How To Keep Birds Away From Your Pool? 15 Ways

How To Keep Birds Away From Your Pool? 15 Ways

Birds are beautiful by look and essential for the environment, yet they sometimes appear extremely annoying. Especially if you are a new pool owner, you might know the struggle of keeping birds away from the pool. Bird droppings in your swimming pool or garden ponds look highly unappealing.

And beyond how it feels, it also poses a health risk for both you and your family. As far as studies have shown, Bird droppings contain and could spread over 60 different diseases. It can range from minor influenza to high fever, blood abnormalities, liver infection, respiratory infections, and pneumonia. And all of these come at risk while you accidentally inhale or consume them. Thus, keep your swimming pool safe from birds to decline any such conditions.

But how? Come, let’s learn

How do I keep birds out of my pool?

Birds, especially young birds, around swimming pools are dangerous. They possess risks for humans, but the chances of them drowning are also high. And because you won’t want this to happen anytime, it is essential to keep them away.

Keeping birds out of the pool isn’t impossible though a little challenging. Because you do not want them to dip or drown in the pool water, make sure you are mindful every time.

While the swimming pool is not in use, consider keeping it under pool covers. It won’t just keep birds out of the pool but will also keep the Water free from dust and debris.

15 Tips on How to Keep Birds Away from the Water

  1. Remove everything that may attract birds from and around the swimming pool. This may include a birdbath, bird feeder, food, and nesting material. If there are bird luring plants around the swimming pool, transfer them to the garden or at some distance.
  2. Run a fishing line in a zigzag/ crisscross pattern above the swimming pool. This will act as a barrier and prohibit bird movement in that specific area. Tie the fishing line slightly higher than the height where birds usually fly.
  3. Add crocodile pool toys into your swimming pool. Birds have a love-hate relationship with crocodiles. You may have spotted birds perching on these giant backs; however, crocodiles in the wild also see them as food. Thus, invest in an inflatable giant gator ride-on. Apart from deterring birds, it will also add fun to the pool.
  4. If you keep a dog or a cat as pets, tie them close to the swimming pool. If your pet is well trained, you can let them roam free around the pool. Upon seeing birds, these canine buddies will chase them out of space.
  5. Eliminate all the bird roosting areas near the swimming pool.
  6. Blind bird’s sight with aluminum, mirror, or other reflective objects. Anything that reflects sunlight makes it difficult for birds to fly close. It basically blocks birds’ vision (visually) without harming them. It is just the reflection and flashiness that does the job humanely. You can find such commercial products and hang them around the swimming pool.
  7. Scare birds out of the pool with Owl/ Hawk decoys. Birds are easy to scare, and even simple objects like plastic predator toys can deter them. Since petting a real owl isn’t a very fair deal, you can install owl decoys near your swimming pool. Place them in the trees or light fixtures around. Make sure you keep changing their place for imitating them as real. Remember, regardless of how easy it is to scare birds, these furry flies are smart.
  8. Hang or float scary eye balloons in your swimming pool. These balloons basically come in bright yellow color with bright red and black eyes. This appearance and the fact that balloons will float with air effect scares the birds away. However, it is a tried and tested method and works quite successfully for swimming pools.
  9. If not balloons, you can also hang hawk kites from or around your swimming pool. Though the Hawk and Eagles are birds, their presence scares other small birds.
  10. If the bird perching issue near and inside your swimming pool has become highly painful, then invest in an Ultrasonic bird repellent. These devices release ultrasonic waves that are painful and annoying for birds’ ears. Upon listening to the same, birds fly far away.
  11. Install bird scare pinwheels all around your swimming pool. Not only does it repel birds, but it also adds to the aesthetics.
  12. Install motion-activated water sprinklers around your swimming pool. For eliminating birds quickly and effectively, it is highly recommended.
  13. When not in use, cover your swimming pool.
  14. Install Long Legs Spider Bird Repellent Devices if birds often perch and jump beside your swimming pool. However, mind your foot on them.
  15. And if nothing above works, consider calling the experts. They will visit your place and install systems that work well with keeping birds away from your property.

How to keep birds away from the pool deck?

Relaxing and hanging out on a swimming pool and deck around is quite happening. But what if your pool deck is all ruined by birds dropping and feathers? For stopping this damage, consider lining your pool deck with bird repelling spikes. These devices keep birds from landing on the deck, let alone ruining it.

How to keep birds away from pool waterfall?

Birds need fresh water, not to drink but for bathing underneath. So they will flock to a fountain, stream, and even a waterfall for taking a quick bath. The greenery and colors around waterfalls also attract birds to perch and hang out.

Though birds are of no harm to waterfalls, some individuals still might not prefer having them around. And if you too are one of them, then consider installing a sound-based bird repelling device close to the Water.

Here are a few options for the same:

Bird-X Balcony Gard Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

Yard Sentinel Outdoor Ultrasonic Animal Repeller With Motion Sensor

CLEANRTH TSBR610 Advanced Sonic/Ultrasonic Bird Repeller w/Triple Scan Technology

How to keep birds away from the in-ground pool?

Here are a few birds deterring devices that will help you in keeping birds away from in-ground pools. Have a look:

De-Bird: Repellent Disks  (Ideal for hanging around the swimming pool)

De-Bird Scare Tape – Reflective Tape Outdoor (Ideal for hanging in trees and around the swimming pool)

Luckkya Ultrasonic Bird and other animal chasers (It is meant for installing close to swimming pool)

Pool Mate 371836R-PM Forest Green Winter Pool Cover for In-Ground Swimming Pools (For covering swimming pools).

In The Swim 24 x 40 Foot. Rectangle Swimming Pool Solar Blanket Cover (For covering swimming pools).

How to Keep Birds away from Patio?

If birds often visit your Patio, despite all the bird prevention tricks, then consider using Baking Soda.

Sprinkle some baking some on your Patio and observe. Birds do not like the feeling of such powdery substances under their feet. And with effect, they will avoid perching on your Patio.

Besides that, let your dog or cat out on the Patio. It is one of the effective human and non-fail solutions for deterring birds.

Wrapping up…

Birds invading your personal space is a problem you can deal with. Though it might take some time and a little effort, you can get appealing results soon enough.

We hope the tips and commercial products in the article above will help you deter birds away from your pool. All you need is a little patience and some mindful steps.