

With experience, you shall move on to another breed later. Here are a few tips for you as to how you should be taking care of your pigeons and keeping them lively at all times.

Good shelter:

A good shelter should be your priority when deciding to pet an animal, a bird in this perspective.

Build or buy a decent nest box for your pigeon. A regular pigeon nest box has dimensions of Length=14’, Width=24’, and Height =12’.

Ensure the quality of material used in building the nest. Cats are pretty fierce predators when it comes to attacking pigeons and even mice are seen preying on young ones when they get the chance.

Good quality and strong material used in building the nest box ensures the safety of your pigeons.

Once the nest box is in place, kindly ensure that it is kept clean and dry at all times.

You may also add a nest bowl or similar materials as accessories for them to take care of their eggs and babies till they come of age.

Pigeon Food:

Special attention needs to be given to the food you prepare for your pigeons. Store the food in a well-preserved area to avoid pests from infecting it. Make sure that where you provide food to your pigeons, that place is kept dry at all times.

It is preferred to feed the pigeons twice a day, in morning and evening shifts.

Dried peas, corn, chickpeas, and wheat along with seasonal grains and seasonal vegetables are preferred diets for your pigeons.

Drinking water:

Drinking water is a must for all living things. Water hygiene is extremely important in ensuring good health for your pet.

Make sure that the water you provide your pigeons with, is fresh and clean and does not contain any bacteria.

Water vessels are preferred tools when providing your pigeons with water to drink.

These are basic yet important measures that you need to take when raising pigeons as your favorite pets.

Do not go easy on any of these measures. Love them and they will love you back and you are bound to enjoy every moment of it.

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